Kingmaker chapter 1-2 in-betweens. Read right to left.

Mikleo wears blue for a reason, and this is where he got his clothes. Sorey’s personal color is blue despite the Rolance Empire’s emphasis on red. As he’s there because of Sorey, this is Mikleo’s way of displaying whose creature he is

(Aka his own. Sorey owns nothing of him, but it’s what people want to see.)

Art by me
Writing by @bloomingednae

Artist note: The inspiration and reference for future Pendrago was Lindblum from FFIX! But uh I was racing against time to draw it so :’D

Day 4: Pendrago (Loss/Protection)

If I cross that bridge, will this world smile at us?
There is no clear answer for us yet, but we can surely believe in it.
           ~ Calling - fhana

“Up here again?”

Sorey opened his eyes to see Mikleo taking a seat right next to him, carrying a small bag of fruit and placing it in between the both of them. Sorey was lying on his back, arms folded behind his head with his eyes towards the sky. He glanced at Mikleo for a second and laid back once more, nodding while doing so.

“Yeah. It’s quiet from the crowds.”

Mikleo hummed in agreement and took an apple out of the bag, biting it down as he stared out into the city below.

“Pendrago is certainly different from the city you once knew.”

Sorey gave a small laugh in agreement. “Completely different. Only the architecture felt familiar; and the location of the plaza fountain and church.”

Mikleo nodded in agreement. Without looking back at Sorey, his eyes scanned the city below, its inhabitants filling the streets and shops like another normal day. They both arrived in the city three days ago and had been exploring the city’s common areas and most recent news, all the while Mikleo providing Sorey information from long ago. During the first day, it was evident to Mikleo that Sorey was quite overwhelmed; his expression was distant and his smile felt even further. Though seraphs did not need sleep, Mikleo noticed that Sorey went to sleep that night fully. He thought he should be concerned, but the past two days, Sorey was back in his bright mood, absorbing information left and right.

Today was their last day, and they were to head out again first thing tomorrow morning. It was early afternoon and with the two of them finished observing everything they needed, they decided to take the rest of the day off because it would be too late to depart to the next area. Sorey had been particularly taken to a high balcony spot that overlooked the city; however, it was in the shade of the buildings, away from the eyes of the crowd. He had glanced at it for a moment on their first day, Mikleo noticed, but continued to walk on. Everyday since then, Mikleo found him in the same spot, silent and unmoving.

Looking up, Mikleo noticed one of the aircrafts flying low in the sky near them and turned to look at Sorey; and it was in that moment that he saw an expression of Sorey’s that he thought he would never see again since the first time he witnessed it.

Sorey’s typically bright eyes were dulled and passive; they were clearly focused on the hovering air craft, but his eyes were unmoving, lips slightly parted, and face completely flat. It was an expression that once scared Mikleo and it was an expression that he saw only once, after that one particular event they had encountered long ago in the very same city-

Mikleo cleared his throat and spoke softly as to not frighten Sorey. “It’s a technology the humans created. It uses the wind currents in the sky as well as the propeller blades to guide the aircraft wherever needed. Came into production about 100 years ago by a merchant trader who thought trading would be much faster with such a device. Now they’re all popular all around the Rolance Empire, though Hyland has not quite developed it into their country yet, mostly because trade is going well in Hyland already by foot.”

The sound of Mikleo’s voice jolted Sorey out of the spell, and he glanced at Mikleo. “Doesn’t it seem to be a bit much?”

Mikleo shrugged. “Maybe. But the humans found it useful and it is quite resourceful. I haven’t heard any ill-practice when using the aircrafts, though Morgrim finds them a bit ridiculous from time to time. She sees the implications of its uses, though.”

Sorey merely hummed in understanding as he turned his eyes to the sky again. The aircraft had gone and left, and his eyes focused instead on the clouds that floated by. The sounds of the bustling city was slowly increasing as it was beginning to be the middle of the afternoon, a time when everyone was getting off work. The hums bounced off the building walls that surrounded them, an ambient noise that filled the silence between the two.

Mikleo said nothing as they sat. It did sometimes frighten him when Sorey wouldn’t open up, but he’s learned through the years to just be patient and understanding. Mikleo took the last bite of his apple and placed the core on the opposite side of the gap between he and Sorey when Sorey suddenly sighed.

