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DAY 3438

Jalsa, Mumbai               Aug 26/27,  2017               Sat/Sun 2:29 AM

Birthday - EF - Rohit Kumar Bhutoria          Sun, August 27   .. and we all wish you the very best for the day and the years to come … love from us all ..

In the hurly burly of the day and work .. there come many moments when the mind drifts away to matters that trouble you .. matters that were and shall remain in argument and debate .. matters that shall ring in the past and the times gone by .. matters that mattered then and perhaps now too .. but perhaps distance and the gaps of our lives have given them a flower bedecked burial ..

They haunt you at times and urge you to envelope them and bring them out in the fresh air of the world .. but hesitate to do so .. why .. for some thoughts are best covered in the dust of time ..

There is wonder and impatience on them .. there is them we worked like a team and now dispersed due time and circumstance .. there is the need to get them back to assist us in the work that was left unfinished .. they shall return to us .. to complete to assist .. but .. time shall have to be drawn level, so what remains fructifies .. 

Just a few deliberations without any head or tail .. just a need to press something within, that can give us, a moment to ponder and reflect on the work done in the day .. we are at times so oblivious of what has been achieved that, we tend to brush them aside .. and drive away .. but no .. they need to be brought back, so those that spent time and energy in creating them, live with us, and about us .. laugh and emote at the effects it could have had on not just the others but indeed all present ..

A large team of people work to make one person look good and successful .. they are the true creators .. we are the beneficiaries .. the ones that got stuck in the vacuum of the draft from the speeding car .. we drove close by, close enough to be dragged along in the wave of the one ahead .. and then in one fell stroke to overtake and survive the lead so created ..

The human is ever hungry and ever hungry to be in front .. to be ahead .. to be conquering all about .. and in that search and endeavour spends his or her lifetime, in its pursuit .. AND .. in doing so we forget living ..   forget to live , to breathe, to just take in that which we were born to .. 

Tragic that we do not .. someday we shall ..

Amitabh Bachchan

my best friend has a mannerism of saying “correct” to everything instead of “yes” or “yeah” like even where it doesn’t make sense like someone just makes a statement or when someone calls her name she’s like *very stoically* “Correct.” and it’s rubbed off on me cos I notice myself saying it all the time

“Uh, I think you dropped your pen,” Rohit did his best to speak up as he tried to catch the attention of the person in front of him. The polite thing to do was pick up the item and offer it to them, but he couldn’t manage that very well, so he just attempted to get them to snap into focus, instead.