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Dan's Liveshow 03.14.17

aka Dan wants snow and loves bees

- He’s been doing liveshows for 5 years

- Phil hit 4 million

- “Phil hit the big 4 M”

- He and Phil went to a sushi restaurant with some friends that they hadn’t seen in a long time

- His dessert looked like a zen garden

- “If you get given a tiny wooden rake by somebody, everything’s fine.”

- He turned off the heating for the first time this year

- “Did you take the sherbet?” “Take? That’s a very strange choice of words. You don’t take sherbet like a drug.” *like two more minutes of confusion and talking about how to take sherbet like a drug*

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Fanfic appreciation:

Hope Is a Disquieting Thing by @ssundaye

This is a wonderful and beautifully written Star Wars AU! The way the characters are incorporated into the Star Wars universe is brilliant and it really shows how much care was put into merging the two worlds together! It has quickly become one of my absolute favourite fics and I highly recommend giving it a shot!

honestly i get so tired of people saying that ‘if shay should have explained calmly what happened then none of this would happen’

ibonekoen  asked:

18 for rebelcaptain on the smutty prompts list, please! (Bonus points if it's Cassian)

Woohoo, finally finished this! Sorry for the delay (blame my lack of reference) and I hope this is good enough :”””) Stay safe during the storm!

18. Coming from ass play only

They were still riding the high of adrenaline when Jyn shoved him to the nearest wall in a dark and empty alley, her mouth immediately crushed into his as her hands worked hastily on his pants.

“Jyn, not here,” Cassian only managed to let out a strangled whisper as she grinds her hips to his erection. “Let’s get to the sh—“

Shut up.“ she commanded before her teeth and tongue invaded his neck, sucking a bruise that will be visible just above the collar of his jacket. “This was my mission, Cassian Andor. Draven gave me a direct order.”

“I know, I know—oh, fuck,

"Then why did you decide to improvise?”

By this time his shirt had been pulled out, and Jyn began to move lower and lower, trailing kisses to every bit of skin she uncovered until she arrived on the hairline that lead straight to his crotch. Cassian jerked his hips forward and moan loudly as Jyn sucked a mark there, before yanking his trousers and pants down in one pull, prompting a hiss from him as the cool air came in contact with his throbbing length.

Is it so hard,” she licked the tip teasingly, “to just let me,” sucking it softly with her lips, “lead?

Jyn took him in with one breath and a series of Festian curses escaped his mouth. Cassian tried to touch her face but she tossed his hands until the only thing he can do is biting his fist to muffle the noises he made as pleasure overtook his senses. She kept moving in a moderate pace, one hand playing with his base while the other circled around his hips to grab on his ass.

A sudden convulse made him jerked backward and Jyn froze in her place. When Cassian whined and opens his eyes to meet hers, she was looking at him intently under her lashes. Pulling herself away, she tried her newfound trick again, running a light finger along the curve of his ass, and once again, he convulses with a sharp hiss.

“Jyn, please,” Cassian pleaded, his orgasm was just out of reach and her fury, spontaneity, and desire had set his body alight he’s desperate for a release. However, Jyn had another idea.

She flipped him over in one move, forcing him to lean with one arm between his forehead and the wall as Jyn began her sweet torture, biting and sucking small marks all over his ass while pausing every now and then to check his reaction. She raked her fingers up and down the back of his thigh and the mixed feeling of ticklish and pleasure made his body shuddered. 

Still wanting to chase down his release, Cassian moved his free hand to help himself off but Jyn captured it and pin it behind his back. He let out an unceremonious whine and repeat his plead but it didn’t bug her.

“No,” she whispered dangerously, “You don’t get to give me order. Not here, not now.”

Jyn licked along the crack before bringing her hand to grab on his base from behind, toying with it while running her finger behind to give a feather light touch to the skin near the hole. Every time she did that Cassian would let out a moan and he shut his eyes so hard it hurts. His voice began to hitched and Jyn put more pressure to her finger until he finally fell over the edge, spilling and spilling at the wall with her name on his lips.

Flipping him over once again, Jyn cleaned the mess she made with her mouth before pulling herself up, bringing his trousers along and help him fix his clothes. Cassian slumped on his back to the wall, still gasping for breath when Jyn moved forward to plant a soft kiss to the corner of his lips.

“That should teach you a lesson,” her mouth quirked upward in a cheeky smile.

“You’ve made your point,” he finally said with hoarse voice. “I’m sorry I ruined our initial plan.”

“Well, now I know how you felt every time I disobeyed your order.” They both chuckled but immediately fell silent as the sound of Stormtroopers’ trot was heard from the distance.

“Ready to run again?”

Cassian pulled himself from the wall and gave a quick kiss to her nose. “Let’s go.”

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Stingue Week: Day Six
∟ Past → well, we don’t know much about their past, but I like to think that they traveled a lot before joining Sabertooth. You know, just trying to find their own place in the world~  [I hope I somehow managed to make them look slightly younger]

Headcanon: Seeing as Sting can no longer participate in the Grand Magic Games (as he’s the master of the Sabertooth guild now) he stands on the sidelines with the rest of the newly refounded guild and cheers to his heart’s content for Rogue and the other’s participating (But he always manages to end up screaming louder when Rogue’s called up).

At some point he manages to get the Sabertooth lot competing with the Fairy Tail guild for who can cheer the loudest for the longest. By the end of the day everyone has scratchy, near gone voices but are happy nonetheless.

