Another week of tales of zestiria videos completed. This final part for the week is mostly just random exploration around rolance before I enter the mighty capital of Pendarago. Check it out at and let me know what you think of my newly outfitted team and if you haven’t seen any of the let’s plays yet you can check out the full playlist at

Verse: Lands Blessed by Seraphim

Verse: Zestiria verse/crossover AU
Tag: AU: Passion illuminates the world
Faceclaim: default

Description: Though not a member of it’s direct lineage, Richard is a member of the royal family who lives in Pendrago. Second cousin to the late emperor’s fallen sons, he has watched the struggle for the throne claim many of his relatives. His uncle and father both work as members of court in the palace, though Cedric manages much of his father’s duties while he is often ill. Above all else Richard wishes to see peace between Rolance and Hyland and a bright future for the kingdom but the struggles of impending war, fights over the throne and frequent attempts on his life cause malevolence to begin to gather about him.

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Send me “alt!” and I’ll introduce you to a character I’ve rped in the past, want to play in the future or are currently playing somewhere else!

      "So, sounds like what you need is a good gun hand.” he offered, smiling. “Nothing I can’t manage. ‘Course it’s not free but… you can pay in installments. I’m patient.” And strangely he was. This guy seemed like he really needed the help; him and his friends were absolutely in need of good help. And he was plenty willing to offer. After all, couldn’t leave a guy in the lurch; if someone needed help, he’d offer. It was only fair.

      Though his advantage was in that area. It was hard to get into Rolance without purpose nowadays; and with Sorey’s little lady there had a pass with her connection to the Sparrow Feathers. With that… Yashalle… her medicine was more plentiful in the Meadow of Triumph. If Twitch could get there, just for a few minutes–… they’d be set. That was payment enough.

OC ||Twitch Hermes Rindeloux

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« (Rather how many.)

does your character speak another language?

              a resounding yes! 
              the simple answer to this question is two languages in all.

              as far as we know, there are only two languages on the glenwood continent. the modern day language that was brought about in order to unite the two countries of hyland & rolance, still in practice to the present day is one. but most prominently, sorey can not only read, but speak the language referred to as the ancient tongue’ – one that existed in a time when involvement between humans & seraphim ran deep.

              it’s revealed that he’s mostly self-taught, so his knowledge is pretty rustic in that sense.

              the ancient tongue can be seen on inscriptions relating to the shepherd as well as numerous monoliths found throughout the game. thus: i can sense the ancient tongue! these guideposts to fellow travelers contain invaluable information on various artes, battle actions & includes skills that pertain to the seraphim { it’s basically a help-mate in the game, but how cool is it that these monoliths also represent that ancient time when humans & seraphim worked together? further evidence that supports the age-old stories } – there are also inscriptions in relation to divine artifacts, that being seen when they come across the ceremonial bow in the galahad ruins.

              based on that fact, how could he not feel inspired to learn this precious language when it would allow him to further his knowledge in accordance with the shepherd tales? having grown up with seraphim, it just makes sense to learn this language in which their true names are based. that, paired with his natural affinity for all things historical-humans-seraphim–shepherd-celestial record related, just drives that inspiration further. it’s also the language in which the shepherd can bestow a true name upon someone who’s willing to make the squire’s pact.

              ex. fethmus mioma • hephsin yulind • lukeim yurlin • luzrov rulay
              melphis amekia • wilkis wilk.

Full Name: Sergei Strelka

Gender and Sexaulity: Male, Demisexual

Pronouns: He/him

Ethnicity/Species: Rolance Imperial/Human

Birthplace and Birthdate: Pendrago, Rolance, February 20th

Guilty Pleasures: Poetry, Cute animals

Phobias: A form of Thanatophobia (fear of death or dying), rather Sergei doesn’t fear dying, but someone he cares about dying.

What Would They Be Famous For:

As a knight in the Rolance Empire and a son of the Noble House of Strelka, Sergei has a lot to live up to in the eyes of the Empire. Well known among the ranks of the Imperial Forces, many often look up to Sergei as a role model on how a Knight should aspire to become.

What Have They/Would They Have Gotten Arrested For:

Sergei rarely breaks any rules, always following the law and the knight’s code of chivalry, but if he were to get arrested for something, it would be for disobeying orders, instead following what his heart tells him to do. In this case, it would likely be protecting the people or a close friend/family.

Character(s) You Ship Them With: Alisha Diphda (so far, she comes the closest to me shipping something heavily with Sergei, otherwise, I have crackships I’d rather not name out loud).

Character(s) Most Likely to Murder Them: Cardinal Forton (If Sergei went with Sorey for that one particular quest, he likely would not have survived). Also Helions.

Favorite Book Genre: Romance

Least Favorite Book Cliche: Damsel-in-Distress

Talents and/or Powers:

  • Swordsmanship
  • Charisma

Why Someone Might Love Them:

Aside for being an adorkable cinnamon roll of a knight whom I, at first, thought was intimidating as frick, Sergei’s gentle personality can eaily warm the hearts of others around him.

Why Someone Might Hate Them:

Knights often make enemies from the opposing side, whether it be in battle or off the battle. Perhaps some people don’t agree with his way of thinking, and perhaps there are those who don’t agree with his involvement in ending the war. Whatever the case, there will always be someone that would want him dead.

How They Change:

Sergei hardly changed, remaining true to his self tot he very end. He is a kind-hearted individual to the core willing to help those in need.

Why You Love Them:

His personality, his looks, his fighting style. Heck, his Japanese VA is one of my favorite voice actors in history. The fact that he has so little information gives me room to play around with and meld a story into his character.