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UFC 174 Free Fight: Roland Delorme vs. Nick Denis

Just when I was missing the Ninja of Love. Easily one of the most overlooked fights of 2012. Absolutely crazy.

Delorme will be back in the cage this week after losing a split decision to Alex Caceres last September. He’ll welcome Japanese bantamweight Michinori Tanaka to the UFC on the Fight Pass prelims this Saturday (June 14th) at UFC 174.

Tanaka dominates Delorme.

Gets the UD and improves to 10-0.

Showed fantastic hips on the ground. Was never in real danger, was able to pass, and had a fantastic pass in the 3rd after Delorme tried to elevate him. Even landed some awesome elbows and GnP. His timing on his takedowns were a bit off and he shot from out of range a couple times, but he showed a lot of savy in the clinch. Wasn’t a terribly exciting match but a good debut for Tanaka. Outside of a sweep in the 3rd, I don’t think Delorme did much besides escape to guard.

Next set of prelims start at 8pm ET but they’ll be on FX, NOT FS1.

Even for someone that’s as easy to please as myself, the Auckland card is lackluster. There are only 3 or 4 fights that jump out at me.

Anyway, Tanaka vs Delorme is up next. Delorme is a tough fight for Tanaka. He’s one of the toughest guys at bantamweight and a tricky grappler. Tanaka has been known to get sloppy. Should be interesting.