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So I’m leaving to Spain at this very moment, the reason why I’m going to Spain is for a little sun obv (hehe) and because we’ll be shooting my first video clip of the song ‘Homesick’

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The Sentinel: Asenath Waite

Commissioned by:
Started on: July 10th 2016
Finished on: August 14th 2016
Total time: 8 hours
Subject: Asenath Waite depicted as how she appears in commissioners ASOIAF/Game of Thrones RP.
Painted in: Photoshop CC 2015 on a Cintiq Companion 2
Notes: Pixie is amazing to work with and her character, Asenath is just really fun to draw and paint to me. I was given permission to name the painting and chose The Sentinel because of how closely she’s associated to Weirwood Trees in the RP Pixie is a part of. That and she seems like a protective and fierce person in general.
E-mail for Commissions: 

Old character from this Adventure Time RP I did with a friend of mine. He was a creation of the Lich’s and was conflicted with moral issues after the Lich saw no use from him anymore. He wanted to know whether or not to be evil like the Lich wants or to be good like Finn wants. I never finished his story but he trapped himself in stone to decide on his own. Eclipse, the big wolf thing in the back, was his voice of reason.

This was from 2013. It’s one of my better drawings from back then and damn it’s still looks good

Characteristics :

Nickname: Ki, Ku, and Shiki

Age: 19

Nameday: 11th sun of the Second Umbral Moon

                  (April 11th)

Gender/Pronouns: Female/She

Sexuality: Bisexual/Polyamorus

Marital Status: Single as fuck.

Aligment: Neutral Good

Height: 60.1 in

Weight: 100 lbs

Body: Fabulouse

Hair: Black (Constantly dyed.)

Eyes: Herterochromia  (Blue/Green)

Skin: Ivory

Clothing: None?


Okiku, who had been thrown in a well, was rescued by a passing circus. She had no memory of how or why she was in the well, only that she’d been forcibly pushed into it. Her memory loss was the result of a head injury , and multiple cases of loss of consciousness. She was remedied by a doctor who was also a tight rope walker for the circus. The Elezen’s name was Francis, and he was the reason Okiku was alive. He bargained with the owner of the Circus to allow Okiku to stay, and in order to keep her around long her, taught her the art of tight rope and slack line walking. Ki adapted well to the former and often performed with Francis on stage. He became an older brother to her, and she a sister to him. Okiku was very obviously talented, and became a true member of the circus quite quickly. Despite her memory loss she adapted quite well, and was quick to make friends with her kindness and loving, adorable nature. Her first friend in the circus was Relinina Stow, and the two would eventually develop a strange affection for each other akin to love. Ki never could recall her past, and something deep in the back of her mind told her it was best not to. However, in the midst of one of her performances a small flash back came to her, and she fell from the tight rope, to the floor below. This resulted in an injury that, had it not been for Francis, would have prevented her from ever walking properly again. Francis was a genius, however, whose talents were wasted in a circus. He developed a device that, when places in and around Okiku’s spine, would allow her to bend normally again, and eve walk the ropes. His hopes were that the device could eventually be surgically removed and Ki could walk with out it’s help. This would take time. After this fall, Okiku would often have nightmare about the memory, though she never told any one this. When Ki was 14, her circus traveled to Eorzea, coming to rest outside of Gridania. Their plan had been to stay for a couple months, but it was during these months that the Calamity would occur, resulting in the end of the circus. Okiku managed to find Francis and stay by his side. The two kept to traveling and performing when they needed money. It was during these travels that Okiku met Sami, and the two quickly became friends. However, shortly after Francis became ill, and died swiftly with no apparent reason. Thus Okiku was left all alone, she stuck close to Sami’ side and the two made a home for each other in Camp Drybone. From here time moved slowly. Okiku took up the art of lace work, which she became quite proficient at.

The girls’ lives continued for several years with out incident. As Ki grew older she began to frequent the streets of Ishgard, and started performing more , while Sami took delving further into her research. The two however kept in contestant contact. It was in Ishgard, that Okiku met an interesting Miqo'te by the name of Ainle Goldpaw, who, after a short discussion with her, invited her to join the 81st Foreign Levy of the Maelstrom. She accepted his offer, and brought Sami along with her to meet them formally and officially join them. Though a newcomer to their ranks, Okiku hopes to achieve much with them and it is here that her story begins.


Despite Okiku’s rough past, Ki grew up happy and loving. She developed a very mother like a nurturing personality. She would be the first to attempt to cheer some one up should she find them sad. She is witty and playful,and surprisingly,unpredictable. She loves delicate things like flowers , dresses and make up, but enjoys darker-viewed things like snakes, spiders, and leather clothing. Ki is a light hearted and happy individual. She enjoys making witty comments, thrives in friendly competition and enjoys the company of cats above all else. She tends to laugh at jokes for longer than others, and if she finds them funny enough, will remember them at some random moment and laugh again. She often comes of as anxious or shy , but once she warms up to people she can be a great friend. She is most comfortable around her close friend Sami, and at these times she can be seen making many puns and occasionally an innuendo or two. In her spare time she might be seen attempting and old trick, singing, or drawing as those are her favorite hobbies. Though she comes off as girly she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty. In fact her hand’s are not delicate, and upon closer inspection bear many scars. Though she might not show it, and would never admit to it, Ki is self conscious of her appearance, but mainly her scales. Having no memory of growing up around other Au Ra, her scales were always pointed out as foreign. Despite the fact a few have complimented them, she would prefer not to show them, and often attempts to hide them, except when performing were she has little choice but to reveal them.


  • Cats
  • Catmen/Catwomen (Insert winky face)
  • Ribbons (Honestly she cant get enough)
  • Tinkering
  • Silk


  • Dogs
  • Orange
  • Bees?
  • Sticky textures
  • Bras

Areas of Expertise[edit]

  • Martial: Lance
  • Crafting: Cooking/Woodwork
  • Other: Dancing/Contortion/Balance


  • Balance
  • Friendship/Loyalty
  • Poking things with a stick
  • Being cute
  • Kicking things.


  • Cats
  • Cute things
  • Her Back
  • Cat Men/Women
  • Lots of things actually.

How do I get to that place where I just don’t care anymore? Because this anger/hurt/betrayal place is awful!

Tbh, I’m only watching for Mary going forward. Out of all of the things that I loved about this show, she’s the only one left.