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Iggy Azalea “Pussy”

Catch Rok The Spot painting at the Black Magick party at the @theOverthrow castle with @TroubleAndBass. If you havent been to an Overthrow or Trouble and Bass party youre slacking. If fun and debauchery arent your thing then you can stay home organizing your socks by color and writing a bio for your cats facebook page.

Rok The Spot - Black Colombian Magick

People always confuse me an my brother,even when I have my camera. Sometimes its annoying but Im used to it already. The funny thing is that we actually have a 3rd brother that looks the same except people dont see him cuz he doesnt live in Miami. When he’s in town we always make him pretend he’s one of us and fuck w/people cuz we know they cant tell the difference.


@TurquoiseJeep has a banger, I mean “Smanger” for you.

Smash / Bang fusion.

Rok The Spot.

Ready To Smang.