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Royai Alphabet Series: C

Sorry that it’s taken me so long to get this up. That’s the problem with not having any internet, not to mention my living situation has been difficult as of late. I’ll probably continue to be more sporadic with my postings and with my replying to people, but fear not, I haven’t stopped writing! With no internet means more time to write with less distraction. That being said, I had fun with this one, and it’s the first time I’ve written Ling, so let’s have some fun!

C is for Children

There looked to be enough food to feed a small village on the table before him. Roy was pretty damn hungry and had found a love for traditional Xingese food, but he did not think that they would be able to eat all of what was in front of them. He couldn’t name most of the stuff that was on the table, except for picking out a protein and some vegetables here and there. It had been decades since he’d ever wanted for food, but this would have possibly fed the entire orphanage that he’d lived in for a few months of his childhood and the staff.

“It really wasn’t necessary to go to such lengths, Alphonse,” Roy finally managed, still gaping at the spread.

Princess May strolled around the table to place the last bit of silverware down. “You haven’t eaten with my half brother yet, have you?”

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HyuRoi + SU au requested by @sunflower-chan​ !! Roy’s gem is Citrine ( just because it’s the ‘success stone’ tbh ) and Hughes’ is, ironically, Fire Opal.

I only add an extra limb to their fusion for the Aesthetic™ since their fusion is supposed to be as human-looking as Garnet bc they r made of love.

Royai Alphabet Series: D

So sorry about the wait! Not having had internet for over two weeks has been the death of me. Also, I kind of skimped on this because I didn’t feel like doing research on my phone, so I glazed over the actual wedding. Apologies, but there’s only so much loading I can take. With that being said, enjoy the fluff and only a hint of angst!

D is for Dream

The wedding had been what dreams were made of. It had been a traditional Xingese wedding, amplified by a hundred with what Roy could only assume were a hundred additions tacked on because it was the first actual royal wedding of the country. For the most part, when princes and princesses were married off, it was merely to further gain and while they were more proper and exceptional than the everyday wedding in Xing, nothing could compare to the wedding between the Emperor and the first ever true Empress of Xing.

Honestly, Roy had only been able to understand bits here and there. The entire ceremony had been performed in Xingese and there were so many things going on that he’d had trouble focusing on just one thing, much less the language that he had a dim grasp on. At least he knew more than Riza. Other languages had never been her forte, try as she might, while he’d had a ridiculous amount of words borrowed from foreign languages crammed into his brain during his alchemy training. Luckily, the skill had rubbed off on him, and he’d spent nearly the past twenty years reading up on different languages.

It shamed him a little to realize that he knew more Drachman than Xingese, considering his heritage, but for some reason, he’d stayed away from the language. It was almost like it was too close to something real, too close to the past that he had lost and would never get back, too close to the mother whom he could barely remember beyond a proud face, a loving touch, and a beautiful singing voice. Just studying the language briefly before their trip for the wedding had reminded him of things he’d long thought were forgotten.

Besides what he’d read in a few books, he didn’t know how weddings in Xing were performed, but they certainly weren’t anything like they were in Amestris. The ceremony was much more formal and involved a lot of rituals that went right over Roy’s head. It was interesting though. Even Alphonse, who had probably seen a Xingese wedding or two during his stay in the country, seemed absolutely entranced. Ed, on the other hand, watched with narrowed, suspicious eyes and damn near choked once the incense was burned to high heaven. May and Winry both were teary-eyed with May holding little babbling Ben in her lap while Winry cradled a sleeping Sara.

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Royai Alphabet Series: B

So I really enjoyed writing this one, if only because I got to write a character that I’ve never written before. There are so many parallels between Lan Fan and Riza that it wounds me, and I need like 500 more fics about these two incredible and protective women.

B is for Bride

The gardens were quite possibly the most beautiful and enchanting part of the Royal Palace. Riza found that she naturally gravitated to the colorful and lush gardens during the few moments that she had some time to herself. If she was not standing in Roy’s shadow or at his side while they met with some of the higher members of the court, princes and princess of other clans, and others that were highly esteemed, then she found herself wrapped up in the any sort of adventures that Alphonse or May could conjure for them.

Both the princess and younger Elric were ecstatic to have them around and gave them an enthusiastic and incredible view of the city, all the while somehow managing to give Roy and Riza much needed personal space and time together. How they managed to do that in such a large city was beyond her, but she was quite grateful for it nonetheless. She and Roy hadn’t had many opportunities to do such things back in Amestris.

