roker lighthouse


Tagged by @pastel-nonbinary thanks XD (btw cows are also my favorite animal) :3 My lockscreen is the bridges in Newcastle, that I took from the top floor of th Baltic art gallery. My home screen is the science division star trek insignia because space is awesome. I’m listening to bring me the horizon (what’s new) and that selfie is me down by Roker bay/lighthouse/pier with strawberries and cream 😂

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I went for a walk along Roker Pier over the Christmas period and took these photographs. It was a nice bight day but the wind was gale force and walking along the pier didnt feel too safe. There was however a good few fishermen braving the wind, trying to catch some dinner!

Roker Pier took 22 years to build and construction started in the 1880s. At the time the construction techniques were at the forefront of technology and engineering. On the pier you can see a couple of remaining tracks, these were part of this major construction process. During the build tracks ran a crane (named Goliath) up and down carrying the foundation blocks and other materials from land to the extent of the pier. A Subway was also created along the length of the whole pier for maintenance in bad weather conditions. See the amazing model, made by Fred Gooch in 2010.

The pier is 877 meters long and opened in 1903, it cost £290 000 which is around £30 million in todays money.