According to The Sun newspaper in the UK, “Leonardo DiCaprio seems to have a blonde ambition — to date the world’s most beautiful fair-haired girls… and his latest flame Kelly Rohrbach, 25, also fits the bill.”

Main image from our shoot ’Kelly Rohrbach’ which is available for worldwide use with approval.

anonymous asked:

I am a little disappointed that Bregje Heinen didn't make it back for this year's issue. I feel that because she doesn't have as big of a social media platform as some of the other rookies she was up against that it affected her return.

I think Bregje’s photos are hit or miss. I was happy she was in the mag because she has an amazing body but I’m not really fan of her face.
But her photos were good, I missed her in latest issue. I also really wanted Marloes back. I don’t think it’s necessarily because they have lesser fan base but maybe editors didin’t like final photos or cooperation with certain models, there were many rookies and even regulars who didn’t have a big number of followers, like Natasha Barnard, Jessica Gomes, Gen Morton or Kelly Rohrbach but they managed to be back in the mag.