Aries: escapes to a place where nobody can see, question, or regulate them and they are answerable to only themselves. they can disappear for short periods

Taurus: slows the mental and physical operation into a state of timelessness where nothing and no one else exists 

Gemini: leaps into another point of view/position of consciousness to escape and experience a different perspective 

Cancer: goes into solitary confinement with the company of imagination, ideals, and memories, can try and change the way they feel about a memory to escape their true emotions about it 

Leo: escapes themselves and raw exposure by playing another role or character, pretending to be somebody else 

Virgo: escapes into the structure of dense ritual and constant, over-extensive activity to avoid being alone with themselves and their thoughts 

Libra: ascends into the idealised mind and applies their rose-coloured glasses of elusion to create a reflection of the world in their dreams and escape reality as it is

Scorpio: disinterested in escapism, scorpio is rather preferable to confrontation, truth, and facing your demons

Sagittarius: leaves the country, or moves houses to escape everything, intense physical activity

Capricorn: too busy to consider escapism, but can do this through intense solo focus and discipline, working and improving quality of work can be an escape from the private, personal, and introspective life  

Aquarius: frustrated and bewildered by people the aquarius escapes into the celestial sphere inside the mind where they can construct utopia

Pisces: escapes reality without trying, such as through lapses in concentration. mostly willing to consume any vice or vessel that provides a hiding place like reading, sleeping, sacrifice, substances, daydreaming, sex, or creativity 

Reblog if you’re OK with role-playing with blogs whose character is stronger than yours, and you respect the fact should an IC fight occur you will lose. It’s not the mun being rude, or godmodding or being unfair it’s simply canon and logical. Or, reblog if you’re OK with role-playing with blogs whose characters have traumatising pasts. It’s really hard to role-play with blogs whose rules say “Keep ____ out of threads” or “Keep ____ topic out of threads” if that trigger is a part of the characters life, it’s almost impossible not to mention that trigger in threads unless the character never thinks of said trigger, or never opens up e.c.t and it’s extremely awkward.

In other words, PSA reblog for those who understand if you’re an OP character, they have to accept if they pick a fight with their muse, it wont go well. And while certain triggers wish to be avoided, you cannot delete triggers from a character’s past nor blame the Mun for it, nor force the Mun to never explore that side of the character.

This blog is open to ADULT content: gore, violence, sexual or triggering histories.
(though cross out any of the above adult content if you’re not ok with it.)

So the cast are going to role-play their D&D characters role-playing D&D characters in a D&D campaign being DM-ed by Travis role-playing Grog running a D&D campaign for a group of newbies. Grog. Who cannot do either normal or reverse math.

This idea is so amazingly ridiculous that not even the fans could have fantasised about this possibility. I have died and gone to role-play heaven. 

Tips for Writing Romance from A Passionate Defender of the Genre

Here’s the thing: romance is not inherently interesting.

It’s not automatically compelling.

Romance is one of the hardest things to write, but if you’re clever and careful and pay attention, romance can also be one of the most powerful tools a writer can wield. Not only because love is a powerful and complex emotion worthy of exploration—although it is that—but because romance can function as plot, conflict, character motivation, development, world-building, etc. It can do so much heavy lifting for you, and in a way that is engaging, evocative, and tone-setting.

But you can’t simply cry “Love!” and wait for the applause. You gotta earn it. 

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Why Fans Resonate With Lance So Much and Why We’re Mad He’s a False Protagonist (spoilers I guess)

So Lance has pretty much been my favorite character since about ten seconds after he came on screen, and I’ll try to get right to the point about why I feel that way and why a giant portion of the vld fandom feels that way as well.

Obviously, Lance has been openly shown to have insecurities about his self-worth. I can’t really think of another character from a cartoon show (except maybe, like, Sokka from A;TLA) to have this plotline to this degree, but it’s a very unique and sensitive characterization that should be handled a little more carefully than it has been.

As a recap, Lance doesn’t really contribute much in the way of “hyper-specialized skills” to Voltron (aside from occasional shots of underused Sniper!Lance.) But next to him, we see 1). An ace pilot with special alien heritage and advanced hand-to-hand fighting skills who has been picked as the successor to the team’s leader 2). An Earth hero/veteran with a special prosthetic that gives him valuable fighting abilities, who pilots the oh-so-special Black Lion 3). An engineering genius 4). A tech/ex machina genius 5). A space princess with magical powers, fighting skills, and shapeshifting abilities who can ‘sense’ and ‘channel’ whatever whenever the plot needs her to.