“This is probably the best spot where I can feel the wind, too.”

Mikleo’s stomach churned, the feelings from long ago resurfacing slowly once more. While that night was nearly 900 years ago, it still felt fresh in his mind; he could only imagine how Sorey felt about remembering it in this city, only to see the city’s layout to be completely different.

Except the church and the fountain, he had stated. The two key locations which that night had major events occur.

Mikleo propped up one leg on the balcony, the other still hanging and he leaned forward. It was a topic neither of them had revisited with each other since that night and hearing it now gave him chills. He heard Sorey shifting around and suddenly he sat up next to Mikleo, staring at the crowds below.

“Sometimes I just can’t help but think, you know? How things would have been different. And how I could have done more to help.”

Sorey folded his hands in his lap, never making eye contact with Mikleo. Mikleo on the other hand, took a quick glance at Sorey and looked away, taking a deep breath and exhaling before speaking.

“Idiot. What kind of Shepherd are you if you can’t even be sure of your own Answer?”

Sorey looked at Mikleo in a quizzical way, who cleared his throat and looked away.

“…sorry. I just felt like Rose would have said something like that if she heard you moping like this right now.”

Sorey noticeably flinched at the sound of Rose’s name, and Mikleo shook his head in order to clarify.

“What I mean is…you did as much as you could at the time. We all didn’t see what happened coming at us; when Dezel broke the contract, Lailah was just as shocked as the rest of us.”

He began to notice Sorey’s expression form into a painful one, and his eyes lowered.

“But I’m the one that pulled the trigger-“

“Yes, you pulled the trigger on Siegfried,” Mikleo interjected. “Yes, Dezel severed the link between the hellion and Rose. And yes, it was you who sent Dezel in there in which we never saw him again after that.”

Mikleo breathed in and exhaled. Coming to terms of what happened that night was much harder than he anticipated and he felt himself almost shaking. Slowly, he placed his hand on top of Sorey’s, gently squeezing them as he did so.

“What I’m saying is that….in that moment, Dezel knew what he was doing. He was sure of his actions. He did all of that in order to protect Rose.

“Sorey,” Mikleo continued, “in that moment, Dezel trusted you with not just his own life, but Rose’s as well. While he knew you would be in pain, he also knew you were strong enough to take what would happen, and that you would be able to pick yourself up in the aftermath.”

“As Shepherd and as his friend…he saw you as the person who would protect not just your own ideals, but his own, and that included saving Rose in that moment, even if it meant losing his own life.”

Mikleo paused, noticing Sorey had gone quiet for some time. Sorey’s eyes were towards the city, but they showed no focus at all, merely listening to Mikleo’s words. He continued, giving one more reassuring squeeze to Sorey’s hand while doing so.

“And the reason why he trusted you with all this is because he knew you would be the one person to understand his point of view.”

Sorey locked eyes with Mikleo in that moment; slowly but surely, his eyes began to show signs of him connecting the pieces slowly and Mikleo continued.

“If that were both of us in that very position, he knew that we would have done the same thing in a heartbeat. Dezel had a will and determination to protect Rose in the same way I had then, and have now, the loyalty and love to protect you. The bond between human and seraph was a bond that he knew we understood very well; therefore, he entrusted everything, including his Answer, to you, knowing that you were both understanding and strong enough to hold yourself up.”

“Sometimes protecting the thing you treasure most results in the loss of something of equal or more value; however, there’s always a silver lining in everything that happens in the end, and that includes this very same situation.”

As Mikleo concluded, Sorey’s eyes had welled up, but he slowly began to show signs of understanding the situation and realizing the intentions of his late seraph and squire. Mikleo’s hand was still on top of his and Sorey turned his palm face up in order to intertwine his fingers with Mikleo. The silence between the two continued, until he heard Mikleo breathe in once again.

“Hey, I thought you had good to do in the world! Keep mopin’ and cryin’, and I’ll chain you up so tight you can’t even breathe!”

Sorey’s eyes shot up to look at Mikleo, who had his head held high, eyes towards the sky. When he noticed Sorey was staring at him, he smiled at him.

“In the most Rose-fashion I could ever imitate, make sure to engrave that specific message of Dezel’s in your heart and you better remember it or else you’ll get a good ass-kicking from the both of them,” Mikleo remarked.

