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Imperial Problem Child

just a few silly ideas to throw around, make of them what you will

•Mon Mothma knew Luke was Vader’s kid from the get go but didn’t want to say anything (idea inspired by @kaelinaloveslomaris and her fic Allegiance)

•for a while, the Rogue Squadron and some select members of the Alliance knew, but very few Imperials did as Vader doesn’t trust many people

•in the scenario imagined by @shimmer712 , Luke and Friends try to reason with the mob led by Imperial Dad. Jedi reflexes let him dodge a blaster bolt, but his jacket is singed.
•Vader showed up because someone called in the Rebel activity and as soon as he sensed Luke and heard the mob he was like “Oh for crying out loud” and marched in to the rescue.

•the 501st has rescued Rogue Squadron at least twice and repeatedly rubs it in their faces

•Wedge Antilles and Firmus Piett are on a first name basis with each other after only three weeks of Skywalker Nonsense

•Space Paparazzi. Space Paparazzi everywhere

•only the people on the Executor know about Vader’s less than antagonistic relationship with the Rogue Squadron. They don’t breathe a word of it outside the ship. Vader is secretly building up a power base again, but this time the likelihood of catching Palpatine by surprise is higher.

•Luke once showed up at an Imperial event on a Hutt held world (spoilers: the Hutts didn’t hold that world for long) and attended a ceremony with Vader, completely straight-faced, and no one questioned it until the explosions started.

•someone got the courage to ask Vader about it later. As he was in a good mood, he said something along the lines of “the prince is often quite busy, ambassador. You should be honored that he attended at all.”
“At the end of my speech his men started a riot downtown that’s still going!” the Hutt complains, “At this rate we’ll lose all control of the city!”
“Yes,” Vader muses, “I was rather surprised he managed to wait that long.”
There’s a new puppet governor in place by the end of the day. She might have Rebel sympathies. Nobody bothered to check.

Encounter (The First of Many)

An “Imperial Problem Child” story
(takes place not long after Bespin, further describing the incident mentioned in one of @shimmer712 ’s additions)

All things considered, they probably could have avoided going to Adras if they had really tried. The fuel tanks for most of the squadron were worryingly low, and they had a few techs filling in for injured pilots who were less experienced in the field, but if they’d made a conscious effort of it they might’ve been able to make one more jump. As it stood now, of course, it was a little too late to worry about might-have-beens.

Wedge cast a swift glance around the fuel depot and feigned scratching his nose so that he could whisper to Luke, “We’re catching a lot of eyes, boss.”

Luke winced. “I know. They’re suspicious of us.”

“Gee, I wonder why?” Wedge hissed sarcastically, “It’s just an entire squadron of X-wings landing in their backyard, nothing weird about that!”

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Dispatches from the Days In-Between

An “Imperial Problem Child” story

The broadcasts, surprisingly, had been Madine’s idea in the end.

The council had been small, only for those with high enough clearance, and normally Skywalker wouldn’t have been included, but recent galactic events had been…odd, to say the least. The question of the hour was how to proceed with Operation Yellow Moon when the Rebellion was under increased scrutiny. (The reporters that showed up on inhabited worlds to mob Skywalker didn’t help either. It was still manageable at this point, as not everyone in the whole galaxy knew what the poor kid looked like, but Madine had his suspicions that one day it might get to the point where the boy started contemplating wearing a mask like his infamous sire.)

And there was another issue. Having Luke along on operations where Vader was likely to be present put the entire mission in jeopardy. Not because they were afraid Luke would betray them. He’d already managed to “steal” several Imperials for the Alliance, to Vader’s great annoyance, and no one in High Command doubted his commitment anymore. (though Madine couldn’t speak for the average Rebel-on-the-street, of course). The problem was that Vader would simply “sense” his son somehow and know right where they were.
Hence the discussion of what to do with Luke during the operation.

