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So now that Furthest Station is out long enough I'd like to ask what your take on the foxes is? Is the one Abigail talked to in WU one of them Peter heard her talking to in Furthest Station or are those different foxes? And do you think we'll see more of them in the main story? (excluding the comic's right now)

I think it’s fairly certain at this point the fox Abigail talked to in Whispers Underground was related to (or one of the same foxes) she talks to in The Furthest Station, and definitely not Reynard (side note: THANK FUCKING GOD). As to what they are exactly - they’re magical talking foxes, and if there’s an in-book explanation for why magical talking foxes it’s probably going to involve them moving into urban spaces and people noticing how clever they were getting. 

Whether we’ll see more of them in the main story…I expect they’ll be mentioned, but it’s pretty obvious that the next comic run is going to pick up on something to do with them based on the title and cover art. I suspect they’re enough of a worldbuilding side note that the heavy lifting might happen there. TFS set up a minor mystery for them with the thing at High and Over House, and I would bet on that being resolved in the comic rather than a later book. But that’s mostly because there’s so much plot that could go in the books these days, something has to give somewhere. The comics have already been used to resolve a dangling book thread (Varvara). 

Episode 5x06 “Consumed” Foreshadowing Beth’s Return

Hey everyone! I know it’s been a while since I have made a TD post and I do apologize for that. It’s not because I have a lack of things to say, it’s because I don’t have any time to conduct what I want to say! I’m not sure if you have seen my other posts, but I recently got a new job that’s full time and when I get a break I like to relax. With that being said, I really want to start getting some of my theories out again!

So, I’m bringing you guys a new theory today! This one is something I caught while re-watching Episode 5x06 “Consumed”. It’s the episode where C@rol and Daryl are tracking Beth in Atlanta. I saw some parallels and possible foreshadowing in the episode that relates to Beth’s return and story line.

I’m sure you all remember this episode pretty well, but if you don’t basically C@rol and Daryl are trying to track the black car with the white cross that stole Beth. They track it to Atlanta, and they come across Noah, who says he can lead them to Beth. Well, C@rol ends up getting hit by one of the Grady cop cars and gets taken by them. 

This is the part that was interesting to me. After C@rol gets taken by the Grady cops we see a random shot of a garbage container (dumpster) with walkers surrounding it. 

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I really don't understand that 'c@ryl is a big ship so it will happen'. AMC it's not CW and TWD it's not one of those shows that the only thing that makes ppl talk about it it's the ships. C@rzekiel was set up from its first ep to be romantic and also C@rol was with Tob1n and D@ryl didn't give af, he knows that the king is after his friend and doesn't give af. If he was in love he should had somekind of reaction to C@rol's love life

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

After seven seasons in the apocalypse, if you were in love with someone, you’d be addressing your feelings. They don’t have time to be afraid.

Daryl playfully teases C@rol about Ezekiel, but then he asks about the king. He knows of the king’s feelings, and he senses C@rol’s burgeoning feelings as well, so he wants to make sure she’s okay. That she feels safe. He trusts her judgement in this matter. It’s like a brother looking out for his sister. 

Daryl: We gonna eat or – or I got to be a king or something to get food around here?
C@rol (after chuckling): Shut up.
Daryl: Ezekiel… is he okay?
C@rol: Yeah, I think he is

… And also Daryl’s in love with Beth (X). Which everyone likes to forget. 


I rol Marinette with a couple of friends and those are some scenes of that rol.

Mari ends up being friends with Nath, I love him, he is so cute ;;

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So, I still think C@ryl ishappening, I still think there's a big, real reason for the promos. But I also think "Daryl Out for Revenge" story v 2 billion is true and, you know, Gimple. So how do all these factors work together? My scenario is something VERY OBVIOUS happens between C@ryl happens in 8.1, but they are in the middle of battle & can't just cuddle right then & Bc Gimple loves to separate them. So it'll be YAY C@RYL but oops, gotta wait while C@rol blows shit up & D@ryl gets his vest

I straddle Ye Olde Fence with this one.

I think the promotion of Caryl validates it in many ways. They wouldn’t promote it if it didn’t exist and if they didn’t think people liked it. Clearly…((waves hands dramatically at all of us))…we do. And that provides value and evidence that Caryl is something. It’s not a figment of our imagination, we don’t have to reach for the stars in order to see what is photographed so nicely in an EW shoot.

