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10 Years of ASSASSIN’S CREED  

3 May 2006
Ubisoft has announced Assassin’s Creed for PS3 - the latest project currently in development at the publisher’s Montreal studio.[…]

Assassin’s Creed is a stealth/action epic set at the height of the Third Crusade in 12th-century Jerusalem, and seems to borrow elements from both Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia. As an acrobatic young killer named Altair, players will work for the Assassins, a secret society dedicated to ending the Crusade.

When the tutorial is officially done in an Assassin’s Creed game and you start making plans to kill your first target


Who run this motha? Girls!- Beyoncé  

Going To The Zoo: AC Edition

Altair: Spends all his time staring at the bird exhibits, especially the birds of prey. Tries to climb to the top of the bird house and get in so he can synchronize with the birds, but zoo security throws him out and bans him from the zoo for life.
Ezio: Focuses mostly on the big cats, especially the lions and tigers. Is especially enamored with the ocelots in the rainforest exhibit, and spends at least $15 on feed pellets in the petting zoo in an attempt to charm hot single women.
Edward: He likes the tropical rainforest building, and especially admires the poison dart frogs. Walks around all day in an Indiana Jones outfit and goes into the reptile house to pet snakes (as he hasn’t seen Raiders of The Lost Ark yet, he doesn’t understand why people are giving him weird looks).
Haytham: The first thing he takes Connor to see is the primates. He tries to get Connor interested in them, but drags him away as soon as the monkeys start doing gross things. Ends up talking to a zookeeper for an extended period of time about the history of wolves in North America, and subsequently loses track of Connor.
Connor: After the monkey fiasco, he ends up in the Animals of North America area, where he gets thrown out after trying to liberate all of the animals (and coming pretty close to succeeding). He is given a lifetime ban from the zoo, but nobody seems to notice (at least not for a while) that he succeeded in liberating a grizzly bear to the North parking lot.
Arno: Spends his time in the bird house, buying feeder sticks and letting birds sit on his figner like some sort of Disney prince. Actually sings to them for a long while, and attracts plenty of children… and a cute ornithologist, who gives him her number.
Shay: Penguins. That’s all he’s there for, just penguins and their cute antics. Buys a penguin hat, a large stuffed penguin souvenir, and eats three penguin shaped popsicles.
Jacob: After dragging Evie to the Gorilla exhibit and making at least eight Harambe jokes, he becomes fixated on the pandas and won’t leave them for an hour. He moves on to the Elephant House, where he breaks in and tries to ride one (it seems he remembers the story of Hannibal) and earns himself a lifetime ban from the zoo.
Evie: Unwillingly follows Jacob to the gorilla enclosure, and ditches him to go hang out with Desmond after she gets sick of Jacob’s Harambe jokes. Goes with Desmond into the Butterfly house and admires the flamingoes. Manages to make it to the giraffe show and pets a giraffe.

Desmond: Rather crankily pays $209.50USD for ten adult zoo tickets for everyone. Starts out by making eye contact with the prairie dogs and loitering near the meerkats until Evie runs into him and they visit the butterflies and flamingoes. Wraps up his day by babysitting Altair, Connor, and Jacob in the van after they earn their lifetime bans from the zoo.

