I love these guys. And how the fit into suburban bird society. These guys are the ‘country mouse’ like birds - all prim and proper. And sometimes they come to the city, but then they’re all like: “I say, Clarice! It’s all a flurry in the town. We’d best not go to the more shady looking areas of town, lest we be out of our element.”

And the feral pigeons would be all like: 'Waaaaasuuuuuup homie.“

takekurabehime  asked:

Hello! So this is a roguh translation of the interview (I'm not a Japanese native speaker, though: any correctedmistake is more than appreciated): Interviewer: "So, about Kylo Ren, what will became of him? Was he easy to depict?“ Rian Johnson:"Kylo Ren is a complicated character, isn’t he? He gave the sensation of weakness and of his incapability of becoming an adult, however from now on I’m looking forward to see his change, his evolution."

Interviewer:“Recently, the director of episode 9 was fired, is there’s any hope that you’d like to became that (the director of episode 9)?” Rian Johnson: “Because I gave to Episode 8 my 100%, I honestly don’t know, I can’t even think about it. Whatever happens, however Episode 9 will be handled, I’m looking forward to come back as a fan.”

Ooh, that’s so interesting! Thank you so much for those translations - you did a great job. 

I’m so curious to see what happens on the Episode IX front - I dearly want Rian to take the helm, but totally understand why he’d want to pass on it, especially given the extremely short notice. I don’t think his comments at the fan event in Japan are definitive either way, so we’ll have to wait and see.