Saw a post about basic tennis etiquette. Some things they missed:

1) Evil laughter pre match

2) Make sure you give your opponent enough time to yell out the name of their shot

3)“Yudan sezu ni ikou”

4) Be courteous and make sure to have enough Inui juice to share

5) Don’t interrupt when the doubles teams are having 5 episodes of heartbreaking moments

6) Also don’t interrupt flashbacks

7) Always remember to “Mada mada dane” any and every opponent


Make me choose: Okita Sougo or Kamui  →  requested by @dekuzs

“In this world, there are things you have to protect even if your hands get stained with blood.” 

Things I LOVE About Prince of Tennis

- The amount of work Konomi sensei puts in (especially in the beginning of the series) to compare his characters playing styles and moves to actual tennis players and their playing styles

-How Konomi sensei works in his side characters explaining the way tennis works to newer team members or Sakuno and Tomoka so it fits the storyline and he doesn’t have to do a bunch of sidepanel explaining the game

-You don’t have to like tennis to enjoy the series (especially the anime) but, if you do like tennis and don’t mind a little more action you can enjoy it too!


-Said characters being show doing stuff outside of tennis! It’s nice to see the characters be like us with their own hobbies and such and a lot of sports animes solely focus on the sport and the characters playing the sports alone

-How a team can still work well even with team members who don’t get along

-Different approaches to tennis! Yes, they all take it seriously, but some do it more so than others and it’s fascinating to see how each team approaches tennis and wins and losses

-Valentine Choco Ranking ‘nuff said. (Long live King Davide~)

-The fact that each school has their history and back stories with each other before the protagonist joined and it still plays into the storyline

-The protagonist being on his team helped make it stronger vs the usual “This-school-was-weak-until-the-protagonist-joined” or the “Protagonist-is-the-only-really-talented-player-except-for-the-person-he-looks-up-to” storyline

-Not just sole focus on the protagonist!!! We may not get the other rivals much until Shin Tenipuri, but we at least get a glimpse into the other players on the same team as the protagonist developing as well as glimpses into how some of the other players develop or improved skills.

level of headache to be manager of the tennis club

seigaku: relatively mild headaches. nothing major just your captain is always absent and injured, trying to stop the second year from fighting and where tf is echizen again. if inui isn’t always feeding everyone w weird shit you’d find him helpful

fudomine: little to no headaches, it’s like having a secondary family, everyone is nice and helpful, even ibu to some extend. somehow you become their second mother and they come over to your house to stay during holidays

st. rudolph: one of these days you’ll either marry or murder mizuki, there’s no in between. mainly a feel bad man for yuuta while you try to shield him away from the cruel world. though the team only gives you mild headaches from time to time… except mizuki

hyoutei: why did you even sign up headaches. there’s probably fifteen of you here since there are 200 players. no you don’t get to take care of the regulars that’s head manager’s job and they look like they’re going to be sent to the alysum soon

rokkaku: not a lot of headaches. aside from reassuring aoi that yes he’ll get girls to notice him one day and stop amane from getting killed for his bad puns, everyone are relatively nice and chill so not too much troubles

yamabuki: everyone is eccentric in their own way but is actually a lowkey team. you might get headaches sometimes because of sengoku and akutsu but at least you have dan to sympathize with you and help you out

higachuu: i should have been paid for this headaches. kite usually keeps them in line but when he’s not around they are just a goddamn mess, so loud and obnoxious. they either learn to fear you by the time kite return or you just learn to accept their ways.

shintenhouji: i should’ve signed up for another school headaches. zaizen, kenya and shiraishi feel bad for you. most of others are nice but you have koharu and yuuji, chitose always disappears to who knows where, and then there’s an entire package of kinchan

rikkaidai: depends, but you also need an immense love for tennis or an immense love for one of the players to last in this environment. you will get headaches in both cases but more so in the latter than the former.