But here’s where my bitchface comes out. I think whatever extra slow ass pacing they are doing if Caryl is indeed the endgame, is bullshit. I think promoing Caryl and not following through…is bullshit. I think teasing Caryl season after season and failing to bring us to completion…is bullshit. Gimple thinks he’s a genius.

But he’s not. He’s adequate and I think he’s gassed himself up to think he’s actually good at his job. But obviously, he has no idea how to pace a story, write consistently, and not toy with your audience that is so not amused anymore.

And that’s what they are doing. I don’t know, nor do I care WHY they are doing it, i just want them to stop. DO SOMETHING. Because this is emotionally manipulative. And I do think Caryl can totally make out during a battle. There are bushes and corners, and stuff everywhere. Half of the cast has macked on someone while in imminent danger, so yes, I think if Caryl wanted to get it on while reloading their weapons, they could!

Headcanons about (southern) German river deities

- The Danube has probably at least two genii locorum, and one of them definitely lives in Vienna
- The spirit of the Isar lives in Munich and has lots of student friends but also loves to go hiking in the alps, they can beat anyone in a beerdrinking contest
- Lech has an origin story similar to that of Father Thames, since Augsburg (the biggest city the Lech flows through) was also founded by the Romans
- Main really likes wine and a lot of food everyone else finds slightly disturbing
- there are three siblings for Bodensee/Lake Constace: an Austrian, a German, and a Swiss one
- the northern and the southern tributaries of the Danube talk shit about each other all the time, but as soon as someone from outside says something, they get stomped to the ground
- the Paar, an tiny river no one has ever heard of (but I live near it) is incredibly stubborn, illustrated by the fact that it’s like 2km away from the Lech but refuses to join it.

Not dead

Somehow I always think of tumblr when I should be writing something. It’s been a while since I’ve needed or even wanted to write stuff, but am currently staring down a proper Important Writing Deadline so here I find myself. I’ve also been kind of awol from fandom, I guess - mostly because of life, and needing to busy myself with paying the rent (last year was great on a personal level but abysmal in terms of work); but then because these absences have a sort of cumulative momentum and it becomes hard to pick up where you left off.

But. Throughout that time, I’ve kept getting notifications from AO3 - a regular trickle of kudos, even comments on my fic. And I’ve appreciated it so much, both as a restorative on days when work is awful, and as a thread back to Tiny Fandom and the community here. I have no idea those commenters and kudos-givers will see this, but if you do: thank you. You are awesome.

And you, reading this: you are also awesome! I’ve missed you. And I’m back. It took a creative deadline, and this one is a big’un.

I’ve also come to appreciate how lucky we are in RoL fandom to have great fic writers. One of the jobs I’ve been doing recently - one I’ve actually enjoyed - has been reading and copy-editing books from a big sci-fi/fantasy franchise that is being reissued. This is pro-fic. Some of it is excellent (to the extent that I’ve really been sucked in to the setting/storyverse in a way I never expected). Some of it should be put on a death planet and bombarded from orbit with cyclonic torpedos. Most of it is ‘okay’.

People have been paid to write it, so it’s not fan fic. And yet… plenty of fan works are considerably better written and edited, with far superior pacing, character development, dialogue and world-building than the stuff I was reading. This isn’t a new idea; it’s not like fanfic isn’t already valued by fandom, and the supposed hierarchy of pro-versus fanfic doesn’t have the weight here that it might on… don’t hurt me for saying ‘civvy street’ - and of course, plenty of fanfic authors don’t want to write professionally even if they are more than able to. But for me it was actually quite comforting to see that it’s possible to make it as a professional writer and actually be a bit shit*. The main thing is to try - and to write. And to get your stuff out there. And of course, the more you do it…

Anyway. Tl;dr - I need to write more. That includes fanfic. But I also am glad to see there is plenty of RoL fic to catch up on reading.

Once I’ve met my deadline.

*usual caveats (having the right mates is pretty handy, etc) apply, obvs.

it annoys me when RoL gets called “grown up Harry Potter joins the Met” because that’s not…what the books are about, at its heart. Not really. Peter shares some similarities with Harry, yes, but ultimately they are very different in how they work and how they act. (and i know it’s about the learning magic thing, not the policing thing. But still).

