I decided to have a rummage around my mums old clothes to see what items she has, that we would probably see on the high-street today. I decided to style them, but unfortunately i couldn’t find a model, so i took it into my own hands. 

The red and black jacket is from “Roland Klein” who is a british fashion designer. which she purchased in 1988.

The pastel flower shirt is from “Bennetton” which is a italian label. which she also got in the 1980s.

Both items, you would very much see today in high street brands such as Topshop, Zara, Village Bicycle etc. 

I sometimes find it lucky that my mum didn’t chuck any of her old clothes away, its as though she knew that her children may need it haha, but then again i think she just wanted to keep them for herself seeing as there not always easy to sneak away.