I’m sorry, but how sexist is anyone that says little girls can’t just look up to/aspire to be whatever they want, regardless of the gender of the person/character they see as a role model?  What are you saying to little girls that look up to their fathers?  Do you really want to be the one to tell them that their dad isn’t a good enough role model?

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I'm not going to deny it, I'm hella worried about Koori, especially now that Hirako left the CCG. With Hairu and Arima dead, and Hirako gone, he's lost his closest friends. I just want my prettyboy baby to be okay, but I have a nasty feeling Ishida is going to kill him. Unlike Suzuya, he's not a popular character and doesn't have that armor, either.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Death would be the kinder option for Ui right now.

First of all he’s already clearly still shaken by Hairu’s death and has been bullied for 6 months about the mission failure by Matsuri. Now Arima, his mentor and role model was killed by someone Koori saw as a threat since day one.

And Hirako has resigned and taken squad Zero with him. Who knows what news of this will even reach him and how it will be twisted when it does.

Plus, the CCG is in crisis because Yoshitoki is dead by an “unknown assailant” and the man who has been nothing but nasty to him has taken charge.

If he’s still in one piece after all this, it’ll be the reveals that do him in.

Everything that man has loved and built his life on is a lie. Koori genuinely believes in the CCG as an institution of justice and believes that eradicating ghouls is the right and just thing to do. As far as we know, his hatred of ghouls is more ideological than personal - we haven’t been told that anyone in his family was killed by them or anything. But he thinks of himself and the work he does as that of a hero of justice, and I imagine he sees ghouls, thus, as natural murderers. 

So to find out that the CCG is founded and run by ghouls and that the two people he cared most about were half ghouls? Not to mention that Arima actually hated the CCG and all it stood for? Those reveals are gonna break him. Shatter him to the core.

So death on Rushima is the kinder option for dear Ui, I think. If he makes it out the other side, there is only pain waiting for him there.

Which is to say I want him to make it out the other side of this operation desperately, because watching him go through all of this? That would be amazing to watch.

*dons clown mask*

But in all seriousness, if Ui makes it not only through Rushima, but through those reveals, I think whatever kind of person he becomes at the other end of it would be fascinating to see.

Intentional equity

Excerpt from my op-ed published in Science magazine.

Over a decade ago, when I was chief scientist at the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, I spoke at a conference called Women and Science: Celebrating Achievements, Charting Challenges. I lauded women working in astrophysics, government, and science policy in the United States and elsewhere, but said that progress was mixed—the veneer of success for women across the sciences, and in science leadership, was too thin across the globe. What has changed since then? Cultural barriers, a lack of enlightened policies, and the need for role models and support systems still exist worldwide. However, today there is good reason to be optimistic. The international scientific community is coming together intentionally to acknowledge and tackle gender equity. 

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#tbt to when I was in the second grade and we had to dress up as our hero. I wanted to be president someday, but there had never been a female president, so I dressed up as Eleanor Roosevelt. It makes me so, so happy that little girls these days have the first female nominee of a major political party as a role model. And, in 2017, any little girl with a tiny pantsuit can dress up as her hero, President Hillary Clinton.

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just listen to me a second without booing or cheering. I mean it sincerely, we should really think about this. His cynicism is unbounded; his lack of empathy and compassion can be summed up in the phrase I suspect he’s most proud of having made famous: ‘You’re Fired’.

I mean really, I’m not joking. Think about that. THINK about that! Think about everything you learned! As a child, no matter where you were raised! HOW can there be pleasure, in saying 'you’re fired’?

—  Diamond Joe Biden, 2016 DNC (x)

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I know you’ve developed a relationship on twitter w/Terry so I’m curious...have you ever discussed Shatner with her? I know she and Ron are big fans of his, but is she aware of/does she have an opinion on his treatment of some Outlander fans or how he is is playing the victim to “bullies” while being a textbook bully himself?

I would never infringe on Terry that way.  I know that she has tried very hard to make the fandom inclusive.  I know she accepts shippers as a valuable part of the fandom.  We all know that.  She wants tolerance and kindness as much (if not more) than anyone.

She and Maril are strong amazing women and are great role models for the women of this fandom.

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But imagine a world without Bex? Can you imagine that? Because I sure as hell don't want to.

Up until about three months ago I had no idea who she was. I’d seen her in iZombie but I wasn’t immediately drawn to her. 

Right now, no, I couldn’t imagine a world without her because we need her. She’s honestly just one of the most genuine people with the kind of platform she has, and the fact that she supports everyone so verbally and with such pride is amazing. She’s the best and she is a very, very important role model. 

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Ahhhh!!!!!!! I love your headcanons for how the heroes would react to kids telling them that they are their biggest fans! Could you do the rest? If not, that's okay! Still love what you dished out!

Sure, I’ll try! <3 And thank you so much!

Hanzo: Wouldn’t know how to reach for sure. He’d just say thank you and pet their head. 

Roadhog: He’d listen to whatever they had to say, would mumble a few responses. Would be surprised that he’s someone’s role model. 

Mei: Would find it adorable! She’d be like Tracer, and let them take a few pictures. 

Zarya: Would make her so happy. Would maybe carry them around on her shoulders and give them some life advice. 

Torbjørn: He’d be like, “Aren’t you endearing!”, and start telling jokes. He’s probably a really caring grandpa at heart. 

Symmetra: She’d be surprised at first, but would end up showing them all her cool tricks. 

Bastion: Happy beeping? Maybe let them hold his bird. 

Lucio: He’d be the one with the biggest smile, he’d just totally adore the kid and show them some music. 

Pharah: She’d just say thank you, and “Stay in school” or something, but it would lowkey make her so happy. 

D.Va: She’d totally love it. She’d give autographs, pictures, selfies, would take snapchats with them, post it on instagram, you name it. 


Tia Norfleet (first African-American woman to compete in NASCAR) talks chasing her dreams and being a role model.

Thoughts on the CG/l life.

I have spoken to quite a lot of littles on Tumblr, Fetlife and little space online. One recurring trait I’ve seen is how guarded their hearts are to caregivers. This is no doubt due to the prevalence of fake Doms(dommes) who prey on the littles in the community just to hurt and abuse them.

This truly breaks my heart seeing how hurt these sweet littles are afterwards. It’s made me think of starting a group for single littles to come meet good role model Caregivers to help recharge their hope and faith in us Bigs. As well as possibly receiving the love and attention they need to keep their search going.

We could have multiple Bigs in every state to make this a kind of organization. I know I’d love to take out a few local littles out for pizza and bowling, or zoo trips then the crafts store, etc. Regardless of gender identity, but there are still always munches to attend.

Course the logistics alone would be difficult, not like I can make a kik group or start a Google hangouts for littles, there would be no guarantee that the predators wouldn’t find their way in if it got too popular..

Still, it’s an idea I have been playing with in my mind. Because of how painful it is to hear a little give up on finding their perfect Caregiver/Big.
Featured Voices Theme: Inspiration
Wrapping up our last theme, Coming Out at Work / School, with a summary of all eleven guest posts. And introducing our next theme: Inspiration!

Who is your role model?

Who has inspired you?

What made you decide to take that next step?

I know my blog has inspired many, but writing doesn’t happen in a vacuum. As I draw inspiration from you, I’m infinitely curious to see where you draw inspiration from for your gender. Ripple effects in action.

Submit your drafts, videos, ideas all through August!