And then, oh yeah, we’ve got…Lance. Who cracks goofy jokes. 

He’s NORMAL! And it SUCKS to feel ‘normal’ when everyone around you seems so effortlessly special!

I’ve struggled with that feeling my whole life—that habit of constantly measuring myself against others and obsessing over what I can “contribute”. For the longest time, I thought I was only as valuable as what I could bring to the table. So I was shocked and awed to see a character with that same affliction. It’s odd. I’ve never had a character I resonated so strongly with. I see myself in Lance so much.

Our own insecurities are validated and reflected through Lance’s character. It’s a real emotional issue that many of us struggle with, so to see it on the screen given representation means something.

ANYWAY—Onto why Lance is a false protagonist, and why I’m pissed about it. In fiction, a false protagonist is “a literary technique, often used to make the plot more jarring or more memorable by fooling the audience’s preconceptions, that constructs a character who the audience assumes is the protagonist but is later revealed not to be.”


Seriously, think about how books typically use their prologue+main story setup. We got our prologue (Shiro and the Holts being taken) and then it opens up to what the viewers assume is the start of the “Main Story” which typically follows the main character-to-be. This is a natural pattern to follow in storytelling because it helps the viewer understand and process what role each character plays overall. Lance is the first character we got a little bit of a read on with that whole “Blah blah remember you’re just a replacement for the dropout so don’t end up like him” Garrison test flight, so that’s another reason for the viewer to latch onto him. 

Watching Voltron for the first time knowing literally nothing about it going in, I knew there would be a team dynamic as episode one unfolded but thought that there would be special emphasis on Lance as the main character (think Aang from A;TLA. Yeah, there was a team of main characters, but Aang was THE main character if you get what I’m saying).

Seriously, go back and watch the first episode again if you didn’t notice it the first time. By a writing standpoint, Lance is written in the most “This will be the main character!” way possible. 

Which is why it’s so bizarre that he’s been pushed to the back-burner for so many seasons now. God, at this point, his back-burner isn’t even turned on anymore. He and Hunk are just the 3-day old pots of mac n’ cheese congealing by the sink while Shiro, Keith, and Pidge are lit up and ready to go at a moment’s notice, but at least Hunk’s Balmeran arc in season 1 spanned, like, 2 or 3 whole episodes when Lance is lucky to get anything beyond two minutes.

I’ve accepted that he’s not THE main character (I WAS starting to think it was Keith, but then he f’ed off for season 4 and I was like, no, Voltron, when we said we wanted less Keith we just meant we needed a better balance of characters not the entire removal of one) (and anyway how bad is it that even when Keith’s character is finally drawn back a little bit, WE STILL. GET. NO. LANCE (or Hunk). ARC.) 

Still, the dynamic from a writer’s standpoint is a little clunky. In my experience, stories are best told when they revolve around a singular main character, or two, like Gravity Falls for example. But things fall apart and get messy, especially in a television format, if you try to sell 5 main characters (six if you count Allura) as equally important (story-wise) right from the start. It just doesn’t work. It’s only natural to latch onto one or two characters and that’s why we keep getting these “Just wait, Lance will get his (3 second, never mentioned again or brought forward into a new season) moment!” promises. Good storytelling just doesn’t evolve well when you try to juggle five characters as all equally THE main character. And it ESPECIALLY feels super-clunky since Lance was introduced in episode one of the whole show as the potential main character and then used mostly for comic-relief ever since.

And when I say I want a Lance arc, I don’t mean “I want a Lance arc where Lance helps Keith learn to lead” or whatever—NO, GODDAMMIT. I WANT. AN ARC. FOCUSED SPECIFICALLY ON LANCE. NOT ON LANCE GROWING AS A SUPPORT FOR OTHER CHARACTERS’ GROWTH.

I was actually hoping that whole “Lance Dies in season 4!” worry going around would be true because 1). Lance obviously wouldn’t die for-real, so I wasn’t even worried about that 2). It would mean we would actually be getting what could have been a very emotional and quality Lance-focused story arc longer than three minutes.

