rogues in the house


Polaris, Rogue, Crystal, and Scarlet Witch All Manipulated And Extrapolated (Polaris) By Me J.C.

DO NOT Claim As Your Own Work. Ya know the artist so share and give credit.

HUFFLEPUFF: “Everything I did, I did for the Rebellion. And every time I walked away from something I wanted to forget, I told myself it was for a cause that I believed in – a cause that was worth it. Without that, we’re lost. Everything we’ve done would have been for nothing. I couldn’t face myself if I gave up now.” –Chris Weitz + Tony Gilroy (Cassian Andor: Rogue One)

(Context: My two players are INCREDIBLY suspicious of one of the tenants of the house they’re staying in and have decided to spy on him. The Druid has turned into a spider and the rogue has climbed up his window on the outside of the house. They have discovered that his room is completely bare save a bookshelf. The druid thinks he’s a ghost possessing a suit of armor, which is correct.) 

Rogue: So there's nothing in here but the bookshelf? No bed or chairs or anything?

Me (DM): Nope. He’s just sitting on the floor.

Druid: Is he reading?

Me: Yes

Rogue: What’s he reading?

Me: He’s reading a book titled ‘How To Pick Up Fair Maidens’



Haytham’s Flashback 

Rogue 1: “Empty your pockets.”
Rogue 2: “What? Why?”
Rogue 1: “Because you probably stole something.”
Rogue 2: “What! Rude! Why do you assume I’d steal something from this noble’s house?!”
Rogue 1: “Because I WANTED TO and I know you’re dumber than me!”
Rogue 2: “Hey, that’s not- alright that probably is true.”

He gave her back the jewelry which she returned… or, returned fakes she made quickly after. Like she said. She’s smarter.

{PART 16} I Won’t Stop You // Jeon Jungkook, Vampire!AU

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Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut

Summary; You begin to regret revealing all the details about your painful, tragic past to Jungkook. Meanwhile, Jungkook, Taehyung and Jimin share their knowledge with each other in the hopes of figuring out what intentions lie behind Yoongi’s actions.

I update this series every Tuesday evening, 9pm-10pm (UK Time)

{Part 1} // {Part 15} {Part 16} {Part 17}

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Batman’s Infamous Rogues Gallery.

“Sometimes… sometimes I think the Asylum is a head. We’re inside a huge head that dreams us all into being. Perhaps it’s your head, Batman. Arkham is a looking glass… and we are you.”   - Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth

  • me, standing in the living room of Darth Vader's Humble Mustafar Abode: wow anakin i love you you're my hero i'm your biggest fan i'm so proud of u wow the way you killed those rebels?? Iconic the way you just *inhales* *exhales* breathe really fkcing loudly?? iconic. everything you do is iconic will you please step on me with your prada boots?? please sign my forehead with your lightsaber. you got wifi in this place?
  • darth vader: literally how did you get in my house

i’ve been trying to post a drawing every day so…here’s some lineless practice with allura holding… molten steel? a star? you decide.

Yesterday I saw an anti ironpanther post on my dash and surprise, surprise, spite is a very good motivator for me to start writing again. So have some courting, and arc reactor issues and getting together, since that is what @ir0nshield asked for. Watch out for the cut since this is almost 3k words long.

Dealing with T’Challa after the whole mess with the Accords was easier than Tony would have thought.

Sure, T’Challa, and T’Chaka before him, had been for the Accords in the first place, but T’Challa was also housing the rogue Avengers and Tony wasn’t sure what to expect from him.

But T’Challa was nothing if not polite, and Tony tried to be the same in return. After all, T’Challa was a big force behind the Accords and Tony could need him in his corner if Ross suddenly decided that Tony belonged into the raft as well.

Tony was rubbing at the skin around the arc reactor, the cold always made it hurt, when T’Challa entered the conference room.

“Mr. Stark,” he greeted Tony and Tony almost flinched.

“Let’s stick to Tony, Mr. Stark was my father, King T’Challa,” he said and T’Challa thoughtfully tilted his head.

“Only if you can forget the king,” he gave back and Tony huffed.

“Nothing easier as that, Mufasa.” Tony wasn’t sure if the Lion King was a thing over in Wakanda, but going by the tilt to T’Challa’s mouth it definitely was.

“I think I am more Simba than Mufasa, wouldn’t you agree,” T’Challa said and proved Tony right.

“If you say so, Simba,” Tony replied with a smile and then stilled when T’Challa’s gaze fell onto his chest.

“Is it still hurting from the injury?” he asked and Tony forced himself to lower his hand.

He never liked it when the attention was on the arc reactor.

“Maybe. It just hurts sometimes,” he gave back, not willing to tell T’Challa that it was the injury and the cold and the reactor in general. He didn’t need to know that.

T’Challa obviously noticed Tony’s hesitation in talking about the reactor and thankfully dropped the matter.

They were talking about Rhodey and his recovery when the other members of the Accords came in and from then on it was only business with them.


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