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how do you feel about the role play accounts of your characters on twitter?

I’m not sure quite what you’re referring to, do you mean the accounts that pose as my different characters? If so, I don’t mind it at all, as long as they make it clear they’re not official or run by me! Don’t wanna lead anyone astray haha but I think that’s gotta be fun for people!

Original Character Asks
  • 1: What is your character's biggest fear?
  • 2: What is your character's favorite memory?
  • 3: What is your character's least favorite memory?
  • 4: Does anyone have a crush on your character? Is your character aware of this?
  • 5: Describe your character's dream date.
  • 6: What is your character's sexual orientation?
  • 7: How does your character feel about their name?
  • 8: Does your character hate anyone? Why?
  • 9: How does your character feel about religion?
  • 10. Would your character ever kill someone?
  • 11: How did your character meet their best friend?
  • 12: How would/does your character feel about roller coasters?
  • 13: What would your character die for?
  • 14: What is the cutest thing your character has ever done?
  • 15: What music genre would your character listen to?
  • 16: What other fictional characters remind you of your character?
  • 17: Does your character have any irrational fears?
  • 18: How would your character feel about having their life recorded?
  • 19: What is your character's deepest, darkest secret?
  • 20: What is the most surprising thing about your character?
  • 21: Is your character flexible?
  • 22: What is the worst thing your character has ever done?
  • 23: Is your character morally gray or black or white?
  • 24: What prejudices does your character have?
  • 25: Would you want to hang out with your character?
  • 26: What is your favorite headcanon for your character?
  • 27: What would be the worst way for your character to die?
  • 28: What pet would your character like to have?
  • 29: What would be your character's favorite food?
  • 30: Would your character have any hobbies?
  • 31: What social media would your character use?
  • 32: What does your character look like?
  • 33: In what ways is your character like you?
  • 34: What is cliche about your character?
  • 35: What is unique about your character?
  • 36: Does anyone want to harm your character?
  • 37: Do people have justified grudges against your character?
  • 38: What role does your character play in their story?
  • 39: What would be your character's niche on Tumblr?
  • 40: What would be your character's favorite school subject?
  • 41: Would your character want to have any children?
  • 42: What would be your character's dream career?
  • 43: What is your character insecure about?
  • 44: What is your character proud of?
  • 45: What would your character change about themselves?
  • 46: Would you want to trade places with your character?
  • 47: What fandoms would your character be in?
  • 48: How would your character type?
  • 49: How does your character stand politically?
  • 50: What is your favorite thing about your character?
  • 51: What is your character's favorite animal?
  • 52: How would your character act in gym class?
  • 53: What clubs would your character join?
  • 54: What is the saddest thing about your character's life?
  • 55: Would your character do the Ice Bucket Challenge?
  • 56: What's one of your character's quirks?
  • 57: How would your character feel about feminism?
  • 58: Is your character dorky or more athletic?
  • 59: What is your least favorite thing about your character?
  • 60: If you could title your character's life, what would you title it?
Tips for Writing Romance from A Passionate Defender of the Genre

Here’s the thing: romance is not inherently interesting.

It’s not automatically compelling.

Romance is one of the hardest things to write, but if you’re clever and careful and pay attention, romance can also be one of the most powerful tools a writer can wield. Not only because love is a powerful and complex emotion worthy of exploration—although it is that—but because romance can function as plot, conflict, character motivation, development, world-building, etc. It can do so much heavy lifting for you, and in a way that is engaging, evocative, and tone-setting.

But you can’t simply cry “Love!” and wait for the applause. You gotta earn it. 

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Muse as old as time
  • "I'm far too old for these games."
  • "What's it like to be immortal?"
  • "How old ARE you?"
  • "I'm afraid I don't understand the current slang."
  • "Do you know how to use a smart phone?"
  • "I am waaaaay older than you."
  • "Being this old has pros and cons."
  • "Do you have any idea what Netflix even is?"
  • "Did you meet Shakespeare?"
  • "I was alive when the pyramids of Egypt were built."
  • "Are you an angel or demon?"
  • "Humanity has jumped chasms in just the past thirty years. It took at least two hundred years to upgrade from wood to an iron plow."
  • "I'd rather ride a horse."
  • "You can't be THAT old!"
  • "That's simply impossible."
  • "I remember when stars filled the night sky and cities were practically nonexistent."
  • "Magic is real."
  • "Your problems are inconsequential."
  • "The universe spins, the earth moves and time passes ever on."
  • "What's it like, being as old as you are?"
  • "I'm just glad corsets have finally gone out of fashion."
  • "You can be upset about security measures all you want. I'm happy it doesn't take a month to travel across the Atlantic."
  • "Are you REALLY immortal?"
  • "I have seen all of time and space. You know what? It's the little stuff that counts."
  • "It's the here and now that's important to me."
  • "Doesn't it ever get boring?"
  • "I have loved many people over the many years. Each one is special to me."
  • "Every day brings new things."
  • "Do you ever want to end it?"
  • "I couldn't ask for anything more."
  • "Sometimes I just don't get mortals."
Jon/Sansa fic recs: the canonverse fics

Here at last, for Fandom Fic Rec Days!

