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Into You - Stiles Stilinski Imagine (SMUT)

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Request (anon): Can you do an Stiles imagine based on the Song into you by ariana grande Pls ❤ ❤ ❤ 

A/N: Thank you for the lovely request and sorry for taking so long to post it. I hope I got the request right and that you like it. :)
Also my request box is now closed!
Anyways I hope you guys like it! Enjoy!


Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Note: Song inspired with lyrics, smut
Warning: SMUT! Swearing?
Word count: 1842
Inspired/lyrics by:  Ariana Grande - Into You

🎶I’m so into you, I can barely breathe
And all I wanna do is to fall in deep🎶

I arrived at the club with the girls, the boys were already there waiting for us. As soon as we walked in, I could feel his eyes on me. A smirk playing on his face while his eyes wandered up and down, studying every inch of my body that my tight dress was hugging perfectly.
Who is he? He is Stiles, my boyfriend.

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My latest Water Boyy video got deleted. Well, I hope you’ll enjoy this one! I really love the story of Apo and Waii, though Waii tends to be really mean, but he changed so that’s a relief.
Song I used:


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The zodiac signs as Dangerous Woman lyrics

Aries: “Cause tonight I’m making deals with the devil”

Taurus: “A little less conversation, and a little more touch my body”

Gemini: “Cause every time I see you I don’t wanna behave”

Cancer: “I give zero fucks and I got zero chill in me”

Leo: “Never been with a boy more than six months”

Virgo: “I’m on the edge with no control”

Libra: “Ain’t you ever seen a princess be a bad bitch?”

Scorpio: “I ain’t talking money, I’m just physically obsessed”

Sagittarius: “it’s only nature I live for danger”

Capricorn: “Now I laugh about the things that used to be important to me”

Aquarius: “They say it’s wrong, but That’s the way you turn me on”

Pisces: “So name a game to play, and I’ll role the dice”

ionbuilder  asked:

Hello hello! Ive just discovered your blog, and from what ive seen so far it's pretty interestin what you have! But i havent seen TOO much soi wanted to ask, can you give a quick summary of what all this is about, what stuff you wanna implement

SKRUB: the Tabletop Creation Myth is a dice based role-playing game meant to allow anybody to play the game Sburb, go on wacky and amazing adventures with friends, and should you successfully beat the game you’ll have the know-how and chance to make your own Universe.

SKRUB boasts it’s own home brewed game mechanics, all of which are designed to either fully flesh out Homestuck’s convoluted lore, recreate Sburbs charming classic video game feeling, or just make an engaging experience. It’s my opinion that Strife, the combat engine, allows for the most diverse fights I’ve ever had the pleasure of preparing, since I’ve made each of the 168 classpects have as functionally different effects on strife as I could make them.

SKRUB attempts to explain and make functioning all of the core mechanics of Sburb, from Classes and Aspects, Quests and Lands, Skaia and the Ultimate Riddle. Given that the source material has concluded without any sort of closure or explanation to much of what it started, I have researched, theorized, guessed, and then eventually came up with my own answers to all of the endless questions we’ve had. As such, I know many will disagree with what I believe. That’s understandable, there is no right answer, but since this is a game I had to write something down. It’s my hope that the base mechanics work well enough that people who disagree with a few small things can supplant their own thoughts in and still play the game.

I have been working on this project for the last two and a half years, unpayed, and alone. Since I did not beat this game before making, I didn’t learn how to work with others, which fits the Title of Lord of Space that I have bestowed upon myself. People have offered help, but I prefer having absolute mastery over the projects I dedicate myself to. Which makes for excellent quality, but really slow production speed. I am always open to suggestions though, either here or on the Google Doc, upon which I have everything I have finished so far.

I’m currently play testing it with my friends. I’ve found that it works pretty well, and is pretty damn fun.

As for implementing, I’m still getting around to that, in just writing out and editing all of the ideas I’ve already had. I’m currently finishing the Strife section, which is taking a while because I had to reintegrate all of the strife techniques and stiff I already had into the symbolic framework I’m using for Aspect powers. I also need to write down how this framework works, since it’s incredibly important to the game, and allows anything (and I mean anything) to be converted into something that Classes and aspects can interact with.

I highly recommend reading the google doc, just scroll down and you’ll see it. Everything on their Is sound info, just needs some visual editing here and there. Or send me an ask here, and I’ll respond to the best of my ability.

naruhina; light the night

prompt: festival (D-13)
rating: K+
a/n: i think this is my longest entry so far. another au, although a more depressing one compared to my other fics. enjoy!


“A beautiful thing may not be perfect, but it still takes your breath away.”


Though his memory may fail him at times, he could easily recollect the time he first laid eyes on her with ease.

