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*clasps hands together and raises them to the heavens*

Please don’t let the Rogue One fandom become toxic like the TFA fandom has become with their hate. 

Please don’t let the Jyn x Cassian (aka RebelCaptain) tag become toxic because people feel the need to hate on other people ships.

Please don’t let any of the ship tags or Rogue One tags become disgusting with the amount of anti-bullshit that seems to be prevalent on tumblr nowadays.

Please don’t let the damn fandom vanish into the night as discourse runs rampant. 

Please don’t let the Rogue One fandom become toxic like the TFA fandom has become with their hate.

Please let there be a loving and accepting community on tumblr that lets people be peaceful with their own headcanons and ships no matter how odd they may seem to others.

Please don’t let the Rogue One fandom become toxic like the TFA fandom has become with their hate.

Please let there be many fanfictions, fanarts, fan edits, headcanons and other fanworks that are all valid and accepted in this fandom because dammit, these people are so damn creative and let them have their own opinions and let them be happy with their fantastic pieces of art that they should be proud they made.

Please don’t let the Rogue One fandom become toxic like the TFA fandom has become with their hate.

ROGUE ONE SPOILERS: Rant & theories on Galen and Bodhi’s relationship

Ok, so during the film I was completely intrigued by Galen and Bodhi’s relationship. First of all, it was completely unexpected. like, COMPLETELY. UNEXPECTED. The only relationship or connection i expected Galen to have with the rebels was with his daughter. turns out he had a strong relationship with Bodhi. I mean, his last words are “This is for you, Galen”, anyways. 

Imo, Galen was like a mentor to Bodhi. Not just that but Bodhi clearly admired him. Galen told him it was never too late to change, and encouraged him to go with what was in his heart. Galen saw the good in him. And,  For all we know, Galen could have even been a father figure for Bodhi. 

(not to say that Galen deserves all the credit for Bodhi going with the rebels, but he definitely gave him a lil encouragement/ push in the right direction).

Plus, seeing as Cassian and Jyn both lost their parents around the same age, it wouldn’t be surprising if Bodhi had as well. Cassian started fighting when he was 6, so Bodhi could have also, which could have lead him to Galen early on.

Galen must’ve really trust Bodhi, you don’t give that kind of message to anyone. And that kind of message could have gotten them both killed if someone found out and snitched. That sort of trust isn’t just something you build overnight. Delivering that message was hard as hell, and i doubt that Bodhi would have gone through all that if he didn’t care about Galen, or was doing it for the hell of it.

Going deeper, Galen was taken from his only child, so if Bodhi did come to him at a young age, Galen could’ve felt the need to raise him, and take care of him. They could’ve even been dependent on each other. 

I seriously can’t wait till i can rewatch the movie, i’m just here praying that there’s gifsets and post of the Galen and Bodhi posted soon.

 this isn’t fair bc i was expecting to have feels over Cassian/Bodhi, not Galen/Bodhi smh this film really does smash every expectation lol. I’m just a mess because of these two (and Baze + Chirrut).


I show you a trick

( I am bias over the roof for these two. I just love how Haytham look up to Shay to have a visual confirmation of some sort he make sure gets it what these shimmery curtains are capable of. Grandmaster Haytham does not want harm come to pretty baby Shay of his ❤ )  

Star Wars Rogue One Reshoots: What Will They Change?

Executives at Disney have ordered extensive reshoots of Rogue One. Shortly after the announcement, Disney posted a list of changes they will make on the official Rogue One site. Here is that list:

  1. All references to Bothans will be removed after someone on the film remembered they were killed bringing information in Return of the Jedi, not A New Hope.
  2. Mon Mothma will be replaced by Jan Dodonna for the same reason.
  3. R2-D2′s scenes will be reshot as his panels were colored red when filmed, when they were found to be blue in A New Hope.
  4. All scenes mentioning “The Force” must be reshot as the writers had mistakenly thought “The Force” referred to the Imperial Forces. They were informed too late that The Force is a different concept in Star Wars.
  5. All Banthas will be removed as none of the story takes place on Tatooine. The scenes referencing Bantha steak and detailing the theory and practice of Bantha husbandry will also be reshot.
  6. Scenes in which characters refer to the Death Star as “Starkiller Base” will be reshot with the proper name.
  7. George Lucas’s cameo has been digitally removed and replaced with a CGI version.
  8. The 20 minute competitive yodeling sequence will be completely redone as an action scene involving AT-ATs.
  9. Jedi will no longer be referred to as “Ravers in bathrobes with glow sticks.”