The corners of Sorey’s lips began to form into a small smile before it turned into a full hearted laughter, causing Mikleo to flush red. He continued to laugh until Mikleo squeezed Sorey’s hand in a way that Sorey understood it to be slightly irritated, and he looked up at him while wiping away laughter tears.

“I’m no Rose or Dezel, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to make fun of me that much,” he said, rolling his eyes.

Sorey breathed in and exhaled, releasing the rest of the laughter in his system. “Sorry, sorry, it’s just…you must have hung out with Rose quite a lot, huh?”

Mikleo chuckled and nodded. “You wouldn’t even believe. Had us working to the bone until she passed; and even then, it was hard work to get up to the hill she ordered and demanded she be buried at the top of.”

Mikleo paused and he sighed, nostalgia filling his eyes. “She said she felt the wind the most in that very spot.”

Sorey nodded in understanding. It was so very much like Rose to always have a deeper meaning behind every single action.

He gave a small laugh, though, at the thought that Rose also found a spot where she felt the wind the most. Sorey took a quick look at the bag that Mikleo brought and noticed that there was a smaller bag within it. He gave a nod towards it, his eyes still locked on the bag, because he could’ve sworn it looked like…

“Hey Mikleo, what’s in the bag other than fruit?”

“Hm?” Mikleo reached into the bag and fished out small parchment paper. “Oh, this? I was planning on writing a couple of letters to some individuals later tonight before we leave this town.”

Sorey glanced at the paper, suddenly remembering Lailah’s words:

“…sometimes they send a paper boat down a river, imbued with a remembrance of their lost one so that it may reach them. Since Dezel was a wind seraph, I thought maybe a bird that soars through the air would be more fitting.”

He took one of the papers and unwinded his hand from Mikleo’s. “Do you think I could use one of these? …I’d like to make a paper crane and let it fly from this very spot.”

Mikleo smiled, taking one of the papers into his own lap. “In that case, I’ll make one for Rose, too. Let’s let them fly together, once we’ve finished.”

Sorey nodded. “Okay.”

There was another moment of silence as the both of them folded the papers into two paper cranes, each one complimenting the other. Unbeknownst to them, the wind around them began to pick up slowly, a warm breeze enveloping them both like a small embrace. It wasn’t until Mikleo looked up at Sorey where he felt his ponytail pick up in the wind and realized that Sorey was right; the wind was best felt in this very spot.

As soon as Sorey was finished with his crane, Mikleo picked his up and readied his crane to be let go into the wind. Glancing at Sorey, he nodded.

“Are you ready?”

Sorey nodded. Both of them let the cranes go at the same time and watched as the wind lifted both the cranes up into the sky, both intertwining and flying together side by side. Maybe it was the afternoon weather or Sorey and Mikleo’s imagination, but they watched as the cranes continued to float gracefully down to the ground, playfully moving about as if they were being guided, and eventually disappearing out of sight near a garden below. He smiled and gave a small laugh as the wind around he and Mikleo began to pick up again, this time much warmer with the faint scent of rose petals.

At the end of this journey,
We will understand the meaning of our calling.

heyo! i’ve done some more zestiria world guidance translations, this time of the world timeline page. it includes the names of the eras, their timespan (some don’t have one), and main details about the events of that era. the page had the ‘main events’ column, and then another column out to the side for most of them with more details about it, so i’ve separated those with “//”. i only know a few of the localized terms for these names, so most of these are translated straight from the japanese version. if you know any of the localized terms for these things, feel free to pm me them and i’ll fix it!

also please be aware this contains major spoilers, so don’t read this unless you’ve finished the entire game. it’s under the cut!

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a langst haiku

everyone left him

dude, he just wanted some love

not the bad roLance


Last low effort doodles for today (and possibly a few days) now. Real life threatens to call me back.
 Have quick ’n ugly designs sketches for Little Mermaid AU!Alisha. Alisha’s main job in this AU is being officially the only sane person, hosting a ball because fairytale AUs fucking need dumb romantic dancing scenes, being officially the only sane person, having her tailors sew fancy clothes for everyone, and being officially the only sane person.
Anyway, what started off as an excuse to draw mermaid!Mikleo is slowly turning into an excuse to put the underage half of our main cast into fancy and only vaguely 17.-18. century inspired clothing. 17.-18. century because PIRATES, but vaguely because I kinda intend to save Sorey from some horrible shoes and trousers that men used to wear throughout the centuries. Duh. It’s also not quite high pirate times anymore, but I happen to have an original fantasy story set in a vaguely 17. century pirate times inspired setting, and I want to do something at least slightly different. I might or might not pimp her dress, we’ll see.