Ordering Pizza: AC Edition

Altair: gets a pineapple and ham pizza with extra garlic in the sauce. Eats five slices really fast, vomits in the sink, and has to be forcibly restrained from eating more pizza. Secretly resolves to get more pizza and eat it again.
Ezio: opts for a pizza margherita (tomatoes, olive oil, basil, and mozzarella), mostly because he’s pretty sure he’s eaten something like this before. Orders it from Domino’s, using their 5.99 deal in combination with Altair and Evie’s orders. Won’t shut up about Evie’s choice of the “Italian sausage” topping.
Edward: goes for the manly all-meat man-pizza, with bacon, steak, ham, sausage, and pepperoni. Adds chicken, spinach, olives and half anchovies to round it out, and orders it EXTRA LARGE from Domino’s, with a side order of dipping sauce.
Haytham: Creates a rewards account with Domino’s and uses his account to buy Edward’s pizza. Insists that Connor share a deep-dish pizza with him, and gets into an argument over the toppings. Haytham eventually agrees to split the pizza in half, taking mushrooms, olives, jalapenos, artichoke hearts and extra parmesan.
Connor: gets into a brief argument with Haytham, as he doesn’t want to share a pizza at all. Loses the argument, and his half of the deep-dish is loaded with bacon, beef, and barbecue chicken. Upon Haytham’s insistence that he eat healthy, he adds spinach.
Arno: Gets a carryout pizza from a local gourmet eatery. Deep-dish Chicago style, he chooses this establishment’s signature spinach and mushroom pizza. Gives a slice to Evie, who is immediately hooked.
Shay: Takes home a Pagliacci’s pizza, plain cheese with gobs of feta and goat cheese as well as pesto on top. Inhales the first two slices, and washes them down with some soda pop.
Jacob: Orders a none pizza with left beef from Pizza Hut, and regrets it as soon as he opens the box. Eats one slice, and tries to beg slices off of everyone else. When that doesn’t work, he steals Altair’s pizza after he vomits, and leaves the none pizza with left beef out on the counter.
Evie: orders a plain, medium pizza with mushrooms and Italian sausage from Domino’s. Immediately forswears all other pizza when Arno shares a slice of his Chicago deep-dish.

Desmond: Heats up a plain, frozen, pepperoni pizza he bought at the grocery store, and inspires everyone else to try and find pizza of their own. Gets pretty pissed about that, because he wanted to go to bed early, but pizza delivery keeps ringing the doorbell and he can’t get any sleep.

Note: the deep-dish Chicago pizza I’m thinking about is from Zachary’s in Oakland, CA. It’s pretty obvious I’ve taken some liberties with the setting here, as for the most part, these antics take place in Bellevue, WA.

Happy Force Friday!!!

Seeing as how BB-8 was the biggest hit of Force Friday in 2015, I thought it appropriate to celebrate the debut of the arch-nemesis to our favorite ball droid, BB-9E.

Artwork by Jay Doherty aka Vitamin Jay.

629 Days until Episode IX

266 Days until the Han Solo Movie








Grocery Shopping: AC Edition

Altaïr: Gets lost and ends up buying hot dogs and wonder bread in a convenience store, and some weird seasoning that nobody can identify. He manages to spend less than $10 on everything.
Ezio: Heads down to QFC, and buys several organic fruits and vegetables, but forgets to refrigerate half of them. He spends $30 on all of this.
Edward: Skips the groceries and heads to a liquor store to buy drinks and smokes. He comes home with an armload of booze tht cost about $100, and refuses to share.
Haytham: Takes Connor to Costco, where he makes Connor push the cart. He gets some cheese and sausages and lots of juice, celery and chips.
Connor: Swipes all the free samples he can behind Haytham’s back.
Arno: Goes to Trader Joe’s and spends about half an hour trying to decide what coffee to get. Buys a bunch of raw ingredients like flour, almond paste, eggs, etc. he spends about $75.
Shay: Would go to a farmers market and buy about 20 pounds of potatoes off of some weird farmer for about five dollars. Also picks up several weird types of eggs from the same farmer for about $10.
Jacob: Goes with Evie to Safeway and fills the cart with ice creams and sugar cereals and junk foods. Pushes the cart and stands on it while going freestyle down the aisle before crashing into the bagels.
Evie: Spends a lot of time putting things back, and tries to select healthy fruits and vegetables. In the end, however, she pays for a lot of bagels.

Desmond: Looks forlornly at the half eaten weenie, loaf of wonder bread, unknown spices, miscellaneous fruits and vegetables (lots of eggplants), snack foods, cheeses, sausages, meats, flours and powders and pastes, strange exotic eggs, ice cream, TV dinners, the mountain of bagels, and the giant sack of potatoes. He figures that, in the future, he’s going to have to create detailed lists for everyone because nobody bought milk. He seriously regrets mentioning that they needed groceries.

