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What Is The Shape Of Your Monster? – Get Out and Thought-out Horror

Get out.

No, I’m dead serious. If you haven’t already seen Jordan Peele’s Get Out yet, I need you to do me a massive favor. I need you to bookmark this page, close this page, and absolutely do not read this page— or any other essay or article on Get Out— until you’ve finished watching it.

I’m not just saying this because this essay will contain major spoilers for a movie that is best enjoyed going in knowing as little as possible— I mean, yes, it will— but most of all I just want as many people to see this movie as possible. It is by far the most socially relevant American movie to come out this year, at time of writing, if not one of the most socially relevant pieces of American art of the past decade.

It’s also just a very good movie.


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RP Themes That Aren't Often Used

Somebody asked me about unusual themes for rps, and it got me thinking. You tend to see the same three or four themes used for all of the rps in the tags, so it’d be nice to see some difference every now and then.

Here is a collection of themes I’ve found during my time on tumblr. Some of them are more suited to different kinds of rp, but all them are good quality with a decent amount of links and space for graphics to go. It’s only my opinion that these themes are good, so it’s okay to disagree.

This one. (Very good quality theme with lots of possibilities, especially in terms of navigation and graphics.)

This one. (Would need you to spend time on your colour scheme though!)

This one. (I actually used this one for a while, it’s very neat and easy to navigate.)

This one. (Again, you’d need to play around with the colours and BG.)

This one. (This is a stunning theme, very customizable and has a really nice overall effect.)

This one. (Very similar to a really popular theme, only it’s very simple and easy to navigate, not distracting at all.)

I hope this post helped a few of you! It’s always my aim to assist, so reblog if it helped so other people might see it too.

My ask is always open too~

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A year ago today, in the wake of the Pulse nightclub shooting, I lost my shit on Facebook.  I have still not found my shit, and I believe it is gone forever.

I used to try and have conversations with the pro-gun crowd where I would be reasonable and calm and look for areas of compromise and try to hear and understand their point of view.  Certainly there were some things they said that I did and still do agree with - for example, that many of the attempts at gun control legislation are targeting features that are essentially cosmetic or otherwise manage to proclaim that the folks who wrote the legislation either don’t know or don’t care how guns actually work.  But in general, I ran into way too many arguments that were hateful, cowardly, selfish, and stupid - and all this while watching the number of shootings climb predictably higher every day.

So I lost it, and said I was done with reasonable conversations and if they want a boogeyman that’s going to come and take their guns then fine, that can be me.  I’m coming for your guns.  I want to replace the second amendment with a wet fart noise and a photo of my middle finger.  Show me where to sign, I’ll ban everything from machine guns to starter pistols.  I’m done with calm and reasonable discourse, because every time I tried it got me less than nowhere.

And, guys, let’s be honest.  Yes this is me having a temper tantrum - a well earned one, I would argue.  But who cares?  Do you really think that it’s actually going to happen?  Do you really think that America (you already knew I’m an American because I mentioned an epidemic of mass shootings and guess where that’s a thing?) is going to out of nowhere after all this time come door to door and take all your precious guns?  Of course not.  You are never in any actual danger of losing your murder tools.

But anyway, I wanted to document some of the worst pro-gun arguments, the ones that made me just give up on any kind of reasoned discourse:


Like, that’s it.  That’s the whole argument.  I could get into a big debate about how different the circumstances were back then, or what the original intent of the 2nd amendment was, but no.  The fundamental problem with people that incoherently yell this is that they think the 2nd amendment existing is in and of itself a moral argument in its own favor.  Guys that is total batshit insanity.  "I should be allowed to do this because I’m allowed to do this" is not an actual functional argument, as it applies to any situation where slavery or child prostitution or whatever is legal.  Being allowed doesn’t mean it SHOULD be allowed.  Go fuck yourself.