If you really have to make a comparison of X meets Y when it comes to Peter - in terms of who he really embodies, regarding everything from policing and commentary and ideals and morals - it’s Sam Vimes in Urban Fantasy London.

I’m talking Young Sam Vimes, as in just-after-Night Watch!Young Sam Vimes. Vimes who still has his some of his idealism about policing, who was just taught by Keel, who knows to stick to his guns. Sam who has learnt a valuable lesson in compromise - here is where you are flexible; here is where you unrelentingly are not. For example: Justice. For example: protecting people. For example: always keeping watch of yourself, because once one thing breaks down, it all breaks down. Following procedures, making sure things are done properly, not cutting corners.

Peter is not exactly Sam Vimes, but he’s someone who Vimes could be, what he could do - if Vimes was put into another system. If we cut out the years on a dead-end job, the accumulated cynicism, the decades of falling apart into a bottle - if he had the chance to be part of the communities of Ankh Morpork from the very start instead of watching them fall to cross-species infighting and prejudice. If he had a way of cutting out the corruption from the system, if the system wasn’t so tied rotten through and through - if he could start from the ground up, literally start from scratch. if he was given the chance to make a change from an early age.

If he had that chance, i think he would look something a lot like Peter Grant.

How Daryl is Paralleling Beth Greene at Grady

Hey everyone! Well, i’m back to making metas and i’m super excited about this one. I think I’ve found a few things other TDers have not talked about yet. Let’s jump right into it shall we?

First, I want to start off with the mop parallel as it’s the biggest parallel we can very OBVIOUSLY see between the two of them. I made a meta about the parallels of the moping at the Sanctuary and at Grady before Episode 7x03 even aired, you can read that post here (X)

I thought the easiest way to set up this post would be to do both story lines at once, and compare them.

In Episode 5x04 “Slabtown” Beth sees a man moping down a dark hallway, it’s one of the first things she sees.

In 7x03 “The Cell” Daryl sees two men moping down a dark hallway, it is also one of the first things he sees.

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Lance: *going throught internet searching for more pick up lines*

Lance: *reads out loud*

My name is I

My problem is Love

And my only solution is You

Lance: That’s actually good, gotta try it out


Lance: Yo Keith, listen up: My name is I

Keith: You’re name is Lance, stop trying to be someone else you’re perfect as you are and you’re a valid member of the paladins

Hunk: Here I baked you chocolate cookies take as many as you want

Allura: *Rols him up in a blanket*

Coran: *Puts him on the couch*

Pidge: *Feeds him with milkshake*

Shiro: Spacedad is proud of you


Lance: It was just a pick up line…

It was funnier in my head I guess, but it’s still sweet

Oh my god. This is hilarious.

I was looking for an image for the avatar of the annotated-RoL blog, and this came up on google images. I love it :D

Also thinking back to this post re: Lego/RoL… Managed to find a decent Molly (and Faceless, weirdly) but was struggling with the main 2…

Bring home the boys and scrap scrap metal the tanks
Get hitched and make a career out of robbing banks

After almost losing Bucky (again) in a hydra base, Steve starts to reconsider his profession. As much as he wants to make the world a safer place, he can’t imagine doing it without Bucky by his side. One night, while they’re on leave, sitting in a bar drinking, Steve suggest that the two of them ditch the army and run off together. At first Bucky thinks Steve is joking, because he’s never seen Steve run away from away form a fight, but he quickly realises Steve is being serious.  So, while on their next mission with the Howling Commandos, the two fake their deaths and go on the run.

They stow away on a ship heading back to the states and end up in the Deep South. They lay low in a shifty inn for a couple of days and realise they need some money. And that’s when Steve suggests they rob a bank. The night before they actually do it, they go out for a drink. They jokingly call it “their last drink” in case things don’t go their way. Steve slyly proposes to Bucky that night.

The morning of their first attempt Steve decided he would take the lead, as it was his idea to ditch the war and go on the run anyway. Bucky would have preferred to be in charge to make sure Steve stayed safe, but his friend fiancé insisted. Bucky is very calm about the whole thing, doesn’t even pull his gun. Steve is pretty jumpy at first, worried about hurting some innocent civilian. He waves his gun in every which direction. His unloaded gun.

After their first successful robbery Steve and Bucky skip town and continue to lay low. They keep moving, keep to themselves, all they really need is each other anyway. Every couple of towns, or whenever they need money, they rob another place. Mostly because Steve keeps giving all of their money to poor kids on the street. But Bucky suspects that Steve starts to like the thrill that breaking the law gives him. As he now more confidently waves his unloaded gun around. 