The Blacks and the Greens or The Princess and the Queen

When Queen Alicent Hightower appeared at the feast in a green gown, her stepdaughter, the Princess Rhaenyra, dressed herself in Targaryen Black and Red. Their feuding court factions were known as Greens and Blacks from that day on.

The Dance of Dragons began…  

Eren’s Full Transformation List - Documentation

Ever since the reveal in Chapter 88, as well as the common knowledge that the more a Shifter uses their powers, the more of an effect it has on their body, I’ve been meaning to talk about this but never got around to it. But now, it’s here!

We’ll be taking a look at a full list of all of Eren’s canon titan transformations/titan shifts and will keep a counter in order to estimate the total at the end. Keep in mind there have been off-screen shifts, for instance in the training with Hange, so we can estimate the minimum amount of transformations. Here we go!

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Hitting the Gym: AC Edition

Altair: Goes for some of the weight training machines, mostly ones that focus on the upper body and back. Tries to steer clear of the swimming pool, but Edward makes him go in there. Once in the pool, Altair clings to floaty pool noodles for dear life. When Jacob gets kicked out, Altair goes with the Novice (he considers himself promoted) to keep an eye on him.
Ezio: Chooses to do some of the show-offy exercises for the women around. Mostly treadmill running and pull-ups and curlups. It’s not surprising that he insists on doing these without his shirt on, but nobody at the gym seems to mind.
Edward: Spends a lot of time in the pool and lifting large weights. He spends some time bench pressing and lots of time making waves in the pool. He decides to get Altair wet (after hearing that he doesn’t know how to swim) and manages to get him in the pool.
Haytham: After trying out some of the machines, Haytham decides he’d rather do cardio. He spends most of his time on a treadmill doing a cross-country run program. Somehow, even with all this rigourous exercise, his hair stays in a perfect ponytail the WHOLE DAMN TIME.
Connor: Takes to the wrestling almost immediately, and when he’s tired of that he steps in to a yoga class. He gets his limbs kind of tangled up during yoga, and tires of it relatively quickly. After that, he does a brief cooldown on a treadmill and retires to the sauna (which feels really good).
Shay: Does a lot of leg and abdominal exercises on weight lifting machines, then takes a brief (probably around 15 minute) run on a StairMaster before going to the pool. He likes the heated pool, and it takes some persuading from Desmond to get him to leave the warm pool and take a cold shower.
Arno: Does some simple cardio, lots of jogging on a treadmill and some arm exercises. Sees a sign for a fencing class and signs up for it. Wraps up by heading into the Sauna and relaxing there.
Jacob: Seriously, how does he manage to screw up going to the gym? Jacob spends most of his time there on a stationary bike and accidentally knocks over a bunch of dumbells and weights. Needless to say, he gets kicked out, and Altair goes with him to keep an eye on him.
Evie: Evie is drawn to the yoga almost immediately, and after spending a good long while in there, she signs up for a dance class and starts to learn ballet. About the same time Arno and Connor head to the Sauna, Evie decides to shower, so she’ll be ready to get going and help make sure everyone gets in the van this time.

Desmond: While he’s pretty cranky about having to fill out endless forms and paperworks to get nine gym memberships, he loses himself with an iPod (full of Rap, Rock, and Grunge) and a StairMaster. He is the last one out and in the showers, but he doesn’t really mind.

Day 2 of Battleborn Countdown II:

Favorite Faction: THE ROGUES!!

As much as I adore EVERY faction in this game (& every character really) I just can’t get over how much fun the Rogues are, haha! The whole concept of them is super interesting, and the characters are all unique and lovable in their own ways. LOOOOOVE THIS WEIRD FAMILY [EDIT] WHOOPS, just realized I forgot to detail Orendi’s clothes, hahaha. Will have to edit this later! 8’D