Possible Unreleased Brand New Song Surfaces

A song has been floating around the internet over the past few days with vocals that sound unmistakably like Jesse Lacey of Brand New (not to be confused with the maybe-sounding Lacey vocals on the first Republic Of Wolves demos). It cannot be confirmed at this time if the song is by Brand New, Jesse Lacey, Shone, or another unnamed project, but you can stream the track below after the jump.

Update: There is a thread on Reddit claiming that the song is called “Out Of Range” that was recorded by Jesse and Vinnie of Brand New. None of this can be confirmed at this time.

Update 2: It looks like the track may be from 2010. Some fans are reporting that they’ve had the song in their library for years, but were not aware that this potential b-side was unreleased.

Update 3: Jason Tate from has confirmed that he has had this track, along with another “unreleased b-side” for years now. This is not a new Brand New song, but for most people, it has never been heard.

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