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isnt tony stark in civil war (616) really ooc? bc i can't really reconcile his actions (completely fucked up) with who he is in the iron man comics

aaaaaaaahhh yes 616 civil war, the eternal weight i carry on my worn out tony stark-obsessed shoulders

it’s a funny story anon

i was literally reading iron man: beneath the armor by andy mangels the other day, which basically lays out iron man history, and civil war is actually hilarious

you see, at one point in the planning process, tony was literally gonna be on the side you now know as steve’s, and steve was gonna be on the side we all now know as tony’s, but then they switched it, and that alone tells you how Legit the whole business was

the other good part is that tony’s character actually wasn’t there yet, you know, mentally or emotionally or ideologically in any level prepped for the civil war by the time the actual civil war books started coming out. so marvel hired a couple of writers specifically so that they could bridge that gap and bring tony to the civil war point. when civil war was already a thing


mark millar did not actually care about developing much of tony’s emotional arc beyond the immediately obvious stuff so bendis was the one who literally had to reconcile EVERYTHING in a single issue called “the confession” which is basically tony monologuing to steve’s dead body and like actually laying out emotional groundwork that explained what he was doing, and that only came out at the very tail end of the event. along with another one-shot, “casualties of war,” that also attempts to explain things, and the final issue of the “front line” series which i’m pretty convinced literally nobody read

note how?? the actual explanations for literally everything tony was doing only actually come to light at the very end of the event, in books that only the seriously tony-invested people cared to read lmao




tony leans utilitarian. this is true. civil war was basically a literal cheap excuse to pit heroes against heroes lmao a character study of what happens when tony goes FULL utilitarian. it literally does not matter what he’s doing like he could have easily been fighting for the other side if writers had tweaked the circumstances to make the other side be the thing that wins out tony’s moral calculus. how do i know this!! because this year apparently we’ll have aN ACTUAL COMICS CIVIL WAR 2 EVENT WHERE TONY WILL BE SIDING AGAINST THE POLICING OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT ALREADY FUCKED UP BUT MAY FUCK UP IN THE FUTURE LMFAO and better yet, the Canonical Iron Man Event which was used to justify tony’s “do whatever it takes!” civil war 1 behavior was the original armor wars event from iron man vol. 1, which is absolutely hilarious to me because armor wars is the event where iron man literally went rogue to ditch government regulation in the process of retrieving his technology lmfaO 


i do like civil war

i mean i do like the tony stark-centric civil war timeline that i choose to follow within the broader event that absolutely does not always cohere 

i mean it was definitely a different thing and it hurt like Fuck and yes, reading what i’ve read, what tony did actually came to make sense to me and i could reconcile it etc, but then there’s also the fact that i am a Dynamic sort of reader, you know, i am fully capable of realizing these cw circumstances were deliberately crafted by writers who wanted hero vs hero cage fighting and i don’t go around pointing to Specific civil war circumstances and taking them as characterizations cornerstones for tony, or steve, or anyone, i mean, what you should take away from this whole thing is NOT the specific political alignments and shit, you just gotta distill the personality traits reflected there and Go With It. civil war is not a Proof 616 Tony Is Pro- or Anti-Whatever arc, civil war is a Proof Tony Stark Will Not Only Risk His Life, But He Will Also Tarnish Himself And Sell Himself Out And His Principles Hardcore If You As A Writer Make The Conscious Decision To Push Him To The Edge Of The Fucking Abyss And He Thinks He’s Gonna Be Saving More People Than He Will Be Hurting arc

here’s the thing about civil war though, IT SOLD




don’t worry. you’re not alone in your concerns


The President, Daxamites, Dominators, Cadmus & the finale speculation!

I recently wrote about my Cadmus vs Daxamites theory ( for the finale but now with the return of Superman and Cat coming back and the videos of a full blown alien invasion, I have a weird theory for the finale. This season has been very scattered in terms of all the villains and alien species compared to last season where Kryptonians were the big bads and it makes me wonder how these storylines will close out during the finale. 

The President

Linda Carter confirmed on twitter that her character is a DURLAN, an alien species of shapeshifters that assume world leader positions before invading a planet, which is an excellent strategy. In the comics the Daxamites, Dominators & Durlans invaded the earth together(there were more species involved but I doubt they’ll introduce any more storylines at this point). Even though the president doesn’t show up too often, this is the list of things she has contributed to the plot this season.

  • Cadmus was a government agency last season whose