I’m actually starting to think Lance isn’t going to get a story arc that spans across a few episodes that also remains the driving theme of those episodes. I think it will be another tossed-out line regarding his insecurity and that will be it.

I wanted Lance to be the Black Paladin so freaking bad, you guys! It would have been such a twist, such a moment for him to show off the leadership skills he’s been quietly accumulating. AND HOW ANGRY WAS I IN SEASON 4 WHEN LANCE LOGICALLY SAID “HM, MAYBE WE SHOULDN’T STAND UNDER THESE GENERATOR THINGS THAT LOOK LIKE THEY COULD FORM A FORCE FIELD AT ANY TIME” AND SHIRO BASICALLY SAID “WAIT HOLD ON, WE HAVE TO INVESTIGATE WHAT IT IS BY STANDING EXACTLY WHERE WE ARE.” WTF. LANCE, WHY ARE YOU SO IGNORED.

Anyway, it’s late and I’m cranky and kind of forgot where I was going with this but I’m signing off, passively hoping that maybe Lance will one day get his huge “I’m Keith and I get whole seasons dedicated to me” arc. 

But it probably won’t happen.


I’m going back to bed.

Xefros Tritoh is a Page of Time. also, class roleplay is real.

I’m still too sick to record for the Joey video, so while I don’t have the time to make a full-scale analysis post on everything about Xefros right now (theres a lot) I figured I’d make two crucial things about reading his character clear:

A) Xefros’ unhealthy relationship with Dammek is the latest example yet of unhealthy Class Roleplay dynamics. If anyone remembers, I speculated weeks ago, before the game dropped, that Xefros’ relationship to the role of Butlering might well turn out to be both unhealthy for him and reflective of Classpect behavior.

As it turns out, I seem to have been correct. Specifically, Xefros is roleplaying a Knight through his unwilling assignment of the role of the Butler.

B) Xefros is a Page of Time.

Let’s explore them in order, considerably more briskly than with the Joey post. There’s more to say about Xefros, obviously, but unfortunately, I just don’t have the….

Time.  Something I have in common with Xefros, fittingly enough.

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My name is Okami Twilight Death Wish Rabbit Star, but I usually just go by Rabbit. I have white pale skin and blood crimson red eyes. My hair is dark poop coloured and flows in the wind sometimes if there’s wind. I have claws and fangs, and can grow cat ears on command including a tail and paws, with a little black collar and a bright red bow. My favouirte colours are rainbow, black, and dark crimson realistic blood red. Everyone who meets me falls deeply in love with me. I am STRAIGHT no homo, and my pronouns are bun / buns / bunself and also dragon / dragons / dragonself, please respect them. I am a wolf fire cactus dragon space moon cat wolf wolf kin, can change my eye colour and gender at any time, and I can fly with my dark angel wings. I usually wear black ripped jeans, a black and red striped hoodie, and my trusty purple converse shoes with sharpie drawings, such as broken hearts and MCR lyrics. Also I am cute and shy, but like if I get angry, I have a dark side that comes out, and it can kill you with literally like one strike. I love seeing the blood and it makes me laugh like an insane person, because I am one. Nobody would understand my twisted mind, it’s funny how much a smile can hide.

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about the role play accounts of your characters on twitter?

I’m not sure quite what you’re referring to, do you mean the accounts that pose as my different characters? If so, I don’t mind it at all, as long as they make it clear they’re not official or run by me! Don’t wanna lead anyone astray haha but I think that’s gotta be fun for people!

Muse as old as time
  • "I'm far too old for these games."
  • "What's it like to be immortal?"
  • "How old ARE you?"
  • "I'm afraid I don't understand the current slang."
  • "Do you know how to use a smart phone?"
  • "I am waaaaay older than you."
  • "Being this old has pros and cons."
  • "Do you have any idea what Netflix even is?"
  • "Did you meet Shakespeare?"
  • "I was alive when the pyramids of Egypt were built."
  • "Are you an angel or demon?"
  • "Humanity has jumped chasms in just the past thirty years. It took at least two hundred years to upgrade from wood to an iron plow."
  • "I'd rather ride a horse."
  • "You can't be THAT old!"
  • "That's simply impossible."
  • "I remember when stars filled the night sky and cities were practically nonexistent."
  • "Magic is real."
  • "Your problems are inconsequential."
  • "The universe spins, the earth moves and time passes ever on."
  • "What's it like, being as old as you are?"
  • "I'm just glad corsets have finally gone out of fashion."
  • "You can be upset about security measures all you want. I'm happy it doesn't take a month to travel across the Atlantic."
  • "Are you REALLY immortal?"
  • "I have seen all of time and space. You know what? It's the little stuff that counts."
  • "It's the here and now that's important to me."
  • "Doesn't it ever get boring?"
  • "I have loved many people over the many years. Each one is special to me."
  • "Every day brings new things."
  • "Do you ever want to end it?"
  • "I couldn't ask for anything more."
  • "Sometimes I just don't get mortals."

