Muse as old as time
  • "I'm far too old for these games."
  • "What's it like to be immortal?"
  • "How old ARE you?"
  • "I'm afraid I don't understand the current slang."
  • "Do you know how to use a smart phone?"
  • "I am waaaaay older than you."
  • "Being this old has pros and cons."
  • "Do you have any idea what Netflix even is?"
  • "Did you meet Shakespeare?"
  • "I was alive when the pyramids of Egypt were built."
  • "Are you an angel or demon?"
  • "Humanity has jumped chasms in just the past thirty years. It took at least two hundred years to upgrade from wood to an iron plow."
  • "I'd rather ride a horse."
  • "You can't be THAT old!"
  • "That's simply impossible."
  • "I remember when stars filled the night sky and cities were practically nonexistent."
  • "Magic is real."
  • "Your problems are inconsequential."
  • "The universe spins, the earth moves and time passes ever on."
  • "What's it like, being as old as you are?"
  • "I'm just glad corsets have finally gone out of fashion."
  • "You can be upset about security measures all you want. I'm happy it doesn't take a month to travel across the Atlantic."
  • "Are you REALLY immortal?"
  • "I have seen all of time and space. You know what? It's the little stuff that counts."
  • "It's the here and now that's important to me."
  • "Doesn't it ever get boring?"
  • "I have loved many people over the many years. Each one is special to me."
  • "Every day brings new things."
  • "Do you ever want to end it?"
  • "I couldn't ask for anything more."
  • "Sometimes I just don't get mortals."

ART WITHDRAWAL RELIEF.  Since I can’t digitally ink with the backup tablet, I decided to try out traditionally inking an RP character of mine and coloring that the other day.  It turned out nicely!  Not something I’ll do TOO terribly often, but it was a good way to finish SOMETHING in these trying, Tablet-Prime-less times.

Back to getting commissions sketched!  Hopefully Tablet Prime will be back in hand soon so I can get some inking and coloring done properly.


Girls night

Spent the night with my sister and best friend at a little club that opened in Hollywood, things got a little outta hand and I don’t think I’ll be going to a club anytime soon. Time to lay in bed forever. LOL

Hey, you know what was cute? 

That time in the Shopping and Shipping episode when Tiberius was really excited to talk to Gilmore

Or that time when he was so happy that Kashaw said his name right

Or when he had his intelligence dropped to one and he was still so happy to see his friends (and Scanlan was happy to have Tibs back to normal)

Or how he went out of his way to get a sweet little pet, and how he was always sure to feed Lockheed and teach them tricks

Or how he called Keyleth princess and they were both so sweet and awkward together

Guys, I really miss Tiberius

me: boy I sure do love Vax
fandom: no u can’t. he’s a bad character. he’s the wrong kind of angsty not like percy’s angst which is justified and keylith and him are so wrong together and liam plays him badly and
me: *louder and clapping my hands* BOY I SURE DO LOVE VAX

That feeling when you realize you are able to recognize Matt Mercer’s voice in any game or anime because you listened to his myriad of voices as DM in Critical Role…

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Character sheet for RPGs, LARP, DnD, etc

Build (muscular, skinny, chubby, etc):
Type (Mage, archer, warrior, alchemist, etc):
Alignment (neutral good, chaotic evil, etc):

Senses (heightened, deaf, psychic, etc):

Clothing style:
Overall appearance:

General mood:


Income (if any):
Weaknesses (at least four):
Crime record:

Pet peeves:

Soft spot:
Special abilities:

Song that suits your character:


Went and got a few things done around in the store and got a chance to see my Mom for awhile. It was a good day!

Living for these new belts by @savage-sims !


Forever Chillin’

I ain’t dead but between work and school it surely feels like it. Just poppin in again to see what’s going on with y’all. I’m about to chill by my lonely cause I’m lonely lmao I might call my fam to come over for a movie night or something idk. I’m just bored to be real witchu. I really need to workout tbh.. I done gained a midget lmao


I can’t do backgrounds for shit but here’s a fanart piece for my newest RP. Strong inspiration from “Lovely Complex” with it’s “role reversal” height difference. One’s a professional ice skater, the other is a computer scientist. Both are gender fluid and really can’t get enough of each other~ ☆~(ゝ。∂)

ps; shockingly the pouty one throwing a fit is the taller(and younger)one