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Son-in-law Jared Kushner to be named Senior Advisor to Trump

  • In apparent defiance of anti-nepotism laws, Donald Trump will name his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, senior advisor to the president.
  • As ABC reported, Kushner’s role on Trump’s transition team would seem to violate anti-nepotism laws.
  • The laws bar federal officials from hiring, favoring or advancing any relative, in-laws included. 
  • In appointing Kushner to an advisory position, rather than to a particular government agency, Trump could clear a path around those laws. Read more

Im just going to be straight up and put these here for the internetz… I’ve yet to come out to most of my friends and not to mention my family, which I dont know how exactly I will come out to them but im sure ill figure it out.

Posting these photos here is huge step for me, not that it means anything for anyone who doesn’t know me. I’m pre everything and anything. Been hiding for a while but I just want you all to know that this is me. The real me… not the me you see when I’m hanging out with friends, or at work (both of which I hope to be comfy enough to do soon) but the me when I come back home from work or social activities. The me that can wear what she feels comfortable in, the me that can say what she feels comfortable saying and most of all the me that is afraid of bringing the reality with her when she steps out her door.

For those of you that I’m acquainted with or related to and who are seeing these… All I can say is, I’m sorry for not telling you earlier. If I haven’t come out to you already, it’s not because I don’t feel that you’re important or anything like that, it’s most likely because of the circumstances and/or predicaments that are holding me down. Some of you will not appreciate it, some of you will not accept me and some of you will (hopefully not) want to harm me. I just want to point out that you haven’t had any issues with me so far, then you shouldn’t have any issues with me now and from now on. The only difference from before is that I go by different pronouns and I’ve changed my attire. I’d really appreciate it if you could at least try to use the correct pronouns. Thats all I ask. Though I would want none of it, I know that a lot of you will judge me.

Here goes something, right?


The National Archives plays a critical role in the transition from one Presidential administration to another. Two big things are going on during the 75 days between the November election and Inauguration Day: assembling a new administration and winding down and packing up a Presidency that has been in office four or eight years.

Read about what our staff do in “Moving Out, Moving In” in the latest issue of Prologue, the National Archives magazine.

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Richard Nixon’s staff moves furniture and materials into the Oval Office on January 20, 1969, as the Nixon administration takes office. (Nixon Library)

Dozens of pallets are loaded onto an airliner destined for the George W. Bush Presidential Materials Project in Dallas, Texas. (George W. Bush Library)

In preparation for the move of Nixon presidential materials, a conservator carefully packs jewelry so that it will not shift during its journey to the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda, California. (National Archives, photo by Angela Drews)

Boxes of records and memorabilia await transport to Little Rock, Arkansas, for eventual storage in the Clinton Presidential Library. (Clinton Library)

Passing Tips From Gender Youth Group

Submission by: @e-cryptid

22, United states of America

“First of all, you need to pick a new name. Then you’ll need a binder and maybe a packer but make sure it’s not too big of one. That’ll give you away. Try wearing button ups but not if they’re flannel. That’ll make you look like a lesbian. Layering shirts helps, too. Buy bulky shoes and boot cut jeans. Maybe shoe lifts because you’re kind of on the short side for a guy. Keep your hair cut longer on top and shorter on the sides. Square off the hair in front of your ears. It’s too feminine to have it be triangular. Shave those little translucent hairs off of your face. Only women and children have them. You can wear a single earring or a leather bracelet but no other jewelry. Nothing rainbow because, again, that’ll make you look like a lesbian. Use only the lower ranges of your voice. You can find vocal training videos on YouTube if that’s not good enough. It’ll also help to speak in more of a monotone and try to mimic other guys’ speech patterns. Study the way they walk, too. Sit with your legs spread or one crossed over your other knee. Either way, take up plenty of space. Bulk up but only certain muscle groups. Don’t talk when you’re in the bathroom. Use less exaggerated facial expressions. Try not to qualify your statements. Cross your arms over your chest, not under it. Don’t skip. Don’t giggle. Don’t cry.

It’s going to feel so good to finally get to be yourself.”

