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the book louis is holding is the psychopath test by jon rohnson

Wait, I think you’re right.

Summary:  They say one out of every hundred people is a psychopath. You probably passed one on the street today. These are people who have no empathy, who are manipulative, deceitful, charming, seductive, and delusional. The Psychopath Test is the New York Times bestselling exploration of their world and the madness industry.

When Jon Ronson is drawn into an elaborate hoax played on some of the world’s top scientists, his investigation leads him, unexpectedly, to psychopaths. He meets an influential psychologist who is convinced that many important business leaders and politicians are in fact high-flying, high-functioning psychopaths, and teaches Ronson how to spot them. Armed with these new abilities, Ronson meets a patient inside an asylum for the criminally insane who insists that he’s sane, a mere run-of-the-mill troubled youth, not a psychopath—a claim that might be only manipulation, and a sign of his psychopathy. He spends time with a death-squad leader institutionalized for mortgage fraud, and with a legendary CEO who took joy in shutting down factories and firing people. He delves into the fascinating history of psychopathy diagnosis and treatments, from LSD-fueled days-long naked therapy sessions in prisons to attempts to understand serial killers.
Along the way, Ronson discovers that relatively ordinary people are, more and more, defined by their most insane edges. The Psychopath Test is a fascinating adventure through the minds of madness.

Sweeran talking about the Grammys party
  • Ed: We were at a party in Mark Rohnson's room and then the police shut it down
  • Taylor: That made us feel so cool
  • Ed: Cops shut us down like Kesha. And then we went to Sam's
  • Taylor: We went to hide in a bathroom...
  • Taylor: I grabbed Ed and I was like, Cops are here... come with me. Who would've thought I'd be the one to know like how to get away from the police!
  • Ed: Hozier was just standing behind a door and I didn't realise and I opened up and he was like, just behind there, just standing there, ...
  • Taylor: He's like 6"4, he's a tall dude so to see him standing behind a door is just... it's an odd sight. A lot of weird things happened that night.