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Okay can anyone explain please, how would Beth get the role of Ezekiel? Since I don't read the comics. Thnx. :)

In the comics, Ezekiel is the leader of a community called the Kingdom. It is involved with the Hilltop and Alexandria during the All Out War arc. They have been a few eggs that could be interpreted as Beth taking on part of Ezekiel’s role.

1. Beth is possibly at the Kingdom. C@rol and Morgan were taken by that stranger to a new community, and it appears that it will be the Kingdom. The last time C@rol was injured she wound up at Grady, where Beth was.

2. In 6x16, Morgan found that missing horse and passed a paw print in the dirt (X). The camera focused on it for several seconds meaning it was important, and it would not make sense to focus on it if it were a hoof print. The horse was just in the scene. It also appears to have toes at the top, and it doesn’t have a canine shape. It looks like a large cat print. Only a big cat would Narratively, we are close to the introduction of Ezekiel and his tiger pet, Shiva.

3. When Negan was singing “Eenie Meenie Minie Moe,” he said, “Catch a tiger by the toe,” while looking at Daryl. Daryl and Beth’s arcs are intertwined, and it’s not much of stretch to connect it to her, especially because of the music connotation.

4. @bethgreenewarriorprincess discovered, through the clocks, eggs that connected Beth to Michonne when the character was first introduced, when she kept pet walkers (X). It was speculated for a while that Beth would adopt a wolf or wolves and would be protected by the animal(s). Shiva protected Ezekiel until her death. 

5. Beth’s action figure was pictured with a large animal trap on the Rick figure’s packaging. A lovely anon of mine wrote to the company, and McFarlane confirmed that it was a bear trap, and that AMC (the licensor) was the one who wanted it included in the first place then last minute had it pulled (X).

It would explain the large space of plastic in the Beth figure’s box. @happycookiieblog will tell you, plastic isn’t wasted in packaging, so the space was meant to hold something. When the bear trap was first discovered, GE speculated that Beth would either use it for hunting or it would be connected to her having a pet (X). It makes no sense for a season 4 Beth to have a piece that was not only not in the show, but not connected to her storyline at all. It makes sense that it was connected to her return and AMC would pull it, fearing that people would start asking too many questions.

 If Beth has a pet tiger like Ezekiel, she might save the animal from a bear trap, gaining the animal’s trust. She grew up on a farm and would be good with animals, and a tiger would explain the size of the animal trap.


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Even NORMAN REEDUS said he cried for BETH, like wtf are these people on???

One of my friends insist they are on the Goebbels´s propaganda principles (basically reapeat over and over a lie until everyone end up believing is a true) but seeing the display on inteligence they show, I highly doubt they even know what is exactly what they are doing.

They are just trying to convince everyone that bethyl never happened because if happened, then C@ryl didn´t. They have their ship built on the idea of a slow burn, in that the feelings are already here and they just don´t notice/are waiting for something. If they accept that Daryl feel in love with Beth, their ship disintegrates in the cool air. That´s why they attack bethyl so fiercely. Because their ship depend on ours never happening.

Their way of thinking is simple. Stupid and twisted, but simple.

Norman Reedus said this:

AMC said this:

“Over dinner, Daryl suggests they try to live peacefully with whoever is staying at the funeral home. Beth asks why he suddenly believes in good people. “You know.”, he says, looking at her. Beth realizes Daryl has feelings for her.”

“Daryl implies that he has feelings for her“ 

Lauren said this:

“Lauren Cohan (Maggie Greene), was on Talking Dead last Sunday, one fan asked her if she thought Maggie would approve of Daryl and Beth’s relationship. - “Yeah I do think she would, actually. I’m enjoying, as an audience member, watching this happen,” 

There’s a lot of love blossoming these past few episodes.“ - Lauren Cohan  about “Alone”

Scott Wilson said this:

Gimple said this:

Nicoretto said this:

“…I got the sense that Daryl was starting to kind of fall in love with Beth a little.“

The script wasn’t like, ‘Beth and Daryl totally hook up.’ It wasn’t there. But when I watched the episode, I felt I kind of wanted that, which was what he brings to it and what Emily brought to it.”