“Identifying with” vs “Identifying as”

Growing up I identified with the other little boys a lot, and with the other girls almost not at all. I identified with the rough and tumble lifestyle of the boys, and with their carefree adventuring. The girls in the neighborhood would tag along with the boys at times, but it was always tagging along. The girls were never the Captain. When the boys played street hockey, the girls came too, but they sat on the sidelines and cheered and talked. I played, of course, until I was about 9 years old and despite the extra pads and helmet my dad made me wear, he decided that it was too rough and that I couldn’t play with the boys any more. He was right, of course, the boys *were* rough, but so was I! I identified with the boys.

When I watched TV and saw a married couple, I always identified with the husband. I knew that when I eventually married that I wanted to be the one providing for the family, doling out wisdom and discipline, and being left alone to pursue my own intellectual interests whenever I wasn’t doing one of those things. That’s what I saw. I certainly didn’t identify with the idea of rearing the children and devoting my life to child, family, and house care. I wanted to be an independent person inside of a family support system. I saw that in the husband’s position in the family. I identified with the husband.

When I was a teenager and the young men around me were obsessed with music, body modification, and girls, I identified with them. I knew other young dykes, but the ones that I knew seemed more obsessed with being queer* than anything else, and I couldn’t relate. I identified with the simplicity of being an adolescent male, in part because really nothing was expected of them. I spent high school playing hardcore shows and avoiding other lesbians. At 15 my then-girlfriend starting calling me her boyfriend and I bound for the first time. My male friends treated me like “one of the guys,” which is to say, as a completely distinct phenomenon from the other females. My feelings of being different, of being “not like the other girls,” were reinforced with every turn. I was able to “opt-out” of the gross objectification of my female peers, largely through this understanding of my identification. I identified with my young male friends.

As a young adult, my identification with became my identification as. The lines had blurred, and I no longer saw the distinction – if I had seen it at all up to that point. I became one of the young men, instead of the one female allowed in our boys’ club. I was accepted with open arms, and my identity was affirmed from all directions in my social circle.

It wasn’t until many years later that I really had to start untangling the differences between identifying with the men in my life, versus identifying as a man. I think that if I had had Butch women or other young Butches in my life at some of these critical moments that I would have identified with them, instead of males. The sad fact is that Butch women and the Butch experience is really not something that is accessible or visible to the vast majority of our youth. As a young person, so much of one’s sense of self is shaped by one’s role models, that it seems no wonder that a young GNC female would feel identity and kinship with males, instead of with females, if no Butch or GNC females are available as role models. If the only people that talk about their bodies the way the way that a young GNC female experiences her body identify as men, then it is clear to see why more and more GNC females are identifying as men and transitioning.

I am most motivated by myself ten or twenty years ago to keep pushing and keep being visible. It is sometimes very hard to stand up and talk about my dysphoria or my transition, but I think it’s worth it for future generations. Our young Butches and GNC females need to see their lives and experiences reflected in a way that is positive about being female and accepting of one’s female body. I just want to be the example that I wish I had had as a child. If I can show even one young woman that she is completely in charge of her body and the way that she uses it to express herself, then I will have accomplished my goals. I think there’s a lot more than one out there, though. I think there are a lot of us that need this healing visibility. I will continue to put my words and face out there for as long as it takes.

FtM Transition, "Fragile masculinty”, gender roles, and why I’m more patient with men.

Many months ago I posted about how I now have much more patience and empathy for men since living as one. Before, a whole bunch of bad experiences with men and finding feminism lead to me feel deep resentment, if not out right hatred, for men. I had no time for them, and I had little patience for their fuck ups or behaviors. I’ve been repeatedly asked why, and finally feel like writing it out after months more experiences. There’s a lot more reasons, but this is all I really feel like writing about for now.

T on its own has made crying become hard, not only that, but it definitely makes anger a more prominent emotion. People may like to dismiss the effects hormones have on our behaviors and emotions, but they’re very real. However, the social pressure to not cry is much more powerful than T. I’ve never been much of a crier, and felt weak and awkward when doing it, but society makes men feel… Completely wrong for crying. Like it’s a defect. You’re weak, you’re a little boy, your manhood and masculinity is criticized and called into question, etc. There’s an immense pressure to not cry, which is a normal human action and relieves strong, negative emotions. But these emotions don’t just go away, between T and the inability to cry, it redirects as anger. Obviously it’s not okay to get angry and abusive and physically harm people, but I have much more understanding with why so many men are so angry, why they react to things with violence, and why so many have poor control over their anger. I have barely lived as a man for six months and felt disgusted with myself and a poor example of a man for crying over my ex treating me like shit. I can’t imagine how I’d feel crying with a lifetime of those messages. 

