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Now that i think about it? where is rieka? Is she fine? Did you two fused into one finally DID YOU?


^ q^ Rieka is doing fine! She’s been working a lot more recently and just like me, her will power to get online and draw is really low! We’re in a huge gaming mood.

We’re both spending copious amounts of time playing Tomodachi Life. I’m also playing Atelier Rorona Plus while she and her brother are playing Tales of Xillia I think!

That’s our cover up story. The truth is I absorbed her. You’re right. We finally fused into one.

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good luck conquering artblock! if ya want inspiration i bet a lotta followers wanta submit prompts

;___; Ha ha thanks, I really wanna defeat this art block!

Ohhh I’ve thought about that, I guess I’m just worried to disappoint with requests! ;;; Especially any NSFW ones, oops, I’m still pretty new to the game! ^ q^)9 If my work schedule allows it and I feel a little braver, I might open some requests on this account! It might be something to look out for in the future, hehe.

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How did you do the animation on this post? (post/80655914254/the-holy-trinity-haruka-konoha-kuroha)

I’ll try not to get too wordy or anything, but no guarantees! It’s my specialty to make things more complicated than they really are. (*´∀`*);;

So everybody knows which you’re talking about, it’s this piece! Please click that if you’d like to view the entire animation.

Firstly, I use Photoshop CS5 Extended for all my animation!! And for glitchy art of course, you gotta have your frames all drawn.

The next is really your sort of preference! For glitchy art, I generally use the same basic glitch patterns!

Mosaic is by far the one I use most when making glitchy art! Pick random spots with the lasso tool and mosaic it!

Like that! I generally do thin strips in random spots. Each frame should be different, so stick them in any which way and place!

If you click ctrl+i at the same time, it will invert the colors. I like to use a mosaic and invert it for cooler effects!

For the transition from Haruka to Konoha, I basically just cut random snippets from Konoha’s frame and pasted them on Haruka. The hardest part of making this animation was lining up the cut out parts perfectly, tbh lol!

Around the edges where I pasted in the parts, I mosaic’d the edges!

Basically, that’s how you do the effects I did. I think timing is very important when it comes to this!

This probably looks intimidating, but it’s not I swear! I’m just using this to show you the timing between each frame is different! For quick flickering frames, I choose between 0.0 seconds to 0.2 seconds. Of course, that’s my personal preference, you’re free to choose what you think looks good!

Here are some individual frames in order of the animation to give an actual example.

Frame 6 goes back to an unaltered Haruka. It stands for 2 seconds.

Frame 7 has mosaic applied in random areas. The mosaic’d areas are also inverted! The frame lasts for 0.2 seconds.

Frame 8 goes back to an unaltered Haruka. It stands for 1 second.

Frame 9 has mosaic applied in small areas. Part of Konoha shows up, the border around Konoha’s short appearance is in a mosaic. However, I wanted it to undeniably be Konoha, so I didn’t mosaic the middle. This frame lasts for 0.2 seconds.

Frame 10 is the same concept as Frame 9. Except there’s a lot more Konoha! The borders of Konoha’s appearance are mosaic’d, but as before, the middle is clear. This frame is 0.1 seconds long.

Frame 11 goes to a fully, unaltered Konoha! This frame lasts 2 seconds.

That’s the basic concept how I go about doing glitch artwork. It’s really just a lot of mosaic and inversion! I’ve used other cool effects that you might like, too, that weren’t in this animation.

Fragment is pretty neat effect, imo.

Crystalize is another that I think can be a cool effect!

Those two effects, fragment and crystallize, were just extras! I didn’t use them for this animation like I said, hehe.

For tips, I’d say don’t go overboard with the filters. A couple of small filters (mosaic/fragment/whatever you decide) here and there are good enough each frame.

Put in unaltered frames between the glitchiness to make the eye think maybe you saw it wrong, hehe. I like making my glitchy art start with very short, small mosaics so when you view it, it goes so fast you question if it really actually even happened.