The retcon and ultimate self being analogous to how you treat your character in a video game only works if you just look at just sliver of video games, where, like Mario, death is meaningless.

Because, in many video games, death is meaningful, and you care about the characters you’ve made and cultivated. In many RPGs, management games, rogue-likes, etc. you’ll attach yourself to the specific iteration of the character that you have cultivated. You’ll care when your character dies, since you may just never see them again in the game, depending upon how unforgiving it is.

A game like Dwarf Fortress can make you care for a couple pixels that are one of your countless hundreds of servants because you’ll get to see into their intricacies and actions as they become part of the story you’ve created in that game. You may even feel bad  when that batch of pixel meets its demise, even if you find another set that looks exactly the same.

This is especially true when trying to translate a video game into a story, since the enjoyment of mere play is removed and you only have the characters to attach yourself to the story. To try and remove the idea that the crises that the characters face matter is to remove one of core parts of why you would care about the story.

ROGUE ONE  starring Jyn Erso and Kiel Ketyrn  😂😉

Game: A Dark Room

A Dark Room is probably the best game I’ve played all year, and its simplicity hides a subtle and affecting story. Part of the game is the discovery process as the game slowly reveals itself, so it’s difficult to describe without spoiling things. If you’re prepared for the slow-ish pace, and an interface built from minimal text and progress bars, you will discover a very rewarding game.

There are a few similarities between A Dark Room and Blackbar. They both have a minimal interface and memorable storytelling, but unlike Blackbar, A Dark Room sports richer gameplay that allows for multiple play-throughs using different techniques and play styles if you’re up for that sort of thing.

The game has been in the top 10 paid games list for quite some time now, and has been featured by Apple a number of places. It’s amazing to see something so unusual ranking next to big franchise games like Tetris, or LEGO® Lord of the Rings.

A prequel, The Ensign, was just released a few days ago. I have not had a chance to play it yet, but I’ll write about it here when I have.

Also, if you’re at all interested in how games are created, I quite enjoyed the audio “making of” clips that you unlock when you complete the game.


Do you like Dark Souls, Wizardry, or any hardcore Rogue-like RPG? Then you will love this very simplified take on the genre called Buriedbornes!

Buriedbornes is a dungeon crawling Rogue-like game (I’m using the term Rogue-like very carefully) for both Android and OS devices.

From earning powerful skills to collecting an arsenal of items, this game is the ultimate time killer. I can play this game for a second at work and go back to it whenever I want. The game saves all your progress automatically.

With close to 20 classes/jobs to choose from and new ones being added every other month it’s guaranteed that each game will be different and fun. (Example: Paladin, Dark Knight, Witch, Saint, Druid, Fairy, Dark Elf, Samurai, Warrior, Ranger, Clown, etc)

NOTE: THIS GAME HAS IN GAME PURCHASES! But you do not need to purchase anything to play this game. As a matter of fact I only purchased the removal of a tiny add at the bottom of the screen. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY ANYTHING TO FULLY ENJOY THIS GAME!

Please spread the word of this game and support this badass indie game developer!

They even have a Tumblr!


Steam Summer Sale Recs 6/23

The Steam Summer Sale has started and there are some great games out there. We’ve complied a list of the best games that are on sale for today.

  • This War of Mine ($4.99 USD) – This is a great game that focuses on the civilians trying to survive in the middle of a war instead of focusing on the more traditional soldier-perspective in games like the Call of Duty series where civilians aren’t part of the game. 
  • Stardew Valley ($11.99 USD) – This game is definitely on our to-play list as it has LGBT characters, deep story and farming. It doesn’t have the same discount as some other games on this list do, so it might be best to wait to see if it will be cheaper in a few days but it is a must-buy game.
  • Darkest Dungeon ($14.99 USD) – If you love rogue-like games, then this is a must buy. Our review is here for anyone that’s wants our full opinion on the game.
  • Surgeon Simulator ($1.99 USD) – This game is great for anyone who loves games like Octodad. It’s fun to play alone or with a friend as you try to preform heart surgery. Content Warning for gore and blood.
  • Game Dev Tycoon ($6.69 USD) – If you’re like me, you grew up with tycoon games and they hold a special place in your heart. While recent tycoon games like Zoo Tycoon on the Xbone have disappointed me, this game really captured my childhood. Our review of the game is here.
  • Undertale ($6.99 USD) – For a lot of people, this was a must-play game of 2015. If you’re a little slow on buying games, like me, now is a great time to pick up this game.
  • Transistor ($4.99 USD) – I love love love this game. The music, the art, the protagonist, the story, there is nothing I don’t love about this game and it has stuck with me deeply to this day. Our review is here.
  • Papers, Please ($4.99 USD) – This is a game that makes you think and that’s neat. It’s a game that has time-limits and sometimes that goes against your morality and you need to make rash decisions that you may regret. But it’s a good game.
  • Banner Saga ($4.99 USD) – I love turn-based RPGs and vikings. This just combines my loves and I can’t wait to beat it so I can play the sequel.
  • Alien: Isolation ($12.49 USD) – I can’t look or think about this game without feel my heart tighten up because it means so much to me. Our reviews are here and here.
  • Defender’s Quest ($7.49) – This is a fun tower defense RPG hybrid. It’s a fun fantasy game and has multiple female characters, which is always fun.