 Men aren’t seen as victims of gender roles. They’re only seen as people who benefit from them. “Fragile masculinity” you’ve probably heard numerous times on this site. Fragile masculinity is men hurting from gender roles. (As is toxic masculinity.) This isn’t to say women aren’t suffering from or undermine how much women suffer from gender roles. I lived as one for 22 years, believe me, I know. This also isn’t to excuse shitty or abusive behavior by men or to tell women they need to change how they feel. This is my personal experience, and I just think it’d be much more productive to instead of mocking men, showing men how gender roles have hurt them, how they influence them, and that it’s okay to not conform to masculinity.

By identifying themselves in multigendered ways, transgender and other gender-nonconforming youth are radically changing the definition of gender and how gender identity will be viewed in the future. Long gone are the days when gender could be limited to the categories of women and men. But so, too, is the time when transgender can be considered a catchall third option, creating a gender “trinary.” We live in a world where gender is more complex and more fluid. It is not enough to dispense with the notion of a gender binary; we must embrace and celebrate the idea that gender is bound only by the limits of people’s spirits.
—  The Lives of Transgender People, by Genny Beemyn & Susan Rankin

They said,
It’s a girl.

You heard,
It is cotton candy sweet, bubblegum pink,
Soft like stuffed animals or angel wings.
Vanilla birthday cake, long dresses,
Lipstick stains left on glasses. 
Sappy movies, peach rings,
Long braids, and gently swaying park swings. 

She shook her head, 
And she said,
Not all little girls are made of
Sugar and spice and everything nice.
Some are made of wind, and paint,
And sharp words and smoke filled flames-
And are not ashamed.

You heard,
Non-computed nonsense,
Confused, rebel tomboy.
Heard she’ll grow out of it.
She’ll get used to it- just a phase.
Saw no harm in stuffing her into pink frills
And choking her on perfume clouds.
Tying necklace like noose around her neck.

Heard that sometimes little girls
Needed to be forced into femininity
Before they knew they liked it.
Dehumanization could be an acquired taste.

They told her,
Girls are meant to sit quiet and  look pretty,
And you are failing at both jobs.
Don’t you know that girl is made to be Christmas tree ornament?
Mantel piece trophy-
Decoration, not music box.
Not to be heard.
No one wants you to be heard.
No one is listening.
You are talking to yourself and you are terrible company,
Until you learn your manners.
Until you learn that respect was not your birthrate.
Be reincarnated boy if you want the right to speak without permission slip.

Loud is not a trait good husbands look for.
You are not a trait good husbands look for.
You will not be wanted.
You are not wanted.
And don’t you know that that is all a little girl should ever be?
If a girl sits alone in the forest and nobody is there to want her,
Should she even move out of the way of the falling tree?

Eventually, your lungs will have burst from trying too long to breathe in too tight of dresses.
You will have to wear bracelets to hide all the rope burns from having hands tied.
You will have tried so hard to make yourself into ice sculptor glass,
That your limbs will shatter at the smallest impact.
One day, your tongue will fall out of your mouth
From having to bite it one too many times.

When all of this happens,
I advise you to give in.
Let them give you their kitchen-
Let them paint the walls pink,
And drape you in a floral apron.
And then, when they come wandering back,
Because it smells like something’s burning,

Make them wonder why the lace curtains are on fire
And why the knives are in the walls,
And why the house is caving,
And why you are sitting like the picture perfect placemat
That they have always trained you to be,
In the center of such apocalyptic chaos.
They will ask you why-
But I say to you,
Do not tell them.
After all,
They never wanted your words before.

—  It’s a Girl //// Destruction Has Always Been a Feminine Trait

uberredcoat  asked:

You know what i don't understand: Why was 4x24 all about figuring out who A was when they already knew that the person who send the texts to Alison before she dissapeared was Mona? Why was Alison like: 'A had been threatening me since that Halloween' didn't she already know that that was Mona? Did she thought that it was someone else? It can't be Charlotte because she didn't even know about the A game at that point..

Ali definitely knew someone stole the game from Mona and she was scared of who that could be. Ali asked for CeCe’s help in Ravenswood (big mistake!) to divert A’s attention from the girls so she knew someone took over from where Mona left off and I think her comment about someone attacking her from Halloween still holds true because she assumes Mona must’ve played a role in the transition of leaders.