Yes, she’s still from Hyland, I just chose to ignore the colour coding

Also did I mention that Hyland and Rolance are separated by an ocean in this AU, because having an ocean is kinda the point

/end of costume design rambling
/also end of AU rambling
/yes I’ll also do Rose and the boys at some point
/I haven’t forgotten about the Zelda AU either uh

I’m also actually tired, goodnight

Blaming @shamingcows​ for this. We were throwing AUs back and forth, created this one and then this happened. Art for this AU can be found here. I plan on doing three of these and not expanding it beyond this for the moment, mostly because I have a backlog of fic I want to work on first before considering another large project.

Mikleo sighed as Sorey rolled off of him, smiling when Sorey was quick to gather him close again. Mikleo hummed happily as he nuzzled into Sorey’s chest. He lifted a hand to rest his palm over Sorey’s heart. He could feel it beating fast, Mikleo unable to keep himself from smirking against Sorey’s skin. 

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anonymous asked:

What is kingmaker au????

Hiya anonny!

Kingmaker is an alternate-canon AU based on Zestiria game lore. It was conceptualized around October(ish) of 2016, so Berseria has little to do with it at all (as I knew nothing about it at the time.) Alright, ready? (b * A *)b Let’s go.

Please excuse the copy-paste from a writeup I made for it but it’s hard for me to explain it otherwise.

Kingmaker diverges from canon with the premise of: “In a world where humans can see seraphim, what if instead of venerating them, humans decided to take them and enslave them in weapons to win the war between Hyland and Rolance?” and because of this, history changed.

After Rolance subjugates Hyland, and the rise of the Rolance Empire, Sorey is one of its two remaining heirs, the rest of of them lost to civil war and assassinations. Knowing that he was next and that the war against the Hyland rebels will continue, he makes a gamble for the throne and the possibility of a peaceful world by seeking out the last remaining free dragon, only to find the last remaining free seraph.

It’s got a talented writer for it (say hello to @eachainn!) and already 170+ words in and is a WIP, and the extra story will be posted this week, and chapter one next week!

I have a Kingmaker tag here on Tumblr, @eachainn as a few fic teasers in their own tag. I draw more of it on my Twitter, with some spoilers. These can be found in the following moments: 1 and 2.

My Shadow is My Shepherd

He had been invited to attend the Pearloats Harvest in the capital city of the kingdom of Rolance. Prince Mikleo just didn’t expect to also be the target of an attempted assassination that very same night.

Luckily for him, his knight guard is pretty good with a sword.

Sormik Week 2017 - Day 4: Pendrago, Loss/Protection

Read on AO3

The capital city of the theocratic kingdom of Rolance is unlike anything Mikleo or Sorey has ever known. For one, the fact that the kingdom is ruled by its church rather than any formal monarchy—the ruling family, Mikleo has been informed before his visit, are largely figureheads—is new and unfamiliar. The second are the glaring reds and silvers that are everywhere; Rolance’s colors and regalia hang from the tallest buildings and wrap every guard.

Mikleo supposes he shouldn’t consider that entirely different from his own smaller kingdom of Elysia, where their cool shades of teal and white don every soldier and palace upholstery, too. But to see it everywhere he turns—even on the marketplace stalls during this lively festival week—is disorienting.

Or maybe it’s just the lack of grass within Pendrago itself that Mikleo is noticing. Too much red and steel; not enough green.

(For some reason, Mikleo’s always finding himself thinking the world could use more green.)

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Looking for Contact! [Wra-A]

Originally posted by 566013482

Archelaos Redright Vitae @fucking-archelaos

Powerful and cunning, like his parents before him. Archelaos is a monster of a man, and he’s proud of it. He sees himself as an evil individual, and is seeking out other evil individuals to help him and themselves climb to power and glory together. He was once a well-known Inquisitor of the Scarlet Crusade, and while he still has the cruelty and the skills, that is a life he has left behind.  He has been known to take on apprentices, and has several. Currently he is seeking out strong, capable, and/or easily manipulated individuals to convert him to his way of life. He is, however, perfectly capable of making friends outside of this agenda.

