roland bishop


Tupac's best moment on film. 
Bishop: Fuckin' Radames. We ain't shit.Q: Man, what's your problem?Bishop: You're my fuckin' problem!People sweat us on the street, and you don't evengive a fuck.Raheem: I think you'reexaggerating. Bishop: That's bullshit, man!We run from the cops,we run from Radames,We run fromsecurity guards,we run from Old Man Quilesand his bullshit storewhen he comewith that bullshit gun.All we dois fuckin' run!I feel like I'm onthe god damn track team.I'm serious!What's the matter,Raheem?Nothin' to say?you know I'm right.In your heart,you know I'm right.    Q: Yo, big man! Ifyou wantrespect, you gotta earn it. Bishop: You damn right! You gotta be ready throw down,stand up,and die for that shitlike Blizzard didif you want some juice.    Q: Blizzard? Blizzard ain'tstickin' up to nothin' now. Bishop: That's 'cause we wasn't thereto back him up!    Q: If we was there--There'd be five dead niggasinstead of one!You ain't sayin' nothin' now,right, big man?    Bishop: I never thoughtI'd see the dayYou’d talk like a punk. Q: Fuckyou, man!    Raheem: Yo, chill!                       Bishop: Fuck chill!Check yourself, Q.You gottasnatch some collarsmotherfuckers knowyou're thereto take them outanytime youfeel like it.beneath your feet,get the windbehind your back, and
go out in a blaze.Otherwise you ain't shit.You might as well be deadyour damn yourself.                       Q: You tryin' to tell meI ain't shit? Bishop: I ain't tryin'to tell you shit. I'll tell your mamayou ain't shit. Q: Yo, man, whatare we fightin' for?    Bishop: I don't know, nigga.You ready to die? Q: You're fucked up, man. Bishop: Don't turn your fuckin'back on me, nigga!