When I was still living as a girl, people went up to me and told me what a shame it was that I cut my hair short. Now that I have transitioned and grew my hair, people come up to me and tell me “please cut your hair, the short hair looks much better on you!” While nothing has changed, I am literally the same person.

stop assuming that because someone’s transgender that they have to LOOK or DRESS like that gender
stop assuming that because someone’s transgender they have to ACT like that gender
stop assuming that because someone’s transgender they have to SPEAK like that gender

Years of being bullied taught me that if people can’t read your gender, they will demand to know. Being constantly asked what I am is far more distressing for me than for people to assume. No one will see me as agender. My discharge letter said I was “accepting” of that – but the truth is that I am only resigned to it. I have no choice.

There also is no societal role for me to transition to. What does that even mean for an agender person? What does it mean for any gender? Before I had my first appointment, I went to an introductory session where they assured me that they treat non-binary people. But if they still base surgery recommendation on “societal roles” of gender, then it’s no surprise I’ve never heard of a single positive experience from a non-binary person in a GIC.

What the rest of society doesn’t realize or see is that trans people are often stuck in this conundrum to receive any medical treatment. If a trans woman wants to be “taken seriously,” she better show up to her appointments in a dress and demonstrating her societal role. If a trans man wants to be seen as serious enough to get surgery, he better not paint his nails. The gatekeeping standards set upon our shoulder is a concentrated version of 50s gender roles we have to bend to in order to get help.

—  A Case of Cis Regret | Lola Olson for the Huffington Post
on cis actors in pre transition trans roles

eddie redmayne just got cast as a trans woman and i’m seeing people defend that choice because the character he’s playing is not on hormones

“but the character is pre hormones!!!” is such a common excuse for cis actors in trans roles and its a weak, shitty one.

do u think trans people exist only post-transition? are u seriously trying to tell me there is no trans woman who is not on hormones and can act? was there a call for that, did the people casting this movie try to find a pre hormones trans woman?

and say that there did not exist a trans actress not on hormones. they could cast a transitioned trans woman. what is the problem with that. if theres a naked scene, edit out the titties its 2015 we can do that. if they really care soooo much about the accuracy of the trans womans body, a bit of makeup and editing can fix that. unless of course, that’s not the real reason and just a weak excuse because they can’t say “trans women are scary and i don’t want one of them dragging my movie down”

theyre gonna deny trans women a rare opportunity and enforce the violent, dangerous, transphobic idea that trans women are men in makeup and dresses, and say its okay bc its for accuracy? isnt that valuing the accuracy of a trans body over the accuracy of a trans mind? wait.. judging a trans person & their legitimacy on their body not their mind, doesnt that sound.. kinda like textbook casual transphobia?

and honestly if you think that’s really the #1 reason why someone casts a cis person, you’re kidding yourself. its a shitty excuse and its also just that, an excuse. cis actors are easier and comfortable and not scary or confusing in a primarily cis industry catering to a primarily cis audience. don’t give me some bullshit excuse and try to tell me the tv / movie industry doesn’t avoid trans actors like the plague because they see them as a risk not worth taking. a cis audience is gonna be more comfortable watching a movie about trans people as theyve always thought of us, dressed up as something we’re ~actually~ not, and the people casting movies know that.

tl;dr - “but the character is pre transition” is a bullshit excuse for casting a cis person in a trans role. pre transition actors exist and even if that didnt work a transitioned trans person is still better than a cis person, and this excuse is a thin veil over the real reason people cast cis people which is “a beloved white cis is gonna bring in more cash for me”

NASA Mission Reveals Speed of Solar Wind Stripping Martian Atmosphere

NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission has identified the process that appears to have played a key role in the transition of the Martian climate from an early, warm and wet environment that might have supported surface life to the cold, arid planet Mars is today.

MAVEN data have enabled researchers to determine the rate at which the Martian atmosphere currently is losing gas to space via stripping by the solar wind. The findings reveal that the erosion of Mars’ atmosphere increases significantly during solar storms. The scientific results from the mission appear in the Nov. 5 issues of the journals Science and Geophysical Research Letters.

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Cis people will not let trans women get jobs so we can survive and get hormones or whatever but they’ll claim that they’re super concerned we might have to play a pre transition role because it could hurt us lmao you aren’t fooling anyone