The main streets of Konoha morphed into a vibrant atmosphere of excitement as the residents of the village bustled about, indulging in the assortments of activities and delicacies offered by the merchants and vendors scattered around. Some with lovers, some with friends, some with family, some alone yet all with wide grins etched on their faces. Everybody truly elated the festival they waited for annually finally happening – the well-known Konoha Lantern Festival that managed to attract a wide audience with its unique purpose.

Naruto happened to be an exception, acknowledging himself as a rare one that was rather disinterested with this festival, preferring instead to entertain himself with other occasions. Somehow his friends had convinced him otherwise, an instant regret as he found himself stranded all alone, abandoned the second his pals set their sights on the attractive women roaming around donned in their traditional attire.  

With a scowl and curses under his breath to his so called companions, he decided to at least take the chance to look around, hands stuffed inside the pockets of his orange hoodie with his beanie holding down his unruly golden locks from the calm howl of the night breeze. Children continuously ran about him, letting their youth shine as they became enthralled by the engaging decorations hung across the area, setting an amorous ambiance filled with intimacy for the people to bond over.  

In each hand of each person, lanterns of various sizes were held, lit up and prepared to be set off to the dark abyss of the sky above. Chatter regarding the wishes written on these lanterns floated around him, natural seeing as that was primarily the attraction of this festival. The concept of instilling a wish on a burning object that would be thrown up into the air in hopes of the wish floating high till it reached the heavens so God would be able to grant their inner most desires was what mainly drove the interest of the audience to attend this festival.

Naruto wasn’t much of a believer in such tales, but little did he know she would change that.

The blaring sound of what he assumed was a horn echoed throughout the venue, alarming everyone to prepare for the countdown to start. The young blonde watched as pairs of people started huddling together, furore evident on their features as their eyes gleamed at the lanterns in their hold, some even linking arms to supress the over excitement in casting the objects up into the sky. A voice booming through the speakers started the countdown, preparing everybody for the awaited moment.

3, 2, 1

His heart froze.

For before his eyes, stood a woman with incomparable beauty.

The fluorescent glow emanating from the hundreds of lanterns surrounding them illuminated her silhouette perfectly, giving him a magnificent view of the alluring young lady in a simple lavender yukata with an equally simple flower ornament nestled nicely between her dark tresses standing only a few metres away from him.

He drowned in mesmerisation by the image of such a piece of artistry who had on a beautiful smile as she watched the lanterns flying high with glee, her eyes never leaving the wondrous sight above her as much as he couldn’t avert his attention anywhere else.

As the lanterns continued rising, he found his heart soaring along with them.



Fate played its role, dropping the dice on the board game that was his life, allowing him to make his move.

To his delight, the refined woman from the festival happened to be a friend of Sakura, who also happened to be a good friend of his too. Without hesitation, he requested the unthinkable, asking Sakura if a possible gathering including the charming girl could somehow be organized, emphasis on the attendance of the person that plagued his mind for the past few days since he last saw her. So many nights had passed with him envisioning meeting her again, imagining the sweetness of her voice that would complement her angelic form perfectly, the desire to discover the story behind the beauty.

Sakura fulfilled his wish, but handled it her own way.

“Umm… Sakura-chan told me she couldn’t make it today.”

Naruto almost paid no attention to what she had informed him, finding himself more transfixed by the delicate sound of her voice. It was lighter than he had thought, feeble as her appearance, though she still looked as radiant in a casual loose dress with a cardigan wrapped around her petite frame. Now that she was standing at a much closer distance, he noticed the extent of her frail demeanour, her beauty masked by a hint of fragility that made him feel afraid she would shatter if he stepped even an inch close to her.

His mind finally took in the meaning behind her words, gritting his teeth at Sakura’s blatant evasion to give him what he had truly wanted, alone time with this enchanting girl – his inner self feeling more gratitude than resentment for his pink-haired companion. “O-Oh, umm, well, looks like it’s just the two of us then,” he said with a light-hearted tone, ruffling his blonde locks nervously, suddenly finding himself unprepared for what laid ahead despite his heart pounding at the opportunity to spend a day with her.

After introducing each other brusquely, they decided to just take a walk first before choosing their first activity, an awkward silence looming over the more they walked. Naruto noted she wasn’t much of a social butterfly, her face avoiding his glance often, with her motions seemingly unsure on how to react to his attempts at small talk. It was almost as if a huge wall blocked their interaction, her anxious side putting up a strong barricade to prevent him from breaking into her protective shell too much, a challenge he willingly wanted to overcome so he could uncover the true self.

He knew of a way to start, coincidentally, her stomach grumbled, much to his amusement watching her try to cover it with stammering.

“Fancy having some ramen? I know a really good place nearby.”

She hesitated slightly but her shy exterior melted with her lips curving into a gorgeous smile, nodding curtly. “I’d love to.”