2.  If we don’t have guns, we’re all going to get killed by people with guns!

There’s an easy way to test this.  Let’s look at other countries where they don’t have guns.  Huh.  That’s strange.  Looks like there are way less people getting shot to hell over there.  They don’t have all these mass shootings for some reason, nor do they have widespread nightly murders by gun.  It’s almost like your argument is a stupid counterfactual shit heap. Go fuck yourself.

3.  Okay fine but look at the number of stabbings over there, you want to outlaw knives too?

Yes let’s look at those numbers!  Please!  What’s that?  Mass stabbings are less common and kill less people per incident because it’s harder to mass stab a bunch of people to death?  Strange I would not have expected this oh wait.  I mean, yeah, it is not some amazing news flash that humans will find some way to harm each other.  That doesn’t mean we should immediately throw up our hands and start distributing flamethrowers. Go fuck yourself.

4.  I need guns to defend my freedom from our tyrannical government!

The funniest part about this is that it’s always said by people who are not remotely oppressed by our society and who don’t seem very vocal about defending those who are.  Shouldn’t they be taking up arms against all the police that murder black people?  No?  Interesting.  Really this is a transparent power fantasy where they imagine that they’re super important defenders of freedom and masturbate to the image of the government coming for them so they can be the valiant hero.  This is the same as a nerdy picked-on kid reading books like Harry Potter and wishing they could be some sort of chosen one except that the latter is harmless escapist fantasy and the former is nutjobs wielding actual murder devices.  I guess the better comparison would be someone literally dressing like a wizard all the time and hoping his parents will lock him in a closet so that he can blow things up with magic.  Go write a book or play some sort of militia-themed role playing game or something.  Living your stupid fantasy in real life is not healthy.  You’re not going to overthrow the government, dumbass. Go fuck yourself.

5.  If you try to take my guns I will have to kill you, and murder is bad therefore you should let me keep my guns.

Yes this is a real thing I have been told.  Just typing it out caused a nosebleed from the overload of stupidity, so I need to address this quickly lest it cause a fatal brain hemorrhage.  This stupid argument works for literally anything I’m willing to murder someone over.  Let’s try it with slaves!  "You can’t take my slaves away or I’ll have to murder you, and murder is bad" yeah shit there goes the nosebleed again.  This is the worst and dumbest argument.  "Hi I am a dangerous psychopath so I should be allowed to do and have whatever I want" is not a way to run a society. Go fuck yourself.

6.  I can make my own gun, so you shouldn’t ban any of them!

Okay cool story!  It’s not really news, even before we had all sorts of 3d printers and stuff it was trivial to make a super shitty gun.  But guess what else?  I can make bombs.  I can make a breeder reactor in my backyard - don’t make that illegal just buy my neighbors some lead undergarments.  Hey guys, exciting news!  Anything dangerous you can make in your garage is now 100% legal!  Wheeeeee! Go fuck yourself.

7.  I want them therefore I should be able to have them because FREEDOM.

I want to think of a clever way to say ‘go fuck yourself’ but I don’t really feel like this 'argument’ deserves even that minimal level of thought on my part.  So, go fuck yourself!  If you don’t understand why this is an idiotic argument then there is no hope for you.  Convince yourself that I hate freedom or whatever, that’s fine.  You’re an idiot. You know yourself? Go fuck that.


If anyone is like “Hey, Baron Fulmen, you were really rude and dismissive and isn’t it a bit hypocritical to say these are bad arguments but then respond to them with things like 'go fuck yourself’ which is in and of itself not a real counter-argument?” then holy shit have you missed the goddamn point.  This is me saying that I have given up on these gun-fondling assholes, I am venting about the observed inability to have a productive conversation when I *don’t* just tell them to go fuck themselves, and I am saying that if the result is going to be the same either way I might as well tell them they’re idiots that can eat a sack of fermented skunk shit.  I can no longer care about being friendly with people that value their murder-toys more than the lives of their fellow human beings.  And yes, to you out there all ready to raise your hand and be the gentle and reasonable voice of compassion that argues for calm discourse because these folks have been mislead by powers greater than themselves, I do understand the impact of fear and misinformation and insecurity and how the gun lobby and other forces manipulate people to… whatever.  Fuck it.  Don’t care anymore.  Go have that conversation elsewhere, this is a place to tell people who can watch the endless parade of victims of gun violence and say 'worth it’ to die in a fire.