“Greg Nicotero tells Zap2It that the seeds for their relationship were actually planted earlier in the season, when Daryl tells Beth that her boyfriend Zach (played by Kyle Gallner) had been killed during the events of the first episode.”

And don´t forget when they asked Nocoretto about C@ryl and he said:

“I think the chances are better now that Beth is, sadly, out of the picture,” Walking Dead boss Greg Nictotero said.´´

And yet the bethyl doesn´t exist for them.

But after all of this…

“Now what about your - I guess C@rol, to this point, is now your love interest, so to speak–

Norman Reedus: No.´´

(funny fact, that quote was said in december of 2012. Their whole ``Norman is trolling now, he said that he wanted c@ryl at first´´ is a complete shit.)

I’ve fought against having C@rol and Daryl hook up because there’s already too many of us doing it on this show. It’s more interesting to see these two damaged people gravitating to each other, needing each other’s friendship.


This is from march from that same year)

“I’d actually not like to see it go in that direction [into a romantic place]. I just think it’s more interesting to have these two damaged people see something kindred in each other and gravitate towards each other in that way. I think that if anyone made moves on anyone, C@rol would make moves on Daryl, and Daryl would probably just prematurely ejaculate in his pants and go hide in the bushes. I’m kind of trying to keep it interesting as it is. It would just be too obvious if we made out and we were a couple. It’s been done.”

(october of 2012)

I’ve had lots of talks with Scott [Gimple] about it,“ the actor said. "I like our relationship how it is. We don’t have to make out to be who we are. We’re kindred spirits; there’s a brother-sister bond there that’s almost stronger than a lovey-dovey bond. I’m not totally against it, but I’m not totally for it. It’s tricky. Once you do that, it’s there forever. To be honest, I’m not begging for it, and I’m not opposed to it.

(March of 2015)

Daryl and C@rol was interesting. I tried to do that like a little kid. You don´t want to play the romantic `run to me´thing. I tried to put my head on her shoulder and collapsed in her shoulder. It was like a little kid finding his big sister´´

ETonline: Fans obviously love Daryl and C@rol – will we see any developments in their relationship this week? Does she try to soften his facade?

Reedus: Is she like an emotional roofie? [laughs] It’s there, but I think their bond is so much deeper than “stick your tongue in my mouth.” I like playing that and am glad the writers agree because it’s so awkward when boys meet girls, girls meet boys or boys meet boys, and they want to hook up. But this is a whole different set of uncomfortable rules. They love each other on a different level – it’s not about wanting to get together, it’s more like a sibling relationship. “If you hurt my sister, there’s nowhere you’ll be able to hide.” It’s an impenetrable bond. I know people want them together, but if that happens, I think it’ll be more epic than, “They did it!”

…c@ryl is totally real.

Oh, yeah, that made totally sense.

And the best part is how they twist things.

Kirkman saying ``in my opinion´´ means that it was set on stone, doesn´t matter that the guy is a well know troll and lied to us a lot of times and that directly contradicts  what other member of the casst/crew said.

But when you brought the ” I’ve had lots of talks with Scott [Gimple] about it,“ from Norman, they will ignore that part and will scream over and over that of “actors don´t write the show´´ Actors maybe no, but Scott Gimple does, and Norman talked with him before saying Daryl and C@rol are like siblings. Because, oh, what a coincidence, that was the first time he called them siblings. Just after talking with Scott. But that doesn´t mean anything, huh?

But that´s let´s going to ignore since it doesn´t help C@ryl, ok? Better we believe the man who didn´t wrote Beth or Daryl, who didn´t wrote these episodes and was caught lying a lot of times because what he is saying is more convenient to us.

That is how they work.

My Final Bethyl Rant

I need to get this off my chest so maybe I can get some sleep. It’s already 5 a.m. and I’m legitimately heartbroken about this episode. It may sound ridiculous to be so invested in a fictional character, but they did her an injustice. The “what could have been” will haunt me forever and I honestly do not believe I will ever recover from this. Daryl is my favorite character, Beth was my second favorite, and I refuse to watch the unnecessary death of Beth Greene become a plot device to “re-break” Daryl. The man has already been through enough loss. Why couldn’t they give him a little happiness? At least for a little while. Beth was a fighter and didn’t deserve to die like this. If Daryl had “trained” her, why didn’t we get to see more of that? They made such a big deal out of how “strong she had become” and how “badass she is” and we only caught a glimpse. What happened in the conversation between C@rol and Beth when C@rol woke up? And if Beth HAD to die, why couldn’t they have made it to where she didn’t have a choice in the matter? She was home free. HOME FREE!!!!! She was with Daryl. She was with her FAMILY and she chooses to stab a pair of tiny scissors into the neck/shoulder of a uniformed (important fact because the scissors probably didn’t even imbed in Dawn’s skin through the material) police officer??? Seriously?! Grab Rick’s gun and blow her f’ing head off!!! A gunfight didn’t break out after Daryl shot Dawn so that excuse can’t be used.