Here are my Jon/Sansa bookmarks; my modern AU recommendations; and my historical & other AU recs.

I’ve indicated book or show canon for reference.

A Winter’s Tale by @justadram​ (96k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
The War of Three Dragons comes to the Vale, bringing Jon Snow and Sansa Stark together once more.

A nice longer fic you can sink your teeth into. (I read so many fics where I’m like … this is so great … but what if it was 50k longer?) I especially like Sansa coming to terms with not going home and the roles other characters play in the story (especially Jaime and Asha). Sadly lacking in other Stark sibs (my perennially unfulfilled desire) but at least there’s hope for reunion in the future. Also: there needs to be more Sam and Sansa being friends in the world. So much more.

All the Way to the Moon by @misshoneywheeler (5k, E, book canon compliant, future fic)
The Dragon Queen had been gracious. Sansa would keep her name and her home. Her children would grow in Winterfell as Starks, just as she once had. Sansa had forced herself to thank the Queen, her steady tone betraying none of the bitterness that curled beneath her tongue. That she should be a brood mare to ensure succession sat uneasy, no matter that it was a life she most likely would have sought for herself, more or less, given time and a husband of her choosing. That was not the bargain, though. Jon Snow was the bargain.

Hot smut, but also some delightful identity issues re: Alayne. One of my faves is Sansa trying to manipulate Jon and Jon just going along with it instead of being tricked. I don’t know why I like that so much, but this is definitely a good example.

And if You Want Me I’m Your Country by thefairfleming (7k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
“She isn’t anything like I thought she would be,” the maester says at last. “She is not much like I’d thought she’d be either, Sam,” Jon replies.

A really enjoyable example of the “Dany makes them marry” trope. Is this the trope progenitor? IDK, but it seems like an early example.

break me like a promise by honey_wheeler (5k, E, book canon compliant, future fic)
“Seems we are siblings after all,” Jon had said, his voice forcibly light, as if to make the words a jape. Perhaps to soften the news, or diminish the realness of it. Perhaps because he had as much difficulty believing it as she, having known himself a Targaryen near as long as he’d thought himself a Stark bastard. And they had been married such a short time; it was too fast to be real, too sudden to seem anything but a cruel trick.

The incest angst fic of my dreams. You know how a lot of fics do the cousin reveal and they’re like “oh phew, thank the gods, I thought I was banging my brother”? This is the opposite of that. Hot and sad at the same time. Contains A+ sexual crying.

Broken Pieces by @justadram​ (7k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
Jon is good and kind, but he wants things from Sansa she doesn’t know whether she can give.

Almost more of a Sansa character piece than anything else. I love stories dealing with Sansa’s identity issues and this delivers.

Crossing Flatlands to You by @maybetwice (6k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
It takes them years to get it right, for the right reasons, at the right time. Five reasons Sansa had to seduce Jon, and the one reason he had to seduce her.

If for no other reason than a change of pace, it’s really good to read fics where they fall in love before marrying, and I really dig this one. Very tight and focused writing. Quite a bit less smut than you’d think from the summary. (Not a criticism; just FYI.)

Fetch the Prince’s Sister by @justadram​ (2k, T, book canon compliant, future fic)
Cries of “fetch the prince’s sister” bring Sansa to Jon’s tent.

Major tearjerker. Prepare yourself. And heed the warning.

Gods, Let Me Try by @justadram​ (3k, E, book canon compliant, future fic)
Jon told Sansa to remain in his tent for her own safety, but she continually frustrates his attempts to protect her.

I am perpetually in need of more angry sex for this ship (there’s so little, y’all. so little). This is still not quite enough, but it does scratch that itch somewhat. Jon and Sansa arguing is everything to me.

Like winter we are cruel by lagardère/@aknightfornawt​ (73k, M, show canon compliant, post-S6)
Winter has come to Winterfell, Jon expects a war north of the Wall, and Littlefinger is brewing one inside the very castle.

Expect lovely evocative writing (seriously, ugh, to a truly unfair degree), LF being a creep, Jon and Sansa having an increasingly strained relationship despite their growing attraction (”Tell Baelish to get you your fucking crown,” be still my heart), political machinations, and a nice bevy of side characters, including Arya and some well-drawn supporting original characters. It also gave me a taste for epistolary fic for this ship, a thirst that goes as yet unquenched.