Thanks.  I now return you to your usual program consisting of cute animal GIFs and shitty short stories.

So the thing is, I’m naturally a pretty lucky person. Things tend to work out okay for me (I’m still kicking), I see a lot of shooting stars, often have fallen eyelashes on my cheek, that type of stuff.

But the thing is, I always try to use it for good. For every wish I use to hope for something nice for myself, I make sure to wish for something nice for someone else. I avoid specifics, going for things like self-belief or motivation or for people to be kind to me that day, rather than material wealth or anything physical. I don’t gamble much, and when I do, I try to push out the vibe that I’m not seeking the benefits of my luckiness. Unsurprisingly, I pretty much never win anything like that. But when push comes to shove, I usually absolutely pull through. To keep the power you have to use it right, or you lose it.

What I’m getting at here is that I 100% get why Talesin consistently rolls so shitty for Percy in the Battle Royales. If you’re trying to use your eldritch powers to be mean to the people who love you they will not work. The universe knows, and power like ours comes from and can only serve a desire for the world to be cooler and better and more awesome.

(Travis’ and Sam’s power on the other hand comes from the momentum of having a good time – the more outlandish and bold their choices are and the more they seem to be enjoying themselves the better their rolls are – see Scanlan as a Triceratops and basically everything that’s happened with Grog and the Deck)

So i’ve been working on a safe space/rp chat for months now and we’re opening it up to the public. It’s based in the 14-1600’s around the time of the European renaissance. Though since we are still new and a work in progress so it can be a bit dead at times. HOWEVER! That’s why we’re coming to you! Yes, YOU! You can be the difference in this chat’s activity! We don’t have a lot of advertisement so we kind of rely on your word of mouth! So please, help us make this a great place for people to rp and make new friends~ It is chatzy based however, so it may be a bit dated and simplistic, but we are a premium room!  
We are a fresh new rp Chatzy and safe space for roleplayers and furries alike! We welcome and encourage those looking for a fun and friendly place to relax, make friends, and expand on their characters within our room.
Not only do we have in depth lore regarding the world, but we hope to involve all who join in the development of our world.
So far, we have a wiki withholding lore and information about characters, that you can contribute to as well, a map with every diverse setting included in the world, and friendly staff who are open to answering any questions or just chatting along with you. Despite being geared towards furries and those within the community, we invite those interested in playing as human characters, monsters, and other mythical beings.
join us here.

Westworld finale: Anthony Hopkins on Dr. Ford's fate

Dr. Robert Ford’s journey on Westworld came to an unexpected and apparent conclusion in Sunday’s finale. Below star Anthony Hopkins chatted with EW about his role playing the theme park’s mastermind on the show – and the classic film roles that helped inspire his take on the character.

This was your first serious TV show, at least in the United States. What drew you to this project originally?
They sent me the film book to read. I love to work. And I’d seen the original Westworld. But I couldn’t remember it, I only remembered the actors – Yul Brynner, Richard Benjamin. My agent phoned me and said will you meet [showrunner Jonathan Nolan] in order to talk about Westworld and I said, “Yeah.” And I said: “What do they want me to be?” And he said, “Some doctor.” So, Jon, we met and he gave me the script. He said you play the man who invents Westworld. I said, “Is it like Walt Disney?” He said, “Yeah, but it’s even darker than that. It’s almost like a Frankenstein.” So I said, “Yes, I’ll do it.”