In-game name: Archelaos

Co-GM of Shadowbrand Acquisitions, not open to changing guilds.

Originally posted by stillscreamin

Rolance @inkedtempest

Life is tough, but so is she. For most of her life, Rolance has been dealt bad cards. She was born the little sister of a man that would eventually be come to be known as The Black Admiral of the Scourge. She has recently found herself afflicted with the curse of Vampirism after a trip to Stormheim went south. Right now, she is adjusting to her new life, one which has found her with many of her former friends and allies abandoning her. After reconnecting with her brother and officially joining the Ebon Blade, she has taken to the seas once more on his fleet and is proving her gratitude to those who took her in by aiding the fight against the Burning Legion.

In-game name: Umbramancer

OOCly in the guild Shadowbrand Acquisitions, not opposed to joining another guild should plot demand it.

Originally posted by luxyie

Jacques “JJ” Javert @jacquesjavert

He is judgment day in silver armor. Some time ago, JJ left his home in Moonbrook to go to Stormwind City. He found the city filled with dangers, and worse, found himself victim to them. Now he is free, however. Now he is angry. Now he is vengeful, and filled with a divine wrath to make the world itself quake… At least once he gets trained, that is. He has dedicated himself to the Holy Light, more specifically to culling the wicked from the world in an attempt to protect the weak and innocent. Shunning users of shadow, fel, and other dark magic, JJ is looking for like-minded individuals to further his own agendas and pick up skills to aid on his mission.

In-game name: Luxmancer

OOCly in the guild Shadowbrand Acquisitions. Not opposed to joining other guilds should plot demand it.
All Things Rare and Precious - spirithorse - Tales of Zestiria [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Rating: G
Fandom: Tales of Zestiria
Summary: In the face of escalation in the civil war that’s consuming the Rolance Empire, Eizen and Edna try to escape from their home and flee to the one last refuge left for seraphim.

A short prologue to All Glory Ends in Night (aka the Kingmaker AU).

Notes: I got hit by some serious Eizen feels while watching Tales of Berseria, this was not helped by Nami’s encouragement. Takes place before All Glory Ends in Night.

Dalia Wren Draco

the basics ––– –

  • NAME: Dalia Wren Draco
  • AGE: 23
  • BIRTHDAY: August 25
  • RACE: Human
  • GENDER: Female
  • SEXUALITY: Bisexual

physical appearance ––– –

  • HAIR: Blonde
  • EYES: Blue
  • HEIGHT: 5′9
  • BUILD: Slender
  • DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Various small scars over her body. 
  • COMMON ACCESSORIES: Bow and arrows, dagger, her pet panther Orchid.

personal ––– –

  • HOBBIES: Swimming, hunting, drinking
  • LANGUAGES: Common, Orcish
  • RESIDENCE: Varies
  • BIRTHPLACE: Booty Bay
  • RELIGION: Complicated
  • PATRON DEITY: Complicated
  • FEARS: Confined spaces

relationships ––– -

  • SPOUSE: None
  • CHILDREN: None
  • PARENTS: Rolance Essex ( @l-rolance-l )
  • SIBLINGS: Enoch and Elise
  • OTHER RELATIVES: Too many to list.
  • PETS: A panther, Orchid.

traits ––– -

  • extroverted / introverted / in between.
  • disorganized / organized / in between.
  • close minded / open-minded / in between.
  • calm / anxious / in between/
  • disagreeable / agreeable / in between.
  • cautious / reckless / in between.
  • patient / impatient / in between.
  • outspoken / reserved / in between.
  • leader / follower / in between.
  • empathetic / unemphatic / in between. (Note: empathetic =/= sympathetic) ;)
  • optimistic / pessimistic / in between.
  • traditional / modern / in between.
  • hard-working / lazy / in between.
  • cultured / un-cultured / in between.
  • loyal / disloyal / unknown / in between.
  • faithful / unfaithful / unknown / in between.

additional information ––– –

  • SMOKING HABIT: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess.
  • DRUGS: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess.
  • ALCOHOL: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess.
♔ The White Stag

♔  the basics ––– –

  • NAME: Archelaos Ezra Redright
  • AGE: Adult
  • BIRTHDAY: June 10th
  • RACE: Worgen
  • GENDER: Non-binary
  • SEXUALITY: Bisexual

