no panthers

they say that again out of
hoary middle-eastern nights
full of the aphrodisiac incense
and nitre-smell of storied
and ruined egypt, sumer,
babylon, the desolation
of salt -
they say that the darkness
takes on a form and shape
and comes to honored leaders
in the dawn before they wake
and whispers to their dreams
of what they must say and think
and do, ah a deed, a deed was done
discharge six chambers of the loaded gun -
and shatter the forehead of the walking corpse
of course
o roiling mess of pure insanity -
o drowning darkness, herald of calamity
o entropy-blessed thing of night,
crawling chaos blasted in the elder grip -

all of the joanna lyrics that make me cry

“you take my tattered fist / it’s like a catalyst / it’s like a roiling writhing wall of ‘has it come to this?’ / if this is medicine, whoa-oh / it tastes like medicine / just help me get it in”

“i wanted to say: why the long face? / sparrow, perch and play songs of long face / burro, buck and bray songs of long face / sing, i will swallow your sadness and eat your cold clay / just to lift your long face / and though it may be madness, i will take to the grave / your precious long face / and though our bones they may break and our souls separate / why the long face? / and though our bodies recoil from the grip of the soil / why the long face?”

“then i hear a noise from the hull / seven days out to sea / and it is the damnable bell / and it tolls - well, i believe that it tolls - it tolls for me / and it tolls for me”

“i wasn’t born of a whistle or milked from a thistle at twilight / no, i was all horns and thorns, sprung out fully formed, knock-kneed and upright / so enough of this terror / we deserve to know light / and grow evermore lighter and lighter / you would have seen me through / but i could not undo that desire”

“and when i cut your hair / and leave the birds all of the trimmings / i am the happiest woman among all women”

“i have got some business out at the edge of town / candy weighing both of my pockets down / till i can hardly stay afloat from the weight of them / and knowing how the commonfolk condemn / what it is i do to you to keep you warm / being a woman / being a woman / but always up the mountainside you’re clambering / groping blindly hungry for anything / picking through your pocket linings - well, what is this? / scrap of sassafras eh sisyphys?”

“can you hear me? will you listen? / don’t come near me don’t go missing / and in the lissome light of evening / help me cosmia, i’m grieving”

“and i felt so bad / ‘cause i didn’t know how / to feel bad enough / to make him proud”

“there’s a big black spider hanging over my door / can’t go anywhere anymore / tell me, are you with me?”

“but in our quiet hour / i feel i see everything / and am in love / with the hook / upon which everyone hangs”

“we take a walk along the dirty lake / hear the goose cussing at me over her eggs / you poor little cousin / i don’t want your dregs / a little baby fussing over my legs”

“i saw a life and i called it mine / i saw it, drawn so sweet and fine / and i had begun to fill in all the lines / right down to what we’d name her”

“i don’t belong to anyone / my heart is heavy as an oil drum / i don’t want to be alone / my heart is yellow as an ear of corn / and i have torn my soul apart / from pulling artlessly with fool commands”

“and it can have no bounds, you know / it can have no end / you can take my hand in the darkness darling / when you need a friend / and it can change in shape or form / but never change in size / well the water it ran deep my darling / where it don’t run wide”

literally all of go long i’m not even gonna touch that

“you want your love, love? / come and get your love / i only took it back / because i thought you didn’t”

“it does not suffice / for you to say i am a sweet girl / or to say you hate to see me sad / because of you / it does not suffice / to merely lie beside each other / as those who love each other do”

“what happened to the man you were / when you loved somebody before her? / did he die? / or does that man endure somewhere far away?”

“the moment of your greatest joy sustains / not ax nor hammer / tumor tremor / can take it away / and it remains / it remains”



Roiling Arizona Desert Thunderstorm


The breakfasts Mrs. Hudson cooks for the boys after the stag night.

For John: buttered toast, brown beans, fried sausages, fried egg, fried tomatoes and fried mushrooms.

For Sherlock:  chips (!), fried egg, fried hamsteak with fried pineapple.

John tries to eat his, but given that Sherlock’s knife and fork are still very neatly placed next to his plate it looks like he didn’t even make an attempt.

Mrs. Hudson is evil incarnate.

Guys, Charlie Weasley is the asexual/aromantic icon we’re all looking for, like hear me out. NO one makes it a big deal that he isn’t in a relationship, in fact it isn’t even mentioned. HE is happy with where he is, he isn’t upset of his lack of a partner, he’s having a great time with himself. Plus he’s a fucking DRAGON trainer. YOU KNOW WHAT THE ASEXUAL MASCOT IS? A FUCKING DRAGON. Charlie Weasley is an ace/aro cinnamon roll fight me

Noyan Dar, Roil Shaper EDH

At first I wasn’t too pleased with the idea of him for a commander deck because he turns a wrath of god into a free Armageddon. Then, someone made the point he easily accessible means to dealing with board wipes: 

That’s where the idea of the deck fall together as well. Similar to Talrand lists, you just play your commander and counter anything that would disrupt your board or be a major threat. Additional his creatures have the major upside of being counter based, which means he gets a few neat tricks to his field:

Enchant Noyan with Gleam of Authority and he pumps each time you cast a counterspell. 

Each land benefits from counter banner buffs such as Abzan Battle Priest or Elite Scaleguard.

If you get Inexorable tide down early enough each time you cast a counter stack the triggers properly and get bigger lands each time. 

Sacred ground and Terra Eternal cause there should be backups in case a wipe does get through.

