Shipping Meme Thing

Choose 5 OTP’s, in no particular order, without looking at the questions.

1. Roiza
2. InuKag
3. SasuSaku
4. Amorra
5. Makorra

1. Do you remember the first episode/scene/chapter you started shipping 5?

Episode 2, when Mako complimented Korra on her maneuvers after they’re match.

2. Have you ever read a fanfiction about 2?

I’ve read a few, but never finished them. Sadly I can’t find any that I can really enjoy.

3. Has a picture of 4 ever been your screen saver/profile picture/tumblr ID?

Mmmhhh. I don’t think soooo.

4. If 3 were to suddenly break up today, what would your reaction be?

Well…. Technically they were never together and they are probably the most tragic ship that’s ever sailed. But if they did end up together, I can promise you they wouldn’t break up. They would “have” a LONG time ago if they were together in part 1.

5. Why is 1 so important?

They are cute as fuck, man! Ugh. And the way they treat themselves is just with so much fucking class, it makes me wish I had a relationship like theirs. ;___;

6. Is 4 a funny or serious ship?

Funny. I can’t recall how I got into it. But I did, and it from what I remember started with a fanfic…. AND IT WAS FUCKING GOOD.

7. Out of all the ships listed, which has the most chemistry?

InuKag, since in the end they really end up together and they’ve been through a ton of shit together. After all Inuyasha did with Kikyo right infront of Kagome, it’s amazing how they’re still together imo!

8. Of all the ships listed, which has the strongest bond?

SasuSaku all the way!!! They’re story is soooo deep, and Sakura’s love for Sasuke has matured SOOO much after he left. After he left!! Like, if I don’t speak to a guy I like, I would probably not care for him after awhile.

9. How many times have you watched/read 2’s fandom?

Watched the anime once, then read the manga almost halfway through.

10. Which ship has lasted the longest?

SasuSaku, since it was my first ship. Though I didn’t know what shipping was at the time. But I was 11 when I fell in love with this pairing, I’m almost 18 now.

11. How many times, if ever, has 5 broken up?

Hehheh, WELL. Technically once I guess. Since at first Mako didn’t “return” the feeling to Korra. But he lied, but now he broke up with Asami to be with her. The End. Until book 2

12. If 1 and 3 were thrust into a zombie apocalypse, which would make it out alive?

BOTH. Freakin Roy and Riza with their flames and aiming, and Sasuke and Sakura with their IMS and strength. Like you can’t compare the 2~!! YOU JUST CANT.

13. Did 4 ever have to hide their relationship for any reason?

Heh, well it’s technically “taboo” since she’s 17 and he’s like 42… but people still know I ship them, just in a separate way from the show! Since amon is dead now.

14. Is 5 still together?

For now, but who knows how long it’ll last! Still waiting for book 2, come on guys.

15. Is 1 canon?


16. If all 5 ships were thrown into a couple’s Hunger Games, who would win?

Oh god would I love to see that. It would be a tie between Roiza and SasuSaku. FLAME VS FLAME.

17. Has anyone tried to sabotage 5’s ship?

Asami. Who I don’t care for so much tbh. OH and Bolin. But he’s cool B)

18. Which ship would you defend to death and beyond?

SasuSaku. No competition there. I can relate so fucking hard on this one. To defend them is like defending my own relationship.

19. Have you ever spent hours a day going through 3’s tumblr tag?


20. If an evil witch descended from the sky and told you to pick one ship to break up forever, which ship would you sink?

Well since Amon is dead, that ship has already been sunk. But if its actually still sailing, probably Makorra.