rogue is awesome

Magic hand can be used for nut punches

So we were in a close quarters fight, our rogue gave up his awesome plan to throw an oil soaked net on top of the group we were fighting and then lighting it on fire to punch a guy in the nuts with his magic hand.

Rogue: “I use my magic hand to punch that guy in the nuts to make him drop his weapon.”

Everyone else ooc: “No go with your other plan, you’re going to waste your attack!”

DM: “Okay, roll an attack.”

Rogue: “…I rolled a nat 20.”

DM: *after laughing for a solid 5 minutes* “Okay, you punch him in the nuts for 3 damage. He screams and drops to the ground. He drops his weapon to put his hands over his nuts.”


Rebels and Criminals?
Rogue One was awesome. A few minor flaws, but overall, amazing.

I think I’m starting some sort of practice of drawing lengthy fanart of Star Wars Movies every December.

Last year was this lengthy TFA fanart.


If there is anything movies could always use, it’s better female characters. Not “good” or “strong” female characters, but BETTER female characters. So kudos to Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones for being cool and beautiful and most of all for embodying those female characters that Hollywood needs.

A visual guide to @chronicolicity‘s ‘Resistance is built on hope’ - Virginie ‘Jyn’ Erso.

i wanted to make something cool and accurate but i made this instead (with dumb princess diaries and deadpool references i know forgive me)

anyway this fic is superflicious wonderful amazing and everybody needs to read it and send love to the author (also much love to @runakvaed and this flawless edit without whom id never have discovered it) 

There are 52 episodes which are 20 minutes each making that 1040 minutes, which is 17.33 hours which means you CAN finish this series in a single day
—  Me pressuring my friends into watching a series
A Short Spoiler Free Review of Rogue One

This movie is bad ass. This might be the most bad ass Star Wars movie ever. This movie pulls no punches and it does not fuck around. 

This movie is almost everything I ever wanted in a Star Wars movie.  This movie is not a perfect movie and there will no doubt be lots of interesting criticisms that will be made in the weeks to come, but that is true of all Star Wars movies. 

There are many more things I could say about this movie, but this is a short spoiler free review. 

I liked this movie. A lot.