How Theatre Memphis Got Falsettos Right

I just got home from seeing Falsettos at Theatre Memphis and…I have no words. I’m truly speechless. At the end of Act 1, I turned to my friend and said “This is better than the original and revival. COMBINED.” The actors are so talented that I’m shocked they’re not on Broadway at this very moment. The stage chemistry was beautiful. The set was beautiful. The music was beautiful (Truly a teeny tiny band. One pianist and someone playing both clarinet and flute. I was blown away.)

I’d just like to point out two actors in particular, although everyone made me both laugh and cry at the best times. Cary Vaughn (Marvin) and Joshua Pearce (Jason). Cary’s performance as Marvin was definitely a must-see. He is so right for this role. He played the character both with Michael Rupert’s snide, passive aggressiveness and Christian Borle’s borderline physical aggression and rage so beautifully well. I could go on and on, but it’s 11pm and I’m still crying, so I should stop.

Josh’s performance as Jason took me entirely by surprise. He both got the sharp, quick-witted tone of James Kushner and the shy, timid yet smart side of Anthony Rosenthal. I loved the perfect comedic timing and emotion he brought to the stage. And, even better, JASON WASN’T PUSHED ASIDE AS A SECONDARY CHARACTER. He was involved and actually participating in a perfect balance!

Bonus: Mendel and Trina actually have affection on stage (hugs, kisses, etc.) And it truly justified the proposal instead of it coming out of nowhere (like in the revival). This was the best show I’ve ever seen live, and the best production of Falsettos I’ve ever seen at all. After the show, we stopped to say hello to the cast and they were so nice! We got to take a photo as I awkwardly babbled on and on (and probably sounded like a stalker when I mentioned to Cary that I followed him on Instagram. Yikes.)

In conclusion, this was amazing, and my friend and I are doing our best to try and figure out a way to see it again. Anyone who is in the Memphis area, come see this show! I promise you, you’ll thank me later.

Some Bonus Highlights!:

- Instead of Whizzer and Marvin being asleep in bed, Whizzer fell asleep on the couch with the remote in his hand and it was so goddamn cute


- Mendel grabbed Trina’s ass while they were working out.

- Trina drank copious amounts of wine during I’m Breaking Down

- Marvin flipped Mendel off during Everyone Hates his parents

- During A Marriage Proposal Marvin mocked Mendel with “Biblical Times” and Trina turned to him and said “You shut up!”


- During days like this after cordelia handed them all food Char was like “it’s delicious” at the same time Jason said “this is disgusting”


- At Falsettoland (Reprise) the cast just hugged aside from Mendel and Marvin just fucking cried violently for twenty seconds

- At the end of the chess game Marvin kicked the suitcase instead and hit Whizzer with it I cried

- “Isn’t it enough I want you every night?” “Ha!” “Every other night?” “No.” “Every third night?” “Honey, you know you can’t go-” “OKAY, LET’S DROP IT”

- Trina peeled a carrot with a hatchet.

- Four Jews was done with the boys in sunglasses and holding flashlights. It was fucking great.


- Whizzer started fucking filing his nails during Marvin at the Psychiatrist

- Mendel pointed at me when he said “homosexuals” in Falsettoland I screamed. And he zoomed by me during Jason’s Therapy

- During The Thrill of First Love when Whizzer and Marvin are going back and forth with “9 months, 10 months”, Marvin covers Whizzer’s mouth to get him to stop talking.


- Mendel tried to run out of the theatre before A Marriage Proposal and Jason has to catch him

- at the end of A Day in Falsettoland, Jason walked in as they’re singing “everything will be alright” and he said “You guys are not right.”

