Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist Soundtrack (in order of appearance)
  • 1. Speed of Sound: Chris Bell
  • 2. Lover: Devandra Banhart
  • 3. William Tell Overture: Traditional
  • 4. Screw the Man: The Jerk Offs
  • 5. Twilight: The Raveonettes
  • 6. You Don't Have To Love Me (io che non vivo senza te): Dusty Springfield
  • 7. Xavier: The Submarines
  • 8. Middle Management: Bishop Allen
  • 9. Fever: Takka Takka
  • 10. Sonido Total: The Pinker Tones
  • 11. Our Swords: Band of Horses
  • 12. Snoopy: The Playboys
  • 13. Go Deep: Silas Hite and Mark Mothersbaugh
  • 14. Boys Don't Cry: John Enroth
  • 15. All the Wine: The National
  • 16. Insistor: Tapes 'N Tapes
  • 17. Just the Way You Are: Billy Joel
  • 18. Wannabe: Spice Girls
  • 19. After Hours: We Are Scientists
  • 20. Kennedy: Ratatat
  • 21. Negative: Project Jenny, Project Jan
  • 22. Very Loud: Shout Out Louds
  • 23. Where There's A Will There's a Whalebone: Islands
  • 24. Why: Colin Kiddy
  • 25. Slight of Hand: Army Navy
  • 26. Trust your Stomach: Marching Band
  • 27. 12 Gays of Christmas: John Cantwell
  • 28. Baby You're my Light: Richard Hawley
  • 29. Karate: Kennedy
  • 30. Little Motel: Modest Mouse
  • 31. You Sexy Thing: Hot Chocolate
  • 32. Riot Radio: The Dead 60s
  • 33. Silvery Sleds: Army Navy
  • 34. How to Say Goodbye: Paul Tiernan
  • 35. Last Words: The Real Tuesday Weld
  • 36. Ottoman: Vampire Weekend
  • 37. Electro Socket Blues: Rogue Wave

[Headcanon based upon the Canary Wave/Captain Canary Wave ship: Mick rarely calls Sara by her first name, and instead has a plethora of bird-related nicknames for her.

Birdie” is the most common one. He tends to call her this as a default more than a pet name. This is just what he calls her in day-to-day life. If he calls her Sara or Lance, it’s usually to someone else who doesn’t know her nicknames - so basically everyone but Len.

Lovebird” is both a nickname he uses to tease her, and a nickname he uses in softer, more affectionate moments. It’s a pet name for warmer times, when there’s no one but them around. This is the nickname he uses when they’re out for drinks together, or sprawled out together on a bed or sofa.

Chickadee” is a nickname he tends to use when he’s concerned or worried about her. “Lovebird” is a nickname for when they’re safe, when they’re happy, and as much as he sometimse wants to use it in life-or-death situations, he feels strongly about not giving it any negative connotations or memories. Another scenario when he uses “Chickadee” is when he’s drunk. It’s just the first name that comes to mind; mainly because it’s way too much fun to say.

Dove” is a very rare nickname. He’s usually been drinking - just a little bit - when he uses it. And it’s only during the uncommon timse when he’s in a sappy mood. Which, for him to get to that mood, means liquor, sweets, no anger or stress or irritation for a certain amount of time, and a safe atmosphere - maybe the place he shared with Len before they got on the timeship, or a quiet area away from prying eyes.

Starling” is something he uses a lot while they’re time-traveling. He made the connections between “stars/sky” and the fact that it’s a type of bird, and it simply stuck. They do travel in what is more or less space and time, after all. This is a nickname similar to “Birdie” in that it can be used in most situations, and is often used while they’re on the move. The only difference is that - yet again - it is only used when it’s just him and her (or them and Len) in the middle of some sort of job, not the rest of the crew.]


Rogue Wave - Lake Michigan