rogues gallery art


I haven’t posted on here in a while, and these aren’t particularly clean but I thought I could show them anyway.

I’ve been trying to put down my own designs of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. I’m planning to get through my favorites or at least the “main” characters.

I haven’t designed Penguin yet which is why I left him out of the redrawn image X’D

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* 🎃 HAPPY OCTOBER Y’ALL!!!🎃 :・゚✧*:・゚✧

Something the wonderful @jonathan-cranes-mistress-of-fear said in a discussion had inspired me. 

If you need your daily dose of Jonathan Crane((like I do)) you should go to their blog and hit that follow button ;>

Was listening to @theriddlerspeaks and loved how easily annoyed this fool was
Also, been trying to figure out a design for Ed, so I lazily colored it with highlighters for reference.


Arkham’s Mix Tape // On 8Tracks

Harvey Dent: Angela [Theme from Taxi] // Bob James :: Lawyers in Love // James Browne :: When it’s Love // Van Halen

Jervis Tetch: English Tea // Paul McCartney :: Fireflies // Owl City :: Alice // Avril Lavigne :: Pills and Potions // Desmond

Pamela Isley: I Know There’s Something Going On // Frida :: Young Forever // Nicki Minaj :: Do What You Say // The Benjamin Gate

Harley Quinn: In Too Deep // Sum 41 :: Too Beautiful // He is We :: Night Like This // LP

Jonathan Crane: Old Man at the Mill // The Dillards :: Making the Silver Bullet // Jay Chattaway :: Music of the Night // Michael Crawford

Edward Nigma: Dictaphone’s Lament // Tycho :: Somebody’s Watching Me // Rockwell :: Cars // Gary Numan :: Back Then // Julian Smith

Joker: Why Should I Worry? // Billy Joel :: Stuck Inside Your Head // Jeffrey Dallas :: You’re Mine // Disturbed :: Jump // Van Halen

Selina Kyle: Cry Me a River // Diana Krall :: Fly Me to the Moon // Frank Sinatra


“Naval and military uniform during this same period (the Romantic period) was admirably suited to the rather sexually emphatic display of men’s bodies. Military trousers where white or buff, coats were dark and brilliant with braid and buttons, boots were black and shiny. Between the gleaming short-waisted coat (or breastplate) and the glittering boots was a soft, creamy expanse of pale, tight-fitting doeskin. Paintings of Napoleonic heroes in action display this costume, which has the effect of riveting the eye on the male crotch in a way not customary in art since the prevalence of the sixteenth-century codpiece.” - Seeing Through Clothes, Anne Hollander [click image for details]