- Mendel and Trina!!! They were so affectionate to each other!!!! Mendel looked so in love the whole time!!!

- Jason cuddled up to Trina in Making a Home. And he hugged Mendel during Marvin Hits Trina. And he was the first to hug Marvin at the end when Marvin was crying.

- Trina hugged Marvin after Whizzer was carried away at the bar mitzvah and she just said stuff to calm him down


- Whizzer started walking away towards the end of What Would I Do and only stop to look at Marvin one last time before disappearing

- When Jason and Charlotte walked in during Days Like This and he said “Gee, you look awful”, Charlotte was like “Don’t be a jerk”


My role playing character 2.0, his name is Arthur D. Bartholomew and he’s a very good boy. 

His equipment’s are the Mace of Sin Smashing, Radiant the Hat, the Bibble, Shield of Shielding, and the Armor of Lesser Hurting. He’s a level 1 priest and a level 5 Dog, his healing ability is to lick his teammates for 2D6 worth of health while making them susceptible to electrical attacks.

so i was scrolling through the colonel’s tag a little while ago and checking out gifs and shit, and i realized a thing.

the scene where the colonel kills us is the scene that, ironically, proves he cares about us, not as a remnant of damien and celine, but as our own individual selves.

up until the point where he pulls the trigger, the colonel hasn’t really paid much attention to us as a person. he shows hostility and formal politeness, but seems to disregard our personal safety.

then, when he shoots us, he instantly shows regret. he reaches out as if trying to stop us from falling, and cries out to us.

(pardon the blurry screencaps)

now, at this point, there is nothing to suggest we may be proof of damien and celine’s revival. as far as he knows at the moment, those who are dead remain dead.

in other words, he has no reason other than caring about us as a person to act the way he does when he kills us.

then, when we are revived and he sees us walk up to him, he does not immediately jump to the conclusion that we mean damien and celine are okay.

instead, he focuses on us, trying to comfort us and again, reaching out to us.

essentially, even before we were the last possible link to his friends, the colonel cared about our character deeply and considered them a friend.

i feel like this is overlooked a lot, the role the character plays in this fiasco, but our relationship with william is particularly interesting because of this irony- the irony that, by killing us, he proves how much he cares.

Jon/Sansa fic recs: the canonverse fics

Here at last, for Fandom Fic Rec Days!

Here are my Jon/Sansa bookmarks; my modern AU recommendations; and my historical & other AU recs.

I’ve indicated book or show canon for reference.

A Winter’s Tale by @justadram​ (96k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
The War of Three Dragons comes to the Vale, bringing Jon Snow and Sansa Stark together once more.

A nice longer fic you can sink your teeth into. (I read so many fics where I’m like … this is so great … but what if it was 50k longer?) I especially like Sansa coming to terms with not going home and the roles other characters play in the story (especially Jaime and Asha). Sadly lacking in other Stark sibs (my perennially unfulfilled desire) but at least there’s hope for reunion in the future. Also: there needs to be more Sam and Sansa being friends in the world. So much more.

All the Way to the Moon by @misshoneywheeler (5k, E, book canon compliant, future fic)
The Dragon Queen had been gracious. Sansa would keep her name and her home. Her children would grow in Winterfell as Starks, just as she once had. Sansa had forced herself to thank the Queen, her steady tone betraying none of the bitterness that curled beneath her tongue. That she should be a brood mare to ensure succession sat uneasy, no matter that it was a life she most likely would have sought for herself, more or less, given time and a husband of her choosing. That was not the bargain, though. Jon Snow was the bargain.

Hot smut, but also some delightful identity issues re: Alayne. One of my faves is Sansa trying to manipulate Jon and Jon just going along with it instead of being tricked. I don’t know why I like that so much, but this is definitely a good example.

And if You Want Me I’m Your Country by thefairfleming (7k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
“She isn’t anything like I thought she would be,” the maester says at last. “She is not much like I’d thought she’d be either, Sam,” Jon replies.

A really enjoyable example of the “Dany makes them marry” trope. Is this the trope progenitor? IDK, but it seems like an early example.

break me like a promise by honey_wheeler (5k, E, book canon compliant, future fic)
“Seems we are siblings after all,” Jon had said, his voice forcibly light, as if to make the words a jape. Perhaps to soften the news, or diminish the realness of it. Perhaps because he had as much difficulty believing it as she, having known himself a Targaryen near as long as he’d thought himself a Stark bastard. And they had been married such a short time; it was too fast to be real, too sudden to seem anything but a cruel trick.