He swore he could feel himself falling more for the enchanting enchantress that was Hyuuga Hinata.



It didn’t take him long for him to wreck the shields she had used, his persistence paying off as after a few weeks of consistent meet ups and brisk coffee sessions to get to know each other better, she had agreed to his invitation to an actual date and they began a new journey as a budding couple. There was an unfortunate catch to what could have been a perfect addition to his life.

Hinata had a terminal illness that ate away her lifespan day by day.

To say he was surprised when she had first told him, no, warned him was false, he felt himself being more sympathetic than anything, because she herself was clueless on the time she had left before this parasite of a disease took her away so she did not wish to promise him a fairy tale ending to their love story. Instead of feeling intimidated, it did nothing to drive away his intention to stay by her side no matter what. In fact, it enhanced his urge even further.

Ever since then, Naruto made it his mission to ensure every single day he spent with her was worth her time. He spoiled her with meaningful gifts prepared with love, entertained her with little surprises that set her heart aflutter, proclaimed promises of an everlasting affection for her and showered her with physical tender gestures that proved his desire for her.

They fell into a cycle whereby all that existed in the world was each other and Naruto wanted to make sure he made her remaining days an unforgettable memory shared with him.

However, although her heart still beat loud and proud for him, the weakening state of her body existed as a painful reminder of the cruel truth for him. Moments such as when she needed to excuse herself to expel the food she had just consumed, the sudden migraine attacks that were strong enough to force her collapsing to the ground instantly, the fainting colour of her skin losing its life as more time passed by, only further swallowed him from the inside at how helpless he was to cure the pain eating inside of her. Seeing her struggle with her battle against this illness as he sat by the side lines impotently killed him bit by bit.

Hinata being the sweet person she was, attempted to ease his worries, constantly emphasizing for him to focus on the brightness of this dark situation, no matter how dim it may be. So that’s what he did. He thrived his best to make her forget all about her sickness, enveloping her in a warm love meant to last with gentle promises of a future they could build together while they could.

His mouth forged images of a happy ending that he continuously fed her, which she ate wholeheartedly, not caring about the bitter taste of the lies ruining it.

“Naruto-kun, do you have something impossible you’ve always wanted to try?”

He glanced down at her, nestled comfortable in the crook of his arm, her delicate hand placed over his beating heart as she relished in the feel of its rhythm. To conserve her limited energy, they both decided to enjoy spending time together simply in the comfort of his apartment, basking in the calm atmosphere whilst indulging each other’s company and just share whatever was on their mind.

“Hmm,” Naruto thought deeply, stroking his chin. “Nothing that I can think of right now. Do you?”

Hinata smiled, her fingers drawing lazy circles on his shirt, her breathing content with the feel of his strong arm protectively around her frame. “Don’t laugh, but I’ve always wished I could fly.”

He smirked. “That really is impossible.”

She giggled softly before continuing. “I bet the feeling of flying is amazing. Imagine soaring through the sky with no worries, nothing binding you down, nothing trapping you. You’re free to follow the wind, free to go as high as you want… and nothing can limit you.”

She looked up at him, her eyes gleaming with earnest. “That’s why I love the lantern festival so much. Seeing those lanterns fly high up to the sky, carrying the pure wishes of people, I’m a bit jealous of them.”

He understands the dilemma behind her confession, yet he knows he can only comprehend only a fraction of the misery she’s going through being stuck in a body that was withering away with every breath she took. His grip around her tightened, his lips seeking hers, wanting nothing more than to kiss away her pain – because that was all his pathetic self was capable of doing at that point.

“But… ever since I met you,” Her voice turning raspier. “I get that feeling. Somehow, you make me feel that way. You make me feel like I’m flying.”

Her hands snuck under his shirt, hotly caressing his burning skin, his hissing of pleasure from her light touches fuelled her to continue.

“So promise you’ll be with me till the end.”

He hushed her, his lips begging for her not to utter such words as he moved their position, lowering her down onto the sofa while he began covering her with desperate kisses, attempting to make her forget all about the harsh reality and focus simply on his utmost love that might be enough to guide her to fight harder for her life.

Because that’s the only thing he can do for her.

He wanted to be the light in the darkness of her future, no matter how dim it may be.



Seconds turned to hours, days turned to months, and seasons turned to an entire year.

Hinata had fallen to her lowest point.

The doctor ordered her under permanent bed rest, concerned that further strain to her crumbling body would cut the days she had left even more. It had been a brutal curse for her to have her energy to even lift a finger dissipate from her body bit by bit, and Naruto could only watch brokenly as his lover started shattering into pieces, even the strength of his love wasn’t enough to rid the effects of the illness away.

So he focused instead on what he could do, and god damn, he would do his best to keep that smile on her face.