Moon Cycles by caesia (7k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
Sansa receives a visitor to the Eyrie who reminds her of her past, but his past is complicated too.

I honestly think this might be my favorite? And I’m not totally sure why? Like, the premise is literally just that post-resurrection Jon is a werewolf. You’d think that might be dumb, or at least cracky if played tongue-in-cheek, but it’s actually really melancholy and bittersweet, especially the second fic.

Snow Kisses by caesia (3k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
The sky sends icy kisses falling against her cheeks, but Jon’s kiss still burns on her lips.

The little details of everyday life bring this fic to life.

True North by lit_chick08 (6k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
It is official business that brings Jon Snow to Winterfell.  It is personal business that damns him.

Normally infidelity is a huge turn-off for me, and yeah part of me was a little :| at first, but the things to like about this fic just overwhelmed all that. For some reason I also have a huge “Sansa has a kid (or two) out of wedlock” kink, so that probably helps. A killer ending line, also.

Unmade by @misshoneywheeler (2k, M, book canon compliant, future fic)
Jon has a vague memory of Sansa picking a nosegay of those blue flowers, smelling them deeply before holding them out for him to do the same.

SEX POLLEN, MY FRIENDS. Strangely innocent, sweet sex pollen that is all the more hot for those aspects alongside the dubious consent. Also, frottage.

What Once Was Sweet by @justadram​ (6k, T, book canon compliant, future fic)
Before they wed, things were sweet between Jon and Sansa.

So I’m all about the “stone by stone” “Ned/Cat 2.0″ marriage fics, but a lot of times it’s either focused on the very beginnings of the relationship (the wedding and first night, usually), or on the end where they finally realize their feelings and have super hot sex. No shade intended, I like all flavors of this trope, but sometimes you want more of the actual “stones” themselves in between–the difficulties, the disagreements, the miscommunications, the compromises, etc. This is a story about conflict and I really dig how this is ambiguous and open instead of resolving everything neatly.

Reblog if you’re OK with role-playing with blogs whose character is stronger than yours, and you respect the fact should an IC fight occur you will lose. It’s not the mun being rude, or godmodding or being unfair it’s simply canon and logical. Or, reblog if you’re OK with role-playing with blogs whose characters have traumatising pasts. It’s really hard to role-play with blogs whose rules say “Keep ____ out of threads” or “Keep ____ topic out of threads” if that trigger is a part of the characters life, it’s almost impossible not to mention that trigger in threads unless the character never thinks of said trigger, or never opens up e.c.t and it’s extremely awkward.

In other words, PSA reblog for those who understand if you’re an OP character, they have to accept if they pick a fight with their muse, it wont go well. And while certain triggers wish to be avoided, you cannot delete triggers from a character’s past nor blame the Mun for it, nor force the Mun to never explore that side of the character.

This blog is open to ADULT content: gore, violence, sexual or triggering histories.
(though cross out any of the above adult content if you’re not ok with it.)

Time to Pretend AU

Characters A, B, C and D are hanging out one night when Character A mentions having anxiety over their plans to ask out their crush – who may or may not be Character B/C/D. The others decide to help Character A practice by role-playing as Character A and their crush. However, Character B, always the jokester, starts inserting outlandish events into the conversation (“And then a dinosaur attacked!”, “And then Character A was hit by a sniper’s bullet!”).

Character A is annoyed, but everyone else is really into it. Soon enough the group of them are running around the apartment/house/neighborhood/town/city, switching between characters, running from imaginary monsters, investigating an imaginary crime ring, and arguing with imaginary lovers, all as a part of the absurd story they’re making up as they go along. And through all this, Character A plays along, but they’re still completely terrified to ask out their crush.

Let us all hope Chyler and Floriana win tonight.

 Floriana has never shyed away from accepting the LGBT communities and has taken on several roles being a lesbian. She never looks at that as the focus of the role and takes it all completely as what it is and shows that people should all accept that it should be, a completely human normality. I thank her so much for taking her role in the family and super girl as a lesbian character. She has always treat her roles and shown them the complete respect they deserve and I am so glad their are actresses out there that would rather just tell a story and not care what sexuality there characters are and who they are potraying. 

For Chyler this has been a completely new element for her. She took this role with the knowledge that some of her family and friends would not really be cool with it and told them “You don’t have to watch it, but I will be playing this role and character and embracing it.”. She has had to come to terms with the lack of acceptance and had to understand how that fits in with her religious beliefs and has fully understand that god accepts anyone. It doesn’t matter who you are and this is a part of humanity. She has taken and show the LGBTQ with a huge amount of respect and has never shyed away from letting people in and sharing their stories. She has completely embraced he LGBTQ community and taken them under her wing. She has completely come into like her character has come out into the world as a happy, respected and loved woman.

