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High School Rumble

And here we go again…

Yet another day of running from bullies trying to beat the crap out of you.

My names Hiccup, wonderful name I know. My family heritage traces back to Viking times where terrible names were meant to keep away gnomes and trolls.

Unfortunately for 2016, it just means an endless array of bad jokes and bullying material.

Oh, and speaking of bullying material, I am the most bullied kid at Burgess High School. But it’s to be expected right. A new kid transfers from overseas with a funny name and looking like a child, what could possibly go wrong…

In hindsight, a lot actually.

Everyday is a constant race to get away from the many jocks, bullies and punks that love to beat scrawny kids up; namely… me.


Things My Groupchat Has Said Starters
  • “…..oh god.”
  • “You both came in at a very interesting time.”
  • “But I also know martial arts, so that levels the playing field…”
  • “I don’t suffer for fashion. Fashion suffers for me.“
  • “I live to defy your orders of sleep.”
  • “I’m gonna run the fuck away as fast as I can from any spider.”
  • “The Triforce of Dickbutt.”
  • “But yeah I didn’t freak out too hardcore or anything.”
  • “Drown the fucker in bug spray and trap it under the can. That’s my method.”
  • “Sell some virgin blood to a pantheon of internet gods.“
  • “Anybody know how much postage for a jar of human blood costs?”
  • “I’m officially a lunch thief. Whoops!”
  • “Wait. You’re stealing lunch? WHY ARE YOU STEALING IT?”
  • “You are obviously a god among us puny mortals then.“
  • “I won’t yell.”
  • “How did your blog get even hotter?”
  • “I’ve been huntin’ monsters all day.”
  • “Actually I love lace in general.”
  • “I just need to get my life in order.”
  • “It’s like one of those movie scenes where you pull an irrational amount of weapons from your body.”
  • “My friend’s snake has dick patterns on either side of its head.”
  • “Oh my god I just spit all over my screen.”
  • “He had it in his toy stash underneath the couch.“
  • “I’ve been summoned…by the Dickbutt.”
  • “Hi welcome to Lesbians.”
  • “Is saying ‘gay for Sheik’ accurate if you’re a lady?”
  • “I moved one thing and everything fell.”
  • “One time I woke up and started drinking brandy.”
  • “I had a weird dream that combined Warcraft and Legend of Zelda.”
  • “Dudebros don’t have logic.”
  • “Well I guess I’ll go fuck myself then.“
  • “Dammit where did I put the thing?!”
  • “I kind of wanna just….set someone on fire.”
  • “Get more spicy.“
  • “Not too much spicy.”
  • “We started out complaining about racist shitheads and then it just sort of shifted to lesbians.”
  • “What’s a bralette? It sounds adorable. I want twelve.”
  • “Fuck genetics.”
  • “Do I want to possibly cry is the question.”
  • “I accidentally sprayed ketchup all over my computer.”
  • “I don’t even know why I have ketchup in my hands. I have no food to put this ketchup on.”
  • “I’mma smack my fellow writers right in the dick.”
  • “I’d just walk into the fire and accept my fate. We can walk together.”
  • “That dog was one of satan’s pubic hairs, I swear.”
  • “You don’t even know how Brazilians would handle apocalypse. We would joke about it. And die.”
  • “I’ve done everything from hiking to wrangling sheep in heels.”
  • “That’s the kind of non-discriminatory violence I like to see.”
whispers, sentence meme

contains everything and nothing, angst and fluff to your desire. interpret the sentences the way you feel and see them, that is all. triggers might occur , be aware

  • “I… really don’t know how to feel about this.”
  • “How come it always ends like this –?”
  • “Did I say you could talk?”
  • “Honestly — ?”
  • “No. I am — for once — not okay, and do you know that? That’s fine. It’s all f i n e. Just — Fine.”
  • “Do you THINK I enjoy doing this to you!?”
  • “Do you THINK I enjoy doing this to myself!?”
  • “You haven’t said anything for a while… ?”
  • “I’m not sure if I want to wake up tomorrow.” 
  • “It’s not just — that, it’s — everything. Everything is a little painful, even breathing is a little too much every now and then… I don’t think I’m okay anymore.”
  • “I don’t think —- I’m okay anymore.” 
  • “Hey… honest talk — what are we, really?”
  • “If I could take it all back —- I think I would.”
  • “And so she/they/him came to hate me.”
  • “I haven’t seen them for so long —- I miss them.”
  • “I haven’t seen them for so long —- It’s better this way.”
  • “Why can’t you leave me alone?!”
  • “It’s nothing romantic —– I… think?”
  • “Why would I show you my instagram search???”
  • “No you can’t have my snapchat. I have said so fifty times.”
  • “—- I-Is that thunder??? Please don’t tell me that’s thunder —-”

I’m pleased to announce the start of something new! 

I’m under taking a new project to help better connect the wide array of tumblr users.

This form is open to any FFXIV player or FFXIV Free Company, but is directed at Role Players. I want to help blogs that are just starting off or those that are not on a highly populated server find what they are looking for.

If you don’t wish to click the image above, you can access the form here {x}

I currently have a form and spreadsheet set up. However I plan on creating a directory tumblr, featuring icons and the information given in the form, and sorted by world for easy access. 

My goal is simply to create an organized list available to everyone.

Please help me in reblogging this and sharing this link.

Data Base can be viewed here!

Official Blog can be found here! Links to enter, Links to view Data Base, and Images to share can be found here.