roland taverner

Love is Strength

My hopes for Regina. A reaction fic that isn’t an easy fix-it but should at least put some cooling balm on the wounds. Edit after writing: Okay so maybe it ends up being fix-it, but you have to work for it.

She finds her way to a back corner, away from everyone, where she can hide. The last time she stood here, it was because Henry had looked right through her, and as a mother she wants to think that that was worse. But it wasn’t, because she had known she could get his memories back, had known deep down it would be okay, and right now everything is the opposite of okay. Right now, she can hardly breathe because she’s afraid that if she does, sobs will wrack her body so hard she’ll fall apart. She’s holding herself up against the wall, barely, with one weak hand.

Villains don’t get happy endings, echoes in her head and she wants to hit herself, pound that phrase out until there’s nothing in her mind, and it’s blank, empty, etherized, gone. It makes sense, she thinks. He’ll get the happy ending he was supposed to. She’ll not have ruined his life by running away from that tavern. Roland will have his real mother. 

But a small part of her, the part these short…God has it only been weeks?…weeks with him have brought out knows he would tell her not to think like that, to give herself a second chance. But it’s hard, too hard, she can’t breathe, and she slides down the wall with her head in her hands, and makes the mistake of glancing down the hallway to where he’d said that to her, where he’d held her close and made her think that maybe, just maybe, she’d earned a second chance at happiness. And the sobs start in earnest.


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