Hot Topic AU

Alright I want to give everyone a heads up that many Hot Topics will be having a Star Wars day on Friday, Septmber 30th for Rogue One, with all kinds of new items, deals, and events! As a Hot Topic manager, I am not allowed to field questions about what type of merch/what price/what deals/etc will be available that day ahead of time, but I can tell you that I will be cosplaying.

As Kylo Ren. At Hot Topic.

Kylo Ren as a manager at Hot Topic.


[My specific store location is Gurnee Mills Mall in Illinois, in case any of you are able to make it. May the Force be with you!]


In 12+ years of making costumes (and 10+ years of marriage), we had never actually cosplayed an OTP. Couples cosplay, sure, but never one of my omg-these-two-idiots-have-taken-over-my-brain ships.

I can’t lie, it was pretty awesome. Love you, sirrogue

Bellamy: sirrogue; Clarke: brightcopperpenny
Photos by Molly and Gabriela at The 100 cosplay meetup at SDCC!

So I found this today (first here, then found cosplayer here), and, uh…

External image

Wow… and, uh, now I can’t think straight. (actually, I’m thinking very straight right now, but I digress).

Anyone else remember the X-Men cartoon from the early 90’s? Because I swear Gambit and Rogue was my first ever ship…

“Gambit don’ say this to anyone before, but Gambit loves you.”

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“All my life people been screamin’… ever since I was a kid – just cuz I was born different… just cuz I look different, but lemme tell ya… you people ain’t no joy to look at neither!”

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Waylon Jones/Killer Croc in Suicide Squad (2016) dir. David Ayer