Leave it to Portland, Oregon

Inspired by Voodoo Doughnut’s Voodoo Doll doughnut, Rogue Brewery’s Pretzel, Chocolate & Raspberry Ale is the third Voodoo Doughnuts flavored ale to be released. We tried it last night and decided it wasn’t too bad! You can definitely taste the fruit and the chocolate, but I’m not sure I could identify the pretzel. It’s a dark ale that left a nice taste in my mouth.

Brewed with 14 ingredients: 2-Row, Munich, C120, Chocolate, Black, Kiln Coffee, and Rogue Farms Dare™ and Risk™ malts; Rogue Farms Rebel hops; pretzels, raspberry extract, Pacman Yeast and free flowing coastal water, with no chemicals, additives or preservatives.

I threw in a picture of a fresh, still warm Voodoo Doll doughnut for good measure. Eat your hearts out.

anonymous asked:

Sugar daddy yuri part 3 please ! PLEASE !!

Hahaha im glad yr enjoying it but probs not til Saturday cause i have a work project rn and also, Rosehaven is having a party at the Rogue brewery for the release of their benefit beer tonight!



Rogue continues to concoct insanity in a bottle with their third release in their partnership Voodoo Doughnuts. The third collaboration in the series is Pretzel, Raspberry & Chocolate Ale (it follows Bacon Maple Ale and Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana Ale) and it sounds fan-freaking-tastic. Pick up a bottle and enjoy it with whatever Christmas dessert you are having this year or maybe just as the dessert itself. If you’ve been looking for the perfect beer to both get you drunk and give you a confusing sugar rush, here you go.

Deep in the heart of I.P.A. country I stopped by Rogue Brewery and low and behold they had a ton of I.P.A.’s!

But I did find seven other beers I wanted to try and they brought a sample of a pale ale that wasn’t to bad. It must just be Indian Pale Ales I don’t like.

Also, they had this awesome local kobe beef burger that I had garnished with my normal bacon and cheese. It was delicious.