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Can I ask what you think of Roku and Sozin's relationship? (Sorry for the amount of asks!) We didn't get to see too much of their early lives, but they seemed like normal kids who cared a lot for one another. I love how upset Sozin looked before jumping into theatrical "Show me your Avatar bending!" and giving away his crown of all things when he learned Roku couldn't take anything with him. Then after 12 years of no contact, he disregards traditions, calls Roku the exception, and hugs him - 1/4


Only to shift gears years later and demand respect in his throne room, call Roku a traitor, and attack him! I wonder how much their friendship strained between Roku’s wedding and finding Sozin’s colonies years later. And maybe I’m seeing things, but when I rewatched the episode (3x6), when Roku said it was over, there’s split second between disbelief and anger that Sozin looks sad? And when the volcano erupts, they show how bad it was (being able to feel it 100 miles away). 2/4

Continued further:

I honestly believe he went to Roku’s island to help rather than ensure his death. It seemed more like it didn’t click in his head, “Hey, I can colonize now,” until he already saw Roku incapacitated. Despite the betrayal, in Sozin’s last testament, he consistently calls Roku his friend and longs for their childhood “when times were brighter.” Roku also seems to speak of Sozin fondly throughout the episode, no trace of bitterness or regret. He even wears Sozin’s crown he didn’t die wearing. ¾

And the finale:

My point is, these two seemed to greatly care for another, even when apart for 12 years, Sozin turning into a tyrant, deliberately not speaking to or seeing each other for 25 years, and Sozin’s indirect murder. It makes me wonder if they somehow reconnected in the afterlife and made up? I don’t know, what do you think? Did you think it was weirdly written or tragically beautiful? I can’t make up my mind. Sorry for rambling and basically recapping the episode lol. 4/4

No need to apologize! I wish these Asks allowed for more characters.

For your first question, no, I don’t think they met again in the afterlife, because I believe that the Avatar world has reincarnation for everyone and only the Avatar remembers or can connect to previous lives. Sorry, that’s simple afterlife mechanics. But I do like the idea of Sozin being denied any kind of satisfaction; there’s that whole matter of world domination and genocide that pushes him over the edge.

As for “weirdly written or tragically beautiful,” I’m going to say, “Both.”

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I had a little theory, what if like avatar Roku said about friendships surpassing lifetimes applies to descendants? Think about it, korra became good friends with Katara and her children, Tophs kids, Zukos grandson. What if the water bender who trained Roku was grangrans father or grandfather, his best friend Sozin is the great grandfather of Zuko, and maybe his earthbending master is related to Toph? I don't know if this is all a stretch but I was just wondering.

I mean yeah, absolutely. It’s not exactly a foreign concept in terms of the fandom since we see loads of gifsets demonstrating exactly that concept. 


Re-uploaded and re-posted with better ending clip.


“Now I want a Shia Labouf edit for Chrom’s transition from the Smash announcement to GI#FE.

Chrom: Looks like I’ll get my chance another day

Shia: Yesterday, you said tomorrow, so just do it!

[insert picture of G!#FE Chrom here]”

Kataang Week Day 6: Nightmare

A/N: Day 6! Sorry this is late.

Rating: T
Word Count: Roughly 3,000
Genre: Angst, Friendship, Romance, Hurt/Comfort

“A dream,” he repeated slowly, letting it sink in. “You’re having second thoughts about marrying Katara because of some stupid nightmare?”

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Aang stood in the snow, trying not to fall apart.

He stared at the betrothal necklace cradled in his shaking hands. Unlike the traditional chokers, it was long and fell almost to the stomach when worn—an intentional move on his part so she could wear it together with her mother’s necklace. However, though the length was very much similar to that of the Air Nomad prayer beads he usually had around his neck, the pale blue Mother-of-Pearl pendant hanging on it was unmistakably Water Tribe.

His gaze drifted to the carefully etched pattern on the necklace’s only ornament—a perfect combination of the air and water symbols. He smiled wryly as he remembered all the sleepless nights he had spent working on it, motivated by the simple thought of her beaming face and shining cerulean eyes.

He sighed. Due to his Avatar duties, it had been almost a month since he had last seen Katara, who had stayed in the South Pole to help Pakku train the children of some Northern waterbenders who had relocated to help rebuild their sister tribe. Though she tried to accompany him around the world as much as possible, she had her own responsibilities, and Aang would never allow her to turn them down for his sake.

He nervously glanced over at the newly established healing hut—Katara’s lesson would end any minute, and that was when he needed to act. All he had to do was to take her to the top of the nearby cliff, go down on one knee, pour out his heart, and ask her to marry him. Simple, right?

He cringed. Far from it.

What if he tripped or lost the necklace or forgot what to say or said something wrong or—

What if she said no?

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(Amazons AU)Over the course of the next week, Dahyun was visiting Spud on a daily basis which she loved but was surprised, Roku hasn't said anything. Juri ended up buying a small bowl and got Dahyun a goldfish in it which she loved and was taking care of it well. "Did you feed your fish today?" Juri asked Dahyun. When Dahyun shakes her head, Juri opens the fish food and puts some in before leaving the office to use the rest rooms. Dahyun then smiles when she watches the fish while Roku was there

Roku worked on his paper work before a scientist came in “Sir it’s complete.” He said.

Facing a God | Open

“Rejoice my children… The god of this new world has come… Do not be frightened I bring only joy.” Roku said now wearing a white suit with a black shirt and tie.

Hideki Vs Psychosis | Open

“Ensure those drivers are secure on the ship… I want them in stores by next week.” Roku said talking to a Freight ship worker as Storage containers full of his mass produced Buggle Drivers are brought on.

“So this is where you have been.” Hideki said confronting him. 

Gods Fall | Open.

Goro, Ryoko, Thomas, Spud and Hideki gather as Roku walks up to them followed by a small army of War Troopers neither really knew how this was going to turn out but there was no running from this Fight Roku had to be stopped no matter what it cost.

“So… You’re follow enough to come out and face me?” Roku asked the five of them.

“Roku Ishida… I’m giving you one last chance to give up now before anyone else gets hurt.” Goro said looking right at him.

“Himiko… Why could you not accept the nice life I offered?” Roku said looking at his sister.

“The life of a brainwashed slave!? I got enough of that from the Yakuza!” Ryoko said with an angry look.