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Dating Colt Cabana

This was originally going to be a fic, but I decided to turn it into a drabble for now! Colt doesn’t get enough love.

Hope you enjoy!

- Despite his jokes and charming appearance, he’s sort of shy.

- He’ll always try to make you smile, not matter how terrible or corny his jokes are.

- He’s the super protective type, but also incredibly affectionate. Holding your hand, huge arm wrapped around your waist, always stealing kisses every chance he gets. 

- PUNS. So many puns. And no matter how badly you want to roll your eyes, you just can’t because of the look of pride and adorable grin on his face.

- He’ll sing along to every song on the radio. Making sarcastic jokes about the lyrics, or making up words to the songs he doesn’t know.

- His favorite genre is classic rock. But, don’t get him started on the cheesy 80′s love ballads and one hit wonders.

- “Babe?”

“What Colt?” You can’t help but stifle a giggle at his signature goofy half grin.

“Can you feel it?”

“Feel what?”

His grin gets wider as the opening to the Phil Collins song plays.

“Coming in the air tonight? Isn’t that a little unsanitary? I mean, yeah, sometimes I miss but-”

“COLT!” you squeal, face turning bright pink in embarrassment.


- His big brown puppy dog eyes are your weakness.

- With one look, he can literally get you to do anything. (Yes, including sex. … or laundry.)

- “C’mon, honey… we haven’t done it in like, a week” He pouts, bottom lip slightly trembling, eyes practically begging.

- He can be completely dominant in bed, but also slow and sweet.

- He always tastes like some sort of chapstick. Which you constantly tease him about.

- He takes his sweet time, using his big hands to explore every inch of your body. Then all over again with his mouth.

- Dirty talk. SO MUCH dirty talk.

- Best cuddler and always the big spoon.

- Arms holding you securely against his muscled body.

- Beard tickling the crook of your neck as he leaves soft, whispers of kisses.

- “Y’know how much I love you, sweetheart?” He’ll whisper into your ear while his callused hands soothingly run over the curves of your hips.

- He loves playing with your hair, how you look like a princess while you’re asleep in his arms. 


He’ll always take you to his local wrestling matches and comedy shows. 

- He’ll always sneak in a joke or two about how small you are.

- Even throwing in a dirty joke or two, purposely making you blush.

- You help him sell merch at shows, even having your own outfit to match his. (Because he’s a total sap, but he’ll never admit it.)

“I just wanna make sure ya don’t get lost, shortstack.” He’ll tease.

- He’ll always try to sneak making vines/Instagram stories of you.

- He loves showing you off, because he’s so in love with you.

- Sometimes you’ll make silly videos on drives to the airport, and he totally doesn’t sneak pictures of your butt. 

Overall, he’s a total sweetheart and goofy Casanova. 

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Flashback (Adam Cole One shot)

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This was originally going to wait until next month but plans changed as they always seem to. So here’s some Adam Cole fluffy smut for all of you. This is my first fic since I finished the Say You’ll Haunt Me series, no supernatural element to this and I’m honestly a little nervous to post it lol. It’s a little out of my wheelhouse. Enjoy!

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Meeting Wrestlers: Seth Rollins [2010/2015]

In 2010, Tyler Black was the ROH World Champion, and you would have never guessed he’d reached that accolade by how friendly and humble he was. Last month, (the same man under a new name) Seth Rollins was the Money In The Bank briefcase holder and the bonafide future of the WWE. Again, very friendly, very polite, and cool to speak to on a personal level. Last night, Seth Rollins became the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and it legitimately couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy. Rollins is a top guy, and he deserves every bit of the success he’s earned!