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I’m tagging all the hilarious additions to the “Rogue Squadron knows Vader is Luke’s father and just rolls with it” post as imperial problem child now.

I mean, why not. As far as certain members of the Empire are concerned, he’s the prince who won’t settle down and listen to reason and you probably don’t want your child emulating him, but never ever let on that you feel that way if Vader is present.

Eventually in Imperial Problem Child the conspiracy between the Executor and High Command probably means that the missions the Rogues and various Imperials are sent on are less “destroy the Imperials/Rebels” and more “secure allies, consolidate resources, prepare for end campaign”.

And once Luke is outed as the Imperial Prince and is recognizable by Imperials not in on the conspiracy, the Rogues manage to conceal Rebel activity by making a name for themselves as treasure hunters (it’s all a cover. Sana Starros suggested it halfway just to aggravate Dr. Aphra).
Hence when they get caught in a restricted area, Wedge has perfected what he calls the “Lando-Solo Act” (neither Calrissian nor Solo appreciate this in the slightest) and tends to throw a friendly arm around the nearest stormtrooper and start babbling about a map and a treasure and “tell Luke this time it’s the real deal. I’m sure of it!”

Also at least once there is an adventure not entirely dissimilar to The Hunt for Red October. Solely for an excuse to have either Vader (because James Earl Jones) or Mon Mothma show up to stop an attack like Admiral Greer at the end like “Now. That missile wasn’t detonated prematurely. You heard it hit. You confirmed the target was destroyed. And I was never here.”

anonymous asked:

Imperial Problem Child-verse. Sometime during the period when the Rogues are pretending to be treasure hunters: The majority of the Rogues are running from a giant boulder, a la Indiana Jones in Raiders. A camera pans across the scene from a high angle, before turning to Luke - awkwardly wedged beside a statue in its alcove. Luke: "And this is why we usually don't let Wes pick our destinations."

And this is where we would see a montage:

Tank and Luke running out of a cave as fast as they can, screaming bloody murder while a krayt chases after them

Stampede of Varactyls while Hobbie and Zev are clinging to the edges of a narrow bridge and hollering for the others to pull them up, while Luke is hanging upside down trying to pry an artifact out of the cliff wall

Everyone shuffling along, groaning like zombies and waving metal detectors around in the salt flats

Angry Jilruans and other representatives of the Hutts chasing Han Solo over a hill towards the Falcon and the Rogue Squadron. Think the scene from the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark

Vader and Luke fighting back to back while some incredibly unfriendly locals make their displeasure over their presence known

Imperial Problem Child: Conspiracy Theory

The usual awkward silence that covered the fighter crew quarters any time they had to share space with the rebels was broken unexpectedly by the TIE pilot who had recently reached a truce with Jansen (to the relief of all).

“I think Brad is a myth,” he said.

“What?” His wingman and usual partner in crime peered up from his bunk. “Hunter what are you talking about?”

“Brad! You know, that one reporter from The Last Word from Coruscant?”

Wes sat up a few bunks down. “That’s a mouse droid, Brad,” he quoted, snickering. He grinned. “What makes you think he’s a myth? Who do you think the lady is talking to, huh?”

Warming to his subject, Hunter sat up and turned on his lamp, to the protests of the other pilots. “No, think about it! After that one time with the “Technical Difficulties” screen, Brad is almost never on camera, and when he is it’s just for a few seconds! They might not be talking to someone at all, they’re just perpetuating the Brad myth for ratings!“

"You realize that you’re admitting that you watch The Last Word from Coruscant. You realize this.” Janni was not especially impressed with his wingman.

“If you three don’t shut up and go to sleep, you’ll be myths!” Hobbie growled from down the row.

“That doesn’t make sense!”

“Your face doesn’t make sense!”

“You guys better knock it off before someone reports all this noise,” Wedge warned.
That did the trick. But “is Brad a myth” was tossed around the squadron comms for a few days afterwards.