I’m literally mourning a loss of life (fictional character be damned) and all because some lazy, good for nothing writers wanted to jerk us around and play into shock value. All the cherished moments I had from season 4 where Daryl and Beth are together have been tarnished because the writers already had her dead in their minds. The last words Beth ever said to Daryl were “I’m not going to leave you.” They made her into a liar. She didn’t have to leave him!!! There was no reason for it to happen that way!!

Beth’s death would have been so much more powerful if she had actually HAD something with Daryl. If she had reunited with Maggie. If she had escaped the hospital. Instead we were left with a half-assed ripoff of a non-story driven death. The entire hospital arc was created strictly for killing Beth. Noah joined the group, yes, but they could have created any different number of ways for him to do so rather than Grady. Then to not even let her death be the “highlight” of the end of the episode by having that bit of Morgan after the credits…to completely gloss over everything that just happened with Beth?? I’m angry and utterly disappointed.

Norman Reedus said that if Daryl ever loved, it would be forever. We won’t ever truly know if he loved Beth like I wanted him to or not. I like to think he did from their unfinished conversation in the kitchen of the mortuary, but we’ll never get that concrete proof. Anyone Daryl gets with now will be a cheap substitution and I (personally if I lived through such circumstances as Daryl and Beth’s journey) would never recover from something like this. I WILL never recover from this. This show has been ruined for me. I will no longer watch it. It has nothing to do with “my ship will never happen” and everything to do with the time and energy I invested into Beth. She could have been so much more. Her story didn’t feel finished. She deserved to live. She fought tooth and nail to survive and you kill her by having a cop get trigger happy on reflex? Her gun and been holstered the whole flipping scene!! I feel bad for Emily Kinney who must feel utterly betrayed by her characters poorly timed demise. They were just scratching the surface of what COULD HAVE BEEN a badass character with morals and values intact (much like Andrea in the comics) and you killed her off without a justifiable reason. I saw no heroism in her death because Beth didn’t even take Dawn with her. While she may have known Rick or Daryl wouldn’t have allowed Dawn to survive after harming her, Beth still died for no reason. Like I said…she should have taken Rick’s gun and as they were walking away, blown Dawn’s head off and she could’ve set Noah free and still have fulfilled those “what ifs” with Daryl.

I will forever miss the “ray of hope” that was Beth Greene. The show has literally snuffed out the 7 months of excitement I had. Without Beth, I do not feel compelled to watch a show that no longer places value in their characters and is solely out for the cheap tricks and shock factor. If the show was about people learning and adapting to survive the apocalypse, then why is it absolutely necessary to have a death? Let the ones who deserve to survive…SURVIVE!! I will never get the closure I need for the death of Beth Greene.

With Coda, my Bethyl world has crumbled, but I will continue writing my fanfictions and will begin writing the third book of my For the Ones trilogy where Beth is the badass we deserve and season 5 will be written how it SHOULD have happened. You can find my Bethyl works here:

Sorry this turned into a novel and thank you for reading my rant. This has allowed me to put my broken heart “onto paper” and take a step toward the closure I need for the unnecessary death of my now favorite character; Beth Greene.

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This has got me worried. Norman reedus posted an article on his twitter I believe that was debating the topic of Caryl vs Bethyl. I read the article, and they think it should be the Caryl relationship that wins. I understand that Norman Reedus can't tell us jackshit, but maybe this was planned, to send a message to viewers that a bethyl relationship is too sensitive and won't happen. If NR doesn't like bethyl, wouldn't he do like he did Caryl and fight the writers against it?

Okay, I know some C@rylers have been perusing my posts lately, so I’m putting in a disclaimer right here and now. Do not read beyond this point if you do not ship Bethyl.

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