I have a Work-in-progress decklist with other cool cards I might not of listed:

Counters and Counters

The year is 1812. War roils Europe as Napoleon labours to expand his empire. The British strive desperately to resist France’s imperial ambitions. As American ships make their way to Europe, toting supplies for French troops, the Royal Navy intervenes, seizing cargo and sending American sailors to a watery grave.

In short time, the fledgling United States declare war on Britain. Preoccupied with the Napoleonic threat in Europe, the British army scrambles to counter an American invasion of Canada. Ruthless in their desire to drive the British from their last remaining colony on North American soil, the United States loots and plunders the capital of Upper Canada. They march onward to Niagara, leaving the city of York - known today as Toronto - little more than a heap of ash.

From his family’s homestead in the Upper Canadian countryside, young Aubrey Drake Graham watches helplessly as plumes of smoke rise from the city he once called home. With American invasion a constant threat, he struggles to go about his daily business on the farm: watering crops, mending fences, and tending to the family’s stable of workhorses. 

On this night, Aubrey is tending to his horses by lamplight, replenishing their oats, filling their water troughs, and whispering reassurances as he brushes their smooth coats, when suddenly…

drake: who goes there?

sufjan: Please Please I Mean No Harm… I Have Been Injured… I Am So Weak

drake: who are you? and WHY are you lying in a pile of hay in MY stable?

sufjan: I Plead With You… I Have Been Shot And Took Refuge Amongst Your Horses For Warmth And Rest

drake: you were shot? where?

sufjan: At The Battle Of York Mere Hours Ago Whereupon I…

drake: no, no, i mean… where were you shot? 

sufjan: Oh I Apologize For Misinterpreting Your Query I Was Shot In My Leg Directly Above My Kneecap As You Can See I Have Fashioned A Bandage From A Strip Of My Overshirt And I Am In A Tremendous Amount Of Pain

drake: okay… okay… easy now… looks like you’re still bleeding a little bit. let’s… let’s lift up your leg. that should… you know, that’ll bring down the bleeding.

sufjan: Ow Ow It Hurts

drake: i’m just going to apply pressure, okay? right here on your wound. it might hurt a bit, but it’ll help to stop the blood. here, my canteen - drink some water. i’m just going to rip up my shirt to make some fresh bandages for you.

sufjan: Oh Thank You Kind Friend… Were It Not For You And Your Benevolent Medical Intervention I May Have Died Here On This Pile Of Hay

drake: don’t even talk like that, okay? you’re going to be fine. i would never let a brave canadian soldier die on my w-

sufjan: Oh I Am From Michigan Actually

drake: …you’re american?

sufjan: I Am

drake: oh… oh wow…

sufjan: Do Not Abandon Me Here I Pray… Our Nations May Be At War But If You Can Find It In Your Canadian Heart To Show Me Mercy I-

drake: i… i’m… listen. no. i’m not going to leave you. i’m not going to let you die. if i walk away, i… i’m no better than them. i’m no better than you.

sufjan: But I Deplore Violence I Am Not Even A Proper Soldier I Am Merely A Drummer Boy Forced To Enlist In The Army To Avoid Dire Poverty

drake: …my god. you don’t even want to be fighting this war.

sufjan: No! In My Heart Of Hearts I Long To Become A Musician

drake: a musician? really? me too! wow. we… we have a lot in common.

sufjan: We Most Assuredly Do

drake: i never thought i’d have anything in common with… an american

sufjan: For What It Is Worth Canada Seems Lovely I Believe I Would Enjoy Residing Here

drake: so why don’t you… stay? for a little while, at least. until you’re healed. you can… you can hide out here. i’m the only one who ever comes to the stables anyway. i’ll bring you food, and water, and… and new bandages, and books to keep you busy…

sufjan: You Would Do All That For Little Me 

drake: i… i would

sufjan: I Have Never Known A Man With The Depth Of Your Compassion, Mister…

drake: graham. but call me aubrey. mr. graham is my father. what’s your name?

sufjan: It Is Sufjan Which I Know Is Esoteric And Difficult To Pronounce But-

drake: no, no, it’s a nice name. sufjan. i like that.

sufjan: Thank You Aubrey… You Have Given Me New Life This Day And New Assurance That Even As Our Nations War With One Another This Hatred And Bitter Division May Be Overcome Through The Simple Capacity Of The Human Spirit To Enact Mercy Charity And… Love

drake: that’s beautiful

sufjan: Would You Hold Me Aubrey

drake: absolutely

Butterfly emerges from stellar demise

This celestial object looks like a delicate butterfly. But it is far from serene.

What resemble dainty butterfly wings are actually roiling cauldrons of gas heated to nearly 20 000 degrees Celsius. The gas is tearing across space at more than 950 000 kilometres per hour — fast enough to travel from Earth to the Moon in 24 minutes!

A dying star that was once about five times the mass of the Sun is at the centre of this fury. It has ejected its envelope of gases and is now unleashing a stream of ultraviolet radiation that is making the cast-off material glow. This object is an example of a planetary nebula, so-named because many of them have a round appearance resembling that of a planet when viewed through a small telescope.

Credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble SM4 ERO Team

Supercells, clashing

Two stormy whirling air masses collided over New Mexico, each with their own swirling updraft. The older storm has curved lines running through the clouds while the newer is still roiling with new convection currents. The image was a winner in the Weather Photographer of the Year competition.


Image credit: Camelia Czuchnicki