The incest angst fic of my dreams. You know how a lot of fics do the cousin reveal and they’re like “oh phew, thank the gods, I thought I was banging my brother”? This is the opposite of that. Hot and sad at the same time. Contains A+ sexual crying.

Broken Pieces by @justadram​ (7k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
Jon is good and kind, but he wants things from Sansa she doesn’t know whether she can give.

Almost more of a Sansa character piece than anything else. I love stories dealing with Sansa’s identity issues and this delivers.

Crossing Flatlands to You by @maybetwice (6k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
It takes them years to get it right, for the right reasons, at the right time. Five reasons Sansa had to seduce Jon, and the one reason he had to seduce her.

If for no other reason than a change of pace, it’s really good to read fics where they fall in love before marrying, and I really dig this one. Very tight and focused writing. Quite a bit less smut than you’d think from the summary. (Not a criticism; just FYI.)

Fetch the Prince’s Sister by @justadram​ (2k, T, book canon compliant, future fic)
Cries of “fetch the prince’s sister” bring Sansa to Jon’s tent.

Major tearjerker. Prepare yourself. And heed the warning.

Gods, Let Me Try by @justadram​ (3k, E, book canon compliant, future fic)
Jon told Sansa to remain in his tent for her own safety, but she continually frustrates his attempts to protect her.

I am perpetually in need of more angry sex for this ship (there’s so little, y’all. so little). This is still not quite enough, but it does scratch that itch somewhat. Jon and Sansa arguing is everything to me.

Like winter we are cruel by lagardère/@aknightfornawt​ (73k, M, show canon compliant, post-S6)
Winter has come to Winterfell, Jon expects a war north of the Wall, and Littlefinger is brewing one inside the very castle.

Expect lovely evocative writing (seriously, ugh, to a truly unfair degree), LF being a creep, Jon and Sansa having an increasingly strained relationship despite their growing attraction (”Tell Baelish to get you your fucking crown,” be still my heart), political machinations, and a nice bevy of side characters, including Arya and some well-drawn supporting original characters. It also gave me a taste for epistolary fic for this ship, a thirst that goes as yet unquenched.

Moon Cycles by caesia (7k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
Sansa receives a visitor to the Eyrie who reminds her of her past, but his past is complicated too.

I honestly think this might be my favorite? And I’m not totally sure why? Like, the premise is literally just that post-resurrection Jon is a werewolf. You’d think that might be dumb, or at least cracky if played tongue-in-cheek, but it’s actually really melancholy and bittersweet, especially the second fic.

Snow Kisses by caesia (3k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
The sky sends icy kisses falling against her cheeks, but Jon’s kiss still burns on her lips.

The little details of everyday life bring this fic to life.

True North by lit_chick08 (6k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
It is official business that brings Jon Snow to Winterfell.  It is personal business that damns him.

Normally infidelity is a huge turn-off for me, and yeah part of me was a little :| at first, but the things to like about this fic just overwhelmed all that. For some reason I also have a huge “Sansa has a kid (or two) out of wedlock” kink, so that probably helps. A killer ending line, also.

Unmade by @misshoneywheeler (2k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
Jon has a vague memory of Sansa picking a nosegay of those blue flowers, smelling them deeply before holding them out for him to do the same.

SEX POLLEN, MY FRIENDS. Strangely innocent, sweet sex pollen that is all the more hot for those aspects alongside the dubious consent. Also, frottage.

What Once Was Sweet by @justadram​ (6k, T, book canon compliant, future fic)
Before they wed, things were sweet between Jon and Sansa.

So I’m all about the “stone by stone” “Ned/Cat 2.0″ marriage fics, but a lot of times it’s either focused on the very beginnings of the relationship (the wedding and first night, usually), or on the end where they finally realize their feelings and have super hot sex. No shade intended, I like all flavors of this trope, but sometimes you want more of the actual “stones” themselves in between–the difficulties, the disagreements, the miscommunications, the compromises, etc. This is a story about conflict and I really dig how this is ambiguous and open instead of resolving everything neatly.