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Do you ever feel like your sister acts really fake on here? Idk, her tumblr is almost... too positive? Cheezy? Is she seriously genuinely always like that? It seems a bit over the top most of the time. Just curious if she's really so happy, it's unreal.

Wooah woah woah woah.

Please let it be known that if anyone ever comes on to my blog looking for me to bad mouth my sister, they are going to come away SORELY disappointed because I will defend that girl to the god damn death.

I’m a huge believer in the idea that she’s my sister so I can bitch about her, but badmouth her in front of me and you’ve got another thing coming. I love that girl more than I can ever explain. Nobody else but us has any idea of what my sister and I have gone through together.

That being said, she has a very positive blog. She chooses to make her blog as safe and welcoming of a space as possible for as many people as possible. She chooses to be positive and happy and a light in other people’s days as best she can. And I think that’s beautiful. If you think it’s cheezy then that’s how you feel, which is valid for you but in no way means that other people feel that way or that she should have to change her blog to suit you.

I’ve got a ridiculously positive blog, too. I’m just rather more doom-and-gloom in terms of social justice. Toni sees the funny side of life in just about all things, which is really pretty rad. 

And believe you me, she is honestly that “over the top” all the time. Toni is, as a rule, larger than life. And I love her for it.


Doodles from today- day log arm design
Plus some extra embossing on the metal thing
I’m gonna add another layer of ink tomorrow and shine up the raised parts- you can see in the second picture a good example of what i did today, raising some parts which will eventually be pure shine, lowering the parts I’ll ink out
And a bonus painting of a girl in a bathtub with a goldfish!