What’s refreshing and interesting about it was starting with the first pilot – because no one knew it would be taken up [to series] by HBO. So it was a gamble, and I wanted to do it. And then the series was picked up. So what was interesting was to not know which way the story was heading. I said to Jon, “What happens to him?” He said, “I can’t tell you.” So I said, “What happens next week?” And he said, “I won’t tell you.” They sent me the script and I think, “Oh, this is interesting.” So each week I got a new script every 10 days let’s say, and they [blacked] out a lot of lines. So as a condition I said, “Look, it’s not that I don’t love it, but I always want to know the script inside out, backward and forward, so I can talk it in my sleep.”

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France, N & S Italy, Spain & Canada and their fav Halloween themed role play or spicy costumes for the bedroom?

France/Francis Bonnefoy- Cop and a bad, bad convict. Complete with handcuffs and a very nice frisking. 

Italy/Feliciano Vargas- Not that into role play. 

Romano/Lovino Vargas- Robber and the helpless victim home alone.

Spain/Antonio Fernandez Carriedo- Pirate and tavern server.

Canada/Matthew Williams- Might like french maid and boss, but he wouldn’t survive seeing it play out.

I have the distinct pleasure of working with kids on Saturdays in an outdoor forest setting. During a star wars themed role play a child who identifies as a girl talked to me if she could join. I said of course! And what character would she want to play? She immediately replied with “Rey”. With this she and I went scouting for pine cones (need grenades after all), during this scouting her favorite female characters came up. After a bit, she turned to me and said that she loved more fighty female characters as they are powerful and “didn’t need a knight to save them, they could do it themselves”.

At the tender age of 8 she was speaking to me of the pressures she felt from the media to conform to a particular set of “female qualities” and wanting/needing to be more. This allowed her and I to have an amazing discussion on the power and amazing qualities that females and others of the gender spectrum have.

There needs to be more representation within the media of powerful people who just don’t identify as male. I have seen this in Labrador, Nunavut and here. People are waiting and looking for these characters, they are a big deal, they matter, and they do cause change.

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What is your favorite David Tennant role?

[ Ghostbusters theme plays in the background ]

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I was due exactly 9 months after Christmas 🙃🙃 on 25th Sep help I didn't want to know this

i like to think about my parents doing halloween themed role play

Hiya, folks! I’m pleased to say that we’ve released several important updates that we are convinced will drastically improve user experience. Be sure to click around to admire our completely warranted and not at all arbitrary changes! In short, we were worried that the fantasy role-playing-game theme was getting somewhat overplayed, so we’ve decided unanimously to take the app in a different, more nutritious direction.

After all, talking vegetables NEVER get old.

Cut footage/episodes from Gravity Falls

From Matt Braly (storyboarder and other things on the show): The original ending to Blendin’s Game- “The original script had the kids use the time wish to bring Soos’s son from the future to meet his father and let him know that he grows up to be an amazing dad.  It was very emotionally potent but we ultimately felt it came too far out of left field and robbed Soos of making a big choice for himself at the end.  “

Cut Epsiodes/Epsiode ideas- There was a cut episode from season 1 where Stan took the kids camping only to be hunted by some crazy monster hunter guy.

Another cut episode starred two annoying shining-esque blonde psychic twins.   

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every time I see "Homebrew" I read Hebrew and I keep thinking of like old testimate D&D like Moses as an invoker or something.

There are like one or two (that I know of) bible themed role playing games.  The only one I remember the name of is Testament. Which is based in d20.  So if you’re looking to flesh out your Bible AU with your friends or simply want to role play one of Jesus’ disciples here’s your chance.

"Ih is the most developed ship in the series" (¬▂¬)

i thought i’m out of fuel bc i have expended all that energy grieving dramatically over ukitake’s death and the atrocity that was ch685, but no. NO ONE agreed with me about ch685, how i hated everything from ukitake’s undeserved death, renji’s ugly braids, rukia’s ugly mullet which aizen and tatsuki had worn before, but i don’t care. I DONT CARE

I didnt think i could say any more shit about this manga and its fandom but i saw an enormous wall of vomit from an ih fan on how their boat is the “most developed ship in the series”

…..This is such a daring fib, it simply beggars belief. I KNOW that the majority of shippers in this dastardly fandom are all after ichigo’s king oyster mushroom, but surely, u do understand that your “ih ship” doesnt have a single role in any of the “rain chapters”, which are so integral to the story? U do understand that the theme of destiny is also responsible for the marital union between isshin and masaki? That when u joked about aizen having orchestrated the encounter between ichigo and rukia, and that the ir ship is not meant to be developed, u were also ridiculing the chance meeting between ichigo’s parents, which was ~also~ orchestrated by aizen? Do u silly ih fans not realise any of this?

