roland jacket


One-shot in which Roland stays behind in Storybrooke to give Regina the piece of his father’s arrow. Written for the Satan Squad. @the-notsoevil-queen, @ginaandrobbie, @storiesseldomtold, @captain-saviours-heart, @flyingbluebirds, @bellesregal, @technicallypsychiccupcake, @waltermills, @theonewithoutaclue, @spiral-nebula, @evilregalsworldwide, @dee-thequeenbee, @madjeknotts, @walt-of-misthaven, @ofbooksandparamore, @agntpegcarter, @anxiousandobsessive

Regina stood at the bar in Granny’s Diner, exhausted from the journey back to Storybrooke. She heard the door fling open and almost immediately felt a little tug on her jacket.

“Roland!” She bent down and scooped him up in her arms. His soft curls in her face. She was so happy that he was here, that she could still cuddle him and still have a part of Robin to keep a hold of. Everytime she saw his little face she felt her heart light up with happiness. He looked so much like his father.

“Regina! I found this for you!” Roland reached into his coat pocket and pulled out the feather that was once attached to one of Robin’s arrows. His ‘favourite arrow’ as Robin had called it.

“Papa would have wanted you to have this” Roland opened his hand and Regina looked at the object, at first unsure of what it was. She took the little feather and stroked it in her hand. “Thank you, Roland. But don’t you want to keep it?”

“No it’s for you! Papa said it reminded him of you. He kept it from the arrow that he shot at you” Roland smiled. “He always laughed about it”

Regina stood motionless. Breathless. Completely taken aback by what she was hearing. Robin had kept part of the arrow that he shot at her when they first met in Storybrooke. He had kept it to remind him of her. Regina began to sob then, overwhelmed with love, happiness and grief for the man she had lost. She held Roland’s hand. “It’s beautiful sweetheart, thank you so much. I will hold on to it forever.”

Regina looked down at the feather and held it to her face. It smelt just like him. It smelt of forest. Regina smiled and whispered “Who knew you were so sentimental.” She closed her eyes and held the feather to her heart. She took a deep breath in and thought about how much she loved Robin. How much she loved her thief. And in that moment, Regina knew she would get through this.