Still, Riza was someone that quite liked time to herself. It gave her a chance to recuperate and gather her thoughts. This trip had certainly put a lot of thoughts in her mind that she’d actively avoided thinking about. She didn’t have the skill to sort through everything on her mind while in the presence of other people, not like Roy, and so she needed quiet times where she could recharge and think about everything.

A trip through the gardens gave her the perfect opportunity to do so. While Roy was having a meeting with the emperor and the highest members of the court, Riza was given a chance to have some alone time. Sure, it had disgruntled her at first, not being able to stand at his side and guard his back, but Roy had given her a reassuring look that everything would be fine, wiggling his gloved fingers at her. Besides, if Riza thought she had been put out by not being allowed into the room with Roy, it was nothing compared to the silent stormy look on Lan Fan’s face. She was going to be married to the man in a day’s time, but she still considered herself her bodyguard.

Poor girl, Riza mused with a smile on her face as she looked down at the koi fish in a small, man-made pond. It wasn’t easy loving a man that you had promised to protect with your life.

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i would part the sea - royai (2)

Because I am an insanely evil person, I decided to do this into three parts, if only because I felt like this would be the perfect ending to the second part. It just felt…fitting. And because it’s long as hell and I know that I’m going to ramble a lot more to tie things up. Also, I’ve decided to just tie these all together in one neat tag: “royai wedding”. Because organization!

i would part the sea
part two

“If you don’t relax, you’re gonna have a heart attack, Chief,” Havoc hissed discreetly from his position.

Roy shot his best man a quick glower and then looked back as the last bridesmaid and groomsman made their way down the aisle. Breda gave him a thumbs up, to which Roy nodded his head gratefully, but that still didn’t make him feel any better – or worse. He watched as Breda let go of Gracia Hughes so that she could take her spot next to Princess May Chang and then he stepped in line next to Alphonse.

When his eyes cast a furtive glance throughout the crowd, his heart began to beat wildly. There were so many people, some he was almost certain that he didn’t possibly know past reputation. Honestly, this whole thing was bigger than either of them had wanted, but the idea that the new Fuhrer of Amestris could get away with a simple ceremony had been a pipedream. It was the talk of the nation. Everyone loved the idea of the Fuhrer being a family man, as a former Fuhrer had proven so well.

Sure, the man had turned out to be a homunculus and his fake son also a diabolical homunculus, but as far as the general public of Amestris was concerned, King Bradley and Selim Bradley were every day humans that had loved one another as a family and sacrificed themselves for their country, instead of the opposite way around. If those were the examples Roy had to lead by, well, he could be the family man people wanted to see.

He could be the husband and father that he was supposed to be.

It was only when his eyes dropped to the young boy at his side that Roy’s pulse began to steady again. His little Bug was five, just now able to reach up to his waist. His hair that Riza had no doubt tried to tame before the ceremony began was already beginning to fall into its typical messy pattern. When Aidan had shyly asked if Roy would slick his hair back like his, Roy had been ecstatic and had done so – but then the moment he’d started to run his fingers through his own hair while pacing the room, Aidan had done the same. Like father, like son.

Havoc wasn’t wrong about Roy being anxious though. It had nothing to do with the fact that there were so many people around to witness the wedding. It wasn’t that he was worried because he had found a few gray hairs this morning. It didn’t even have anything to do with the idea that something might go wrong. The moment he had finished getting ready and caught sight of himself in his dress blues, Roy’s brain had decided to toss around the idea that Riza might not actually want to get married to him.

“She had a kid with you, didn’t she?” had been Edward’s dry attempt at comforting his concerns.

Looking down at that kid now, Roy felt as if all his fears were nothing more than silly thoughts. Riza wanted to marry him – she had agreed to follow him a thousand times again and again in so many different ways – she wanted to be his wife. But more than that, she wanted to be a family just as much as he did. This wedding was more than about the two of them becoming husband and wife. It was more than some publicity to be touted around in the newspapers and on the radio. This day was for their son perhaps even more than it was for them.

Roy would never again have to explain to his son why he wasn’t home for the past three days. Riza would not have to gently correct him whenever he slipped up and called Roy by anything other than his title or surname. He wouldn’t be forced to pretend that the truth that everyone knew wasn’t real. His son had been so utterly strong during these years. Perhaps his struggle was just another sin on Roy’s and Riza’s plates, but this time, they would be able to carry it together.

As if sensing eyes on him, Aidan peered up at him and a goofy lopsided grin appeared on his face, one that Roy couldn’t help but respond back with. It was so strange seeing that grin on someone else’s face when he could recognize it in his own reflection so easily. In a way, looking at his son was an awful lot like looking into some sort of time traveling mirror. But instead of that grin hiding secrets like his normally did, it showed happiness and excitement for what was to come.