He entered her room in the hospital, putting on his usual bright grin for her, no matter how difficult it actually was for him to hide behind a false mask of pretend happiness – especially when he saw her body being strapped to machines like a soulless puppet that merely existed. Hinata turned her face slowly to him, the tiniest amount of life returning inside of her when her eyes met his. “Naruto-kun.”

Another piece of his heart chipped off upon hearing how tired her voice had gotten.

He walked over to her, kissing her forehead as tenderly as he could, following the doctor’s orders of being extra gentle with her fragile form. He sat beside her, as she immediately demanded to know the current happenings of his life as well as the outside world. Natural, considering she was forced to be imprisoned in this room for weeks already, he could only imagine the torment of being motionless with no hope of ever stepping outside again.  

“I have a surprise for you,” he spoke softly, one of his hands letting go of hers to reach for his bag, the other still clinging to it like his life depended on it. Hinata watched curiously through hooded lids, wondering what he was rummaging through his bag for when he brought his present out for her and her dying heart clenched at what he was holding.

A handmade lantern, similar to the ones she always saw during the festival she loved so much.

“It’s not perfect,” he admitted with a cheeky grin. “I’m not the best at crafting, but I still tried.”

Hinata shakily moved her hand to reach for it, Naruto already meeting her halfway as he helped her wrap her fingers around the object, her eyes staring at it with fascination. “It’s beautiful.”

He smiled seeing her cheeks flush with a hint of red, returning some life back even if by a little. The annual lantern festival was actually a few weeks away but seeing her condition and the doctor’s estimation on how much time she had left, it would be a true miracle if she could make it to see the lanterns herself. He didn’t want to take the risk, he promised to keep that smile on her face till the end after all. “Let’s light it together.”

Before she could argue, Naruto was already helping her off the bed, gently detaching the cruel machines off her and carrying her bridal style – his mind lamenting over how light her frail body had become. He brought her over to the chair near the windowsill, landing her slowly before opening up the window wide for her. Her tired eyes managed to take in the astonishing view of Konoha at night.

He lit the lantern, watching her face glowing along with it, her pale lilac irises mesmerized by the burning object that brought so many emotions through her. Her hands began to shake but she did her best to hold on dearly to it.

“Make a wish,” he whispered. She took a moment, closing her eyes as she thought deeply about her inner most desire. He took that time to appreciate the beauty of the withering flower before his eyes. After she was done, Naruto placed his hands over hers, helping her direct the lantern outside of the window and gently, she let it go.

They watched as it floated perfectly, slowly beginning to rise higher and higher with each second. Although Hinata’s attention was fully on the lantern, Naruto became engrossed with watching her. It was almost as if he was transported back to when he first saw her, how her face was filled with so much life as she smiled brightly seeing the lanterns float towards the never ending horizon of the sky.

Yet the difference now was the way her body trembled as she tried to muster enough energy to continue seeing her lantern off with tears streaming down her eyes.

For once, he let her cry, let her be vulnerable, let her show her weakness because she deserved to, after putting up a strong fight against an impossible battle that had attacked her from the very beginning. It didn’t matter if she fell down, for he would be right there to bring her up as many times possible. No matter how much she would shatter, he would patiently put back the pieces and make her whole again. No matter how drained she got, he would be there to be her pillar and hoist her up with his undying love, standing beside her till her final breath.

She turned to face him with a tear-stained face, wearing the same smile he first fell in love with. “Thank you.”

Even if it was for a second, Naruto was able to feel truly happy.



The streets of Konoha was bustling with excitement, patrons dressed from traditional attire to casual wear roamed around with bright grins, lanterns in hand. The annual Konoha Lantern Festival graced the village once more and this time, a bigger audience came to participate. Naruto walked nonchalantly, the smell of delicious treats sold by vendors as well as the warmth of bonding between families and lovers filled the ambiance, making him appreciate the nature of this festival even more.

In his hand, a lantern ready to be sent off.

The familiar siren rang, causing people to prepare themselves to launch their lanterns into the air, the similar sight of pairs huddling and linking their arms together as they excitedly got ready to send their wishes to the sky above.

He too got in position, holding dearly to the burning object.

3, 2, 1

He set his lantern free, watching as it started to float above, joining the others and creating a beautiful imagery of the fire of people’s hopes and desires illuminating the darkness of the night. Flashes of the first time he saw her, the first time he fell in love, sped through his mind. He could never forget how pretty she looked, how alluring she was, even till her last breath, he thought she was the most perfect being ever. Now, she was joined with her fellow angels, looking down at him with hopefully that smile he missed so much.

It felt like it had been forever, but a genuine smile stretched across his lips.

‘I hope you got your wish of flying, Hinata.’

As though she was answering, his lantern flew higher than the rest, soaring to the heavens above. 


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