The celebration of Moi is coming to a close… And what a lovely day it has been.
1) I started with a delicious brekkie at Bib & Tucker, with selfies against the wind afterwards while watching the roiling ocean (Tom and Mel are watching clubathletica eat her hair).
2 & 3) Georgi made lemon birthday cake for afternoon tea.
4) Mother-daughter dinner at Prego Italian Restaurant.
5) A feast of quail wrapped in spinach entree; wood oven-baked red snapper main; chocolate mousse dessert (couldn’t finish that).
6) When Chef discovered it was my birthday he sent out the waiters bearing tiramisu with a candle. The whole restaurant joined in a round of Happy Birthday to me. It was so sweet! (Lucky we didn’t finish our rich mousse because the tiramisu went down very nicely!)

It occurs to me that it is actually very sad that Turbug is so inadvertently fertile that he produced all those children by accident and could probably sire a lot more eggs if he wanted to, but he doesn’t; and Roil, whose heart was always set on children and whose culture attributes high worth to fertility, cannot sire any eggs at all. :< Why did I do this.

Nancy Drew Dream Games → Road Trip Edition

Nancy, Bess, and George (and Togo, too!) hit the road for a trip through all 50 States to celebrate their graduation from River Heights High. They meet old friends – and a few old foes – as they journey East, West, North, and South in quest of adventure and a little old-fashioned bonding. Of course, as they’re chasing good times, mystery chases them…

PENNSYLVANIA → The Hubbard Equation

Rachel and Kim Hubbard just can’t seem to have a peaceful school year.

Nancy is glad to see them thriving academically at Pennsylvania University Pittsburg, and to introduce them to Bess and George, but not everyone at PUP is as happy as the twins. The campus is roiling with protests over Greek culture, and the twins’ mentor and favorite professor, genius mathematician Anita Cheng, is at the center of the controversy as she calls for a total eradication of fraternities and sororities from the university.

After a dreadful night when the largest sorority house, ΣΩΛ, burns to the ground, the twins arrive at Dr. Cheng’s research office to discover a theft, a disappearance, and signs of a terrible struggle.

But was it the campus culture or competitive world of mathematics that threatened Dr. Cheng’s life more?


→ You don’t actually have to solve any math puzzles. They are optional. I am not a torturer.
→ Rachel and Kim help to solve the mystery!
→ Nancy, Bess, and George spend time on an actual college campus and do college things: attend an illicit underground party, play ultimate frisbee, and help the twins with their work-study in the campus grille!

Large (Wikimedia)

Winslow Homer originally painted Northeaster in 1895.

The Metropolitan Museum writes that “when Homer first showed this canvas in 1895, it included two men in foul-weather gear crouching on the rocks below the column of spray, which, moreover, was less massive.”

While normally I might prefer a figure or two—someone to cue the appropriate reaction, or suggest a story—I think here Homer made a wise choice.

With the plumes of roiling sea, the hatchy, jagged rocks before them, and the indistinct grey sky in the background, the landscape is every bit as foreboding on its own.

OOC: How Bossman Began


and Air

warred firstly, stirring up roiling, violent storms.

The cataclysmic energy created by their relentless attacks made the clouds themselves 

swell with anger.

It was not long until the charged mass expelled a horrendous cascade of electric tempests,

as well as a frustrated drake-shaped anomaly.

Stunned by the event, the Tidelord and Windsinger abated, unaware of how to handle this new threat.

A story that needed to be told.