Please glaad give these ladies the award they deserve this year. Let those who show the world respect and the nice girls deserve to be the true winners.

“See? I’m the same. Mostly.“

“How is it possible that I was chosen as the immortal guardian, right hand of the Luminate and it’s still you, turning up centuries later, still a mere mortal, who is hailed as hero?“

Guild Wars AU? Guild Wars AU. Xerath is one of the Exalted, Azir a necromancer recently reincarnated.

Or: I got way too excited about the exalted mini so I made an Azir stand-in character and then my mind ran away with me and headcanons happened.

Astrology Whump

This is just for fun! I’m curious if astrology can relate to what type of whump you enjoy, so I listed some whump scenarios based on each sign. Check out your moon and venus:

Aries: you favor characters with head injuries, the whumpee is cut open by sharp objects such as knives, swords or scalpel blades during surgery, whumpee fights whumper in combat/battle/war, the character’s morality is black and white, physical whump from direct conflict, whumpee burned in a fire

Taurus: you favor characters with neck and throat injuries, you enjoy scenarios that have physical/sensual whump which stimulate your 5 senses, or the whumpee’s senses are affected, you don’t like random/chaotic whump scenes, the whumpee is stubborn or suppresses pain, perhaps the whump takes place outdoors

Gemini: shoulder/arm injuries, you enjoy writing about whump, you’re interested in scenes that are dialogue-driven with multiple characters, you don’t feel emotionally invested in the whumpage, you’d rather see multiple short-term whumpings than a single long-term whumping, whump involving technological devices or vehicles, the whumpee is younger than the whumper

Cancer: you favor whump towards characters whom you’re emotionally invested in, you’re sensitive to hurt/comfort, you feel nurturing and maternal towards the whumpee, you’d like to bring them home to take care of whumpee and feed them soup

Leo: you favor characters with heart or spine injuries, you’re interested in whump that entails dominance, drama, role play, or involves a character of higher status, you might prefer being the whumper more than the whumpee

Virgo: you’re more interested in the character’s health, perhaps giving medication to the whumpee, or removing poisons/toxins from their system, you favor scenarios that take place in clinics and hospitals

Libra: you’re interested in whump that requires more communication, perhaps between two opposing sides, in social settings with multiple characters instead of isolated characters, the whump may involve public negotiation over the whumpee

Scorpio: you enjoy whump that uncovers the character’s deeper psychology, whump scenarios take place in privacy or at night, investigations, secrets, interrogations, transformations, the whumpee is permanently changed/damaged after the whump, whumper feels possessive over whumpee, scenarios might involve other sexual kinks like bondage, torture, etc.

Sagittarius: you favor scenarios where the whumpee travels long distances or out of the country, the whumpage might address the character’s values/spirituality/morality, you favor characters with thigh and hip injuries, the whump may involve the character’s mentor/teacher

Capricorn: you favor characters with knee and bone injuries, you’re invested in long-lasting whump more than short-lasting whump, perhaps the whumpee is older than the whumper, the whump might take place in public settings, businesses, governments, banks, etc.

Aquarius: you favor mental whump more than personal/emotional whump, you prefer a group of characters witnessing the whumpage instead of a single character, whump in outer space or sci fi shows, whump might involve a societal issue or the conflict impacts society at large, whump involves electricity or something transmitted in the air, nervous system injuries

Pisces: you favor foot injuries, you’re interested in hurt/comfort and you want to nurse the whumpee back to health, nurse/patient dynamic, you easily visualize whump scenarios in your mind, you empathize with martyrs/tortured souls/underdogs/vulnerable/suffering characters, the whump might take place in asylums/foreign places/prisons/dreams/hospitals, or whump doesn’t take place in the material world, the scenario might involve drugs and hallucinations that take the whumpee out of physical boundaries

I’m still learning and it’s missing a lot, so feel free to add your thoughts :) or tag yourself

aviewfrommercury  asked:

Do you know any good role-playing systems for playing characters with e.g. a missing limb or other disability? In D&D 5e it feels like a choice between "you get disadvantage on A,B,C..." or "You have a magic item/class feature that makes it irrelevant"

That really depends on what you mean by “good”. What in particular are you looking for?

A game that simply models physical disabilities with greater mechanical nuance than “you get -X to rolls for Y and Z”?

A game where the mechanical effects of physical disabilities are contextual rather than concrete because resolution of a particular task isn’t linked to quantitative ratings in particular physical attributes?

A game where the preceding questions don’t really come up because gameplay isn’t focused on feats of death-defying athletics to begin with?

A game where such questions can’t come up because player characters don’t have stats?

Something else?