role 63

Mercer: Alright, so what are you guys doing now?

Travis as Grog, dejected: Being disappointed.

Everyone: *pitying laughter*

Taliesin, teasing: Do you have to roll for that?

Travis, with a sour look: *rolls the die*

Mercer, as the die falls to the table: Disadvantage-

Laura, jokingly: Natural 20

The die: *is actually a natural 20*

Raven Queen Moments

Thanks to @shalizeh7 for the art!

cipherponyjinx asked: How many times has Vax interacted with the Raven Queen and when?                                                                                               Anonymous asked: Given the revelation that Vax is now multiclassing as a paladin, can we get a list of all the Raven Queen moments?

Thank you to Andrew C., Dan R., David T., Fletch, icecream-s-coops, @jeritchie3, @melissamelrita, @mrsgoodreaver, Olivia A., and Rosie-lostbetweenthepages for their help compiling this list!

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(My ideas on what could have happened if Vex didn’t release that arrow. Spoilers for episode 63, obviously.)

“My heart is someone else’s.” Vex’ahlia said, and did not draw her bow. She just looked at him, looming before them. Her fingers twitched for a moment, but she stilled them.

Saundor didn’t speak for a long moment. His strange yellow eyes narrowed at her. “All I ask is for one who understands me.”

“You asked for my heart. You can’t have it.” Her voice strained slightly, masking the shake her companions heard anyway. “You say we are the same. So you should know about me. I never take the first offer.”

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I don’t get how this show can still surprise me like that. It’s friggin’ magic.

The gut-punch of Sondor’s diatribe against Vex, the isolation of that moment in the dead-silence of the rest of the group, the barbs aimed squarely at every insecurity in her character (and a couple more meta-barbs aimed at the things the internet tends to go after her for), and there’s the look on Laura’s face for a moment where you know some part of her is considering it, where you know she’s the only one of them who would take this to heart at that level. And then he tells her she’s needlessly putting her friends in danger and she breaks through and takes that shot, with no prompting from anyone else, and her friends are all instantly supportive.

So much great imagery there, too–heck, it’s those enduring echoes of the Earthbreaker Groon fight: “Where do you find your strength?” “In my friends.” Keyleth and Percy cheerfully mocking Sondor’s theatrics, Vax and Grog physically interposing themselves between him and Vex, Scanlan pulling her back from the brink… and Vex drawing them all together and finding a new balance in her frustration and defiance. She never used her broom or Trinket in that fight. It was just her and the bow, feet planted firmly on the ground. Break it down, build it back up from scratch.

There’s just so much love and support in this group, it’s absurd, it’s the sort of thing that’s almost too painfully sincere. And there’s three hours of it every week. That’s ridiculous. It’s almost 3AM and I am just really happy.


Adjoa Andoh as Thranduil Elvenking—a Sindar Elf,  ruler of the Silvan Elves of Mirkwood, Thranduil was daughter of Oropher and mother of Laegoleth Greenleaf, one of the Fellowship.

During the War of the Ring, Thranduil led her people in withstanding many attacks by Sauron, finally joining with Celeborn’s forces to destroy Dol Guldur and cleanse Mirkwood of Sauron’s taint of evil.

(part of the series YOU LOOK UPON A WOMAN, a project which reimagines Lord of the Rings with a cast of women of color)