Your “ih ship” has neither a single foothold in the rain chapters, “memories in the rain 1″ and “memories in the rain 2″, given solely to ichigo and rukia, nor do you even have a role to play in the theme of destiny, nor in the sand and rotator “prologue” chapters, all of which talked about the perspectives of two souls from different worlds going through similar pains and experiences in the rain, whose lives are completely changed anew through their fateful encounter - an encounter that set off various events in the story. Holy fck this shit is so repetitive i am so sick of this already but the ir ship is kubo’s most fundamental pairing, his most well-established relationship. What does ih have? Ih has some gurl frolicking around in a titty dress, and spent some time fighting beside ichigo. That’s it. Idk mate, this dude spent 17 months with this gurl around and he was still hung up on rukia.

kubo has made a horrifying amount of bad decisions in his career and has a record of absolutely bad writing ( I CAN GO FOREVER ABOUT THE SHIT HE HAS DONE TO MY FAVES LIKE UKITAKE, GIN, AND KIRA ETC. ETC. FCKING BITTER FOREVER), but making ih canon would be the craziest and worst decision in the entire history of bleach. Worst decision, you ask? Yes, worst decision. As it was kubo himself, and NOT IR fans – he is the one who reminds people again and again that ichigo and rukia are the pillars of this story. Kubo sucks at writing an extensive shounen plot - yes he sucks - but philosophy, poetry, romanticism, parallelism are some basic shit he likes.

xxxhime has NO place in the theme of destiny and fate. She doesn’t belong in the rain chapters and she is negligible in the sand and rotator chapters. She couldn’t affect ichigo the way rukia could, she also knew she couldn’t affect him the way she herself wanted to. She has nothing except her so-called “love” for him. So-called? Bc up until the fb arc she became flustered while thinking he’s “so hot” when he invited her into his house. This “love” is so shallow. She has had no internal conflict or pain that needed to be resolved by ichigo, unlike ichigo and rukia - both of whom have torn down each other’s barriers and enabled the other to be free.

Kubo himself said he does whatever he likes. He had drawn tits and asses as he wished. He had drawn fcking boring espadas and sternritters as he wished. He had done EVERYTHING shit he pleased for 15 years and yet when it comes to IR, these mofrs ihs cry, “it is bc he was forced to do it!!!” If he had wanted to do origo, he would have given the rain chapters to xxxhime, not rukia. It is the easiest way to tie the connection between two souls. If he wanted to do origo, he would have shown his readers how important xxxhime is to ichigo. But he has never done it. Not once.

Speaking of how important xxxhime is to ichigo — in ch678 — this chapter is so fcking recent. ichigo was actually proven to have shown great despair during the moment rukia was taken away. it was ranked second to the incident when his mother died. If xxxhime had meant so much, then why not show the moment when he had to go save xxxhime? There is no excuse to show this so recently and have this whole manga gone down the gutter any further by having an ih ending.

i don’t know what is it about orgs that they have this ability to tune out noise they don’t want to hear, even though they really have nothing significant. they cling onto their titties and several chapters of panel time in this arc, which bloated their confidence. And irs can’t do that? irs can’t tune out noise they dont want to hear? blech isnt about ichigo and xxxhime. it is about ichigo and rukia. even if it is an open ending, the majority of japanese fans will take it as an ir ending. 

Srsly ih won’t be canon unless kubo has really gone off his rocker and is fcking mick jagger or whatever