we’ve challenged restauranteur and drink wizard johnny swet with our hard-hitting 10 questions.  he graciously took time from jimmy, the skylark and rogue & canon to give us the following:

• coffee or tea? tea, gave up coffee 6 months ago
• what is your catch phrase in the kitchen? “time to man up gents”
• if you weren’t a restauranteur/drink guru, what would you be doing? probably a merchant marine
• many people have a spirit animal, what is your spirit food/beverage? food=perogies!  drink=rye whiskey
• anyone past or present, who would you invite to dinner? jackson pollock
• wine… red or white? red
• what is your biggest influence/inspiration in your career? the opening of balthazar, nyc; I learned so much working there
• if you could go to any country for dinner where would you go? vietnam
• how would you describe your knife skills-knight, ninja or vader? none of the above….machete
• what song best describes your life? “i won’t back down” by tom petty and the heartbreakers

photograph by ronald cadiz