A simple grin from his son was all the boost in confidence and emotional support that Roy needed.

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i would part the sea - royai (3)

Well here it is, the third and final part to the wedding/assassination fic! I’m not terribly pleased with how it turned out, if only because it was difficult juggling so many characters and still keeping it in the type of POV that I’m so fond of writing, but whatever. I didn’t expect to finish this tonight, so it was a happy surprise. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy!

i would part the sea
part three

A single gunshot rang out in the air, echoing in the hallway, and then there was silence.

Still on his knees with his hands in the air, Roy blinked. Aidan stood completely rigid in front of him wearing an expression that spoke of terror and also wonder, his dark eyes wider than ever before and his eyebrows raised, almost like he had seen a ghost.

The sound of something hitting the floor like a sack of potatoes almost made him start. He somehow managed to tear his eyes away from his son and look back at the slumped and prone body of the man that had been holding a gun to his head seconds ago. Blood began to seep out of his head and pool around him, his gun lying slack in his hand.

That was when it hit Roy, like a punch to the gut that forced him to suck in air. He hadn’t been shot. Instead, his would-be assassin had been shot by…

“Not on my watch,” Riza proclaimed in a flat tone as she lowered her own handgun. She wore a hardened look on her face, her normally bright eyes filled with a cold glow, her lips pressed together in a thin line. Despite the fact that she was still in her wedding dress, she looked remarkably like the soldier that had promised to guard his back all those years ago.

It was only when they connected eyes with one another did that sight fade away. He saw shame in them, not because she had killed a man. She probably felt guilt for having not been here with them the entire time, at almost failing to protect them. When her eyes flickered to their son, he watched as she pulled back in on herself, reigning in her pain, the same way that Aidan did, as he had learned it from her. Now Roy recognized the look on Aidan’s face and the shame in Riza’s eyes.

She had killed a man in front of him. Roy knew immediately that Riza would be plagued with the fear that Aidan would see her as a killer and not as his greatest protector and source of comfort.

Just as Roy opened his mouth, the man pointing a gun at Havoc leaped forward to grab hold of Aidan. Before Roy could do anything, the man was stopped dead in his tracks when Riza snapped the gun up in his direction, aiming it directly at his head. “Don’t you dare touch my son,” she growled.

“Mom!” Aidan burst out, as if coming back to life. He ran full speed towards her, past Roy, and Riza bent down just in time to catch him in one of her arms, the gun still trained at the other man. Of course he would go to her. Riza was Aidan’s rock, his constant, his guiding light, just as she was Roy’s. It would make sense that the first thing he did was the same thing that Roy wanted to do himself. Riza pressed the side of her face into Aidan’s hair, kissing the top of his head, and held onto him tightly, but she never looked away from the man she was holding at gunpoint or closed her eyes. They weren’t in the clear yet.

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So I happened to catch a binge-watch of Arrow Season Three and I couldn’t stop watching, even if I was lost like. Most of the time.

ANYWAY. So I was watching and expecting to fall in love with Felicity Smoak because I was already hearing good things about her beforehand, thank you Tumblr. Also Brandon Routh is gorgeous and tiny Roy/Arsenal looks like Channing Tatum in a tiny body but he is also gorgeous and Arrow what is your gravelly voice even like. I laugh every time I hear it. 


The thing about this is that I fell in love with her struggle to be Black Canary. Can I just say how awesome it is to see a novice fighter who actually acts like a novice at fighting? She gets her ass kicked and handed to her but what makes her glorious is that she stands up, ready for another fight. She trains and works hard for the right to wear the mask so when I see her win, I feel like. YES. YOU EARNED THAT FIGHT BABY GIRL, ONE FOR YOU. GOOD FOR YOU.

So of course I ventured into the Arrow fandom and I’m like


And people are like. So dedicated and vicious to their love for Felicity and why she’s the one the one THE ONE for Oliver and I’m like. Yeah she’s awesome and fantastic but…

The thing is, I haven’t seen Season 1 and 2, so I’m blind when it comes to the evolution of the Olicity love story. Season 3 Felicity is a character that’s already VP at some company with, not one, but two outrageously hot guys panting over her, and I’m like. Yeah, she’s great and all, but… BUT.



and I’m like

I need to see Season 1 and 2 so I get to understand this fandom and, consequently, the fandom hate that unfortunately seems so rampant and pervading.



(and probably attempting and failing to write anything Laurel Lance related. We’ll see.)