Have Some Pet Headcanons for the Gotham Rogues
  • Even though Ivy only has plants, every rogue treats them like pets
  • Jon sometimes talks to Ivy’s plants and Ivy has videotaped it because she thinks it’s cute.
  • Jon, Garfield, Ivy, and Selina have a pet-sitting pact that if one of them is out while the others are in Arkham they have to take care of the other’s pets.  If two or three people are out they draw straws.
    • Batman is in on this pact and pet-sits for them when they’re all in Arkham, he also checks on everyone’s pets regularly because he likes them.
  • Jon’s crow Craw is a licensed service animal because of how often Jon dissociates and has panic attacks.
  • Garfield has a newfoundland named Rusty and a leonberger named Roman and they are both licensed therapy dogs 
    • Rusty and Roman have made surprise visits to Arkham for approved patients (the ones that won’t kill animals)
    • There are entire days spent with at least 5 rogues lying in a cuddle pile around these dogs.
  • Garfield also has a Saint Bernard puppy named Theresa that he’s training to be a therapy dog.
  • On top of Craw, Jon also has three cats, a Maine Coon kitten named Dullahan, a very fat calico named Katrina, and a very, very big Norwegian forest cat named Bones.
  • Selina has a lot of unnamed strays that wander in but she owns two cats and their litter of kittens, the cats are named Marie and Antoine and the kittens are all named after presidents.
  • All of Ivy’s plants have names.
    • Jon is one of the few people who knows all of their names and refers to them as such, Ivy still doesn’t like him much.
  • Selina sends people videos and snapchats of her messing with cats, sometimes the ones belonging to the rogue she sends them to.  She also has a popular vine account where she does this.
  • Jon has ended up in the batcave at least six times because Dullahan or Bones got out
    • Damian really likes Bones, he wants to keep Bones.
  • Ed has one cat, a tabby named Puzzles.