♔  physical appearance ––– –

  • HAIR: Salt and pepper grey
  • EYES: Pale blue
  • HEIGHT: 6′4″
  • BUILD: Stocky
  • DISTINGUISHING MARKS: Two metal legs, brand in the shape of a handprint around his neck, tattoos on right arm and back.
  • COMMON ACCESSORIES: Enchanted pistol named “Wolfsbane”

♔  personal ––– –

  • PROFESSION: Uncrowned agent, criminal
  • HOBBIES: Gardening, dog training, singing, travelling
  • LANGUAGES: Common, Orcish, Thalassian, some Darnassian
  • RESIDENCE: Unknown
  • BIRTHPLACE: Fenris Isle, Silverpine Forest
  • RELIGION: “The Circle” / The Holy Light
  • FEARS:  Laughing Skull Orcs, blood magic, death of a loved one

♔  relationships ––– -

♔  traits ––– -

  • extroverted / introverted / in between.
  • disorganized / organized / in between.
  • close minded / open-minded / in between.
  • calm / anxious / in between
  • disagreeable / agreeable / in between.
  • cautious / reckless / in between.
  • patient / impatient / in between.
  • outspoken / reserved / in between.
  • leader / follower / in between.
  • empathetic / unemphatic / in between.
  • optimistic / pessimistic / in between.
  • traditional / modern / in between.
  • hard-working / lazy / in between.
  • cultured / un-cultured / in between.
  • loyal / disloyal / unknown / in between.
  • faithful / unfaithful / unknown / in between.

♔  additional information ––– –

  • SMOKING HABIT: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess.
  • DRUGS: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess.
  • ALCOHOL: never / sometimes / frequently / to excess

Rolance has a peculiar custom: the seat of power is held by the royal line in regency for the day the Seraph-Consort selects a new High King.

Sorey visits Rolance and meets the intelligent and opinionated Mikleo. They talk ruins and history, and Sorey slowly falls in love. 

Then one day, he came to their usual meeting place to find Mikleo looking apologetic and miserable, surrounded by Rolance knights.

“Is this him?” One of the knights ask. 

“I’m sorry, Sorey. ” Mikleo hesitates and meets Sorey’s eyes. “Yes. This is him.”

And as one, the knights kneel - not in Mikleo’s direction, but Sorey’s. “This is Sorey, the new High King of Rolance.”  

Sword in the Stone-ish AU. Sorey gets crowned high king and married to a seraph in one move.

So something that I found particularly interesting about the recent episode: the early introduction of Sergei

I think anime!Sergei has the potential to do what game!Sergei couldn’t - serve as a parallel to Alisha and this makes me pretty excited in theory. Contains spoilers since this takes bits from the game and brings up the ending

I’m actually just writing this bc I was super in love with Sergei as an Alisha parallel but the game failed miserably and I’m forever bitter

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anonymous asked:

Could u maybe do a lance imagine where he's having a bad day and he's all angry and snapping at everyone but his s/o is the only one who can calm him down, I love romantic lance😘😘😘

Rolance (romance + lance aha)

Lance has been like this all day, snapping at his team. Barking orders. He even slapped a coffee from some poor girl’s hand, who had made the damn coffee for him. He couldn’t control it, something was up his ass. He looked around the gym as he seethed with anger over purely nothing. He hasn’t gotten a text or call all day from you. Even though he knew you were busy. And he knew that- “Sugar” He breathed out when he finally saw your name and lovely face appear on his phone. “Lancey, what’s the matter? One of the girls called an told me you were being a prude” 

He smiled at the sound of your voice, relaxing instantly. “I don’t know, sugar, You need to get here before I snap a leg or two” Lance says, stress evident in his voice. You laughed lightly and looked down at your shoes before entering the gym. “Well I am here now” You smile softly and hang up, meeting him half way. Lance hugged onto you tightly and you wrapped your arms around his middle, linking your hands behind his back as you relaxed against him.

“God today is sucking so badly, sugar” He whispered weakly into your hair and you looked up at him. “I’m so sorry, Lancey, I’ll tell you this, I won’t leave the gym until you do okay? We can go home and you do whatever you please” You whisper to him and he nods slowly, clearly liking the idea. “Now gimme a kiss” Lance whispers and you smiled as you leaned up to kiss him deeply.