اُلٹا راہ ہمارا سادھو، کس کو ہاتھ نہ آیا
کتھنی کتھ گیان دھیان کر تھاکے، بھٹکت پھرت اجایا

O Sadhu, our way is the opposite, none has found it
Religious priest has acquired a lot knowledge and pondered
But in fact he has wandered uselessly

Another thing i need to draw is my dragonborn altmer Talrin, meeting his champion of cyrodil brother Talorith, who is now sheogorath.

The champion left the summerset isles due to the thalmor’s influence, hoping to find the empire free of Thalmor agents. Getting swiped away by his destiny, Talrin and their archmage sister fail to keep the thalmor in check alone. When a part of the champions soul manifests in cyrodil in the 4th era he is horrified and confused.

As such in his mad state I can see him blaming his brother and sister and attacking them. The dragonborn vs the champion of Cyrodil.

Bonus points if my vestige/nevarine is drawn to the fight to take on the mad god as well. Basically i want a rohal rumble.

Ones who accomplished spiritual knowledge, became the keepers of wisdom and sagacity

Being annihilated in love, They behold Beloved every moment

They complete all the milestones who possess love in heart

Says Rohal, from their heads all the obligations of worldly life are lifted.

~Sufi Rohal Faqir

Remember your Lord, there is no assurance of coming breaths
Do not turn away from love of Lord, for there isn’t any other  radiant way
Carry the load of taunts and hatred, if people get cross with you, let them be
Rohal says get hold of love, for there isn’t any powerful emperor than love