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68 dimples queen. Hero

She slipped as quietly as was possible into the classroom, even having forgone her usual pair of heels for today, in time to hear a child finishing up on their ‘my hero is’ speech at the front of the class, eyes down upon the paper in her hands and sentences broken but still so very adorable as she spoke of her hero, her dog Tramp. Roland had staked his claim on Henry the very moment he’d been given the assignment, so very excited to have been given a ‘big boy task’ that it had been hard not to “aw” at him every time he’d pulled Henry away into his room in order to work on it. She knew the boy wanted to keep it a surprise for his father, already sure that Robin would be his hero for he had raised him his whole life, was one of the very bravest and kindest of men and an absolutely exceptional father both to his own son and to Henry (though he understood that the boy couldn’t label him as such out of respect for Neal, Henry had still told him that he thought of him as another father just as he did with both Regina and Emma being his mothers) so she had merely chuckled affectionately at them and kept Robin utterly distracted for the hour or more that they’d have alone together.

Mary Margaret gave a small little wave when she noticed her presence in the room, the movement catching Roland’s eye as he turned his head, his bottom parked firmly on the classroom floor in the circle the children had formed and the smile on his face so wide his eyes were barely visible. She only kept him from crying out in his excitement with a finger pressed against her own beaming smile before she was indicating with a tilt of her head for him to turn back around and concentrate on his classmate. He did so with a quick nod, smile still in place, and a bounce of his curls as he turned around. She laughed gently at him before allowing herself to lean back against the wall and completely ignore the stares of the other parents situated on the back row of chairs who’d taken it upon themselves to gape at her. No longer were their stares fearful or threatening but all the same, she enjoyed the anonymity far more than the infamy.

All clapped as the young girl finished up with one more exclamation of love for her dog, its picture placed upon the whiteboard behind her, and a smile filled with missing baby teeth. Regina felt the tug at her uterus and sighed at the thought of having a baby with Robin, another child to love that she could carry within her or, perhaps, adopt again as she did Henry and, in a way, Roland. It was certainly something to think about, something she’d been thinking about for a while now…

She was pulled from her contemplations by the feel of a hand pressing against the small of her back, she startled a little but was instantly comforted when she turned her face to find Robin beside her, his smile warm and eyes loving as she leaned forward to greet him with a chaste, but no less passionate, kiss. Both smiled as they pulled away, unable to talk at all for Roland was being called up to the front with, thankfully, rapturous and encouraging applause. She was always worried how other children (and their parents) treated the child of the man whose soulmate was the once Evil Queen (thanks to the town’s gossip mill, the story of Regina and Robin was something of common knowledge these days) but it seemed the littlest Merry Man was as highly revered as his father and, in Roland’s words, his big “brudda”.

She shifted in place when she felt Robin’s hand sliding against the small of her back over her cardigan, his palm coming to rest over her hip as he moved closer to her, encouraging her to move a little in front of him in order to lean back and against him, allowing him to rest his chin upon her shoulder as Roland began his speech. Her hand tightened over his on her hip just as he turned his head to press a tender kiss to her neck.

“My hero,” Roland began, turning to look at Mary Margaret when she called softly to him, telling him something that they couldn’t hear as Roland nodded and turned back to face everyone, a little shy but so very brave for his young age as he repeated a little louder (it seemed she’d asked him to speak up) “my hero,” and then his eyes fell upon his father and Regina as he said “is Regina, my Mama.”

Her mouth dropped open at that, tears instantly stinging at her eyes as Roland smiled widely at her, Mary Margaret’s just as wide behind him as a few parents turned once again to look at her and had she been able to do anything other than stare frozen in shock at Roland still beaming at her, she would’ve noticed their small smiles at her reaction but she couldn’t for she was completely and utterly speechless.

Both of Robin’s hands moved to wind around her waist, shifting her once more so she stood completely in front of him and he could tilt her back to lean against his chest again as he whispered “surely you knew he would choose you m’lady?” and when she could only laugh wetly and shake her head against him as Roland began to elaborate on his choice, Robin whispered into her ear “you have had quite the effect on us Locksley men Regina,” he pressed a kiss to her neck once more, “and you’re my hero too.”