Play with timing! I try not to let two frames side by side stand for the same time. No 0.1 second frame next to another 0.1 second. Think about which frames you want to stand out more than others!

It’s okay to get creative. I’ve done lots of different things. I’ve made frames flip upside, used 3D effects, and played with other filters. My favorite tho, will always be the mosaic. You just can’t go wrong with it!

(*ノ▽ノ) Tbh, that’s really it. I think it’s really fun, and you can make some really cool art with using some simple filters! Try it out! I hope you will, hehe.


;___; Oh my god, I loved this show as a kid!! Pashmina was my very, very favorite!! I don’t remember the show very well, but I remember liking Stan/Pashmina, lol!

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Roi-chan I really love your art!! If you can Kano #18 as an adult, please? Thank you so much!

;///v////; Awwww, thank you so much, ahaha! You’re too kind! //// Here’s an adult Kano, tho I sort of combined it with winter clothes, lol. || send a chara & number

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I just wanna cry along with you and then hug you and all your OC'S. HOW MANY DO YOU HAVE THO. Cause i'm afraid my arms might give out. or fall off. or worse. /hugs you covered in mustard


44 folders // 42 stories. one folder is for misc crossover oc stuff, the other is for friend’s ocs. 

not all ocs are screencapped here, ahahaha. some i didn’t like their refs and others don’t even have refs? i’m missing at least two whole story’s worth of ocs.

if you wanna see up close:

44 FOLDERS which i cannot name my stories for crap loling.

PART 1 of all my ocs.

PART 2 of all my ocs.

PART 3 of all my ocs.

PART 4 of all my ocs.

I left out time skips, too. Also you’ll notice some charas are missing, like Devil Aiyana who I draw very often, but her human form is here!

Ahahaha, i-it doesn’t feel like a lot tbh??? I love making stories. *//q//* And I’m really excited to make even more!!

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AAAAHHHH <3 d'c' is actually too cute for me. Is my hete otp, and I think this ship is in top 3 or 2 too!! Finally I found someone that ship them so much as me ;; ////

I JUST REALIZED WHAT D’C’ STANDS FOR LOLING- frick clever, i like that–!! ^ q^///

//sobs onto u anon-san// we’re in this together ok!!! u vu/// cOME TO ME WITH ALL THEM D’C’ REQUESTS THEN HAHAHA ////

i think it’s just so very cute in a strange way.. sighs.

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Albino orphan anon: Lmao I'll draw her and tag you in the post so you can see. She's my pride and joy.

;____; Omg she’s a lil precious cinnamon roll. //////

orz I hope you don’t mind if I did a quick cheeb of her ahahah //////rolls away!!

aura–tan!! ^ q^; gomen for tagging I just wanted to make sure you saw hahaah!!

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Oh my that sounds really awesome :DDD Id love to read it! Did you post it anywhere online (either your blog or some other website)?

8//7//8 Oh man haha, thank you so kindly! ////

Sadly we don’t really have any of the actual story content anywhere! We do have a shared tumblr blog for our stories over at Awkward Brigade! It goes quiet a lot since we’re all so busy! ;;; But we try to keep all art for the stories we create together there!

I do admittedly do a lot of doodles that I don’t end up uploading bc I don’t think they’re worth it, as well as we have a lot of traditional art things and RPs we’ve done that we’ve never uploaded!

The coolest thing I think we ever did was make a Clue game out of the boat story cast! ^ q^///// It was really fun and we can RP our characters in a game!

All did in basically 24 hours, ahahaha. I wish we had more time but we were rushing to make sure Amber caught the train home and everything/Staples was about to close oops lol! ^ q^)9;;;;; They hated us that day, I’m sure of it.

With my friends help, I’d love to one day make either story into a comic! ;;;; Especially because both are done. We know who survives, we know how everybody dies and whatnot. There’s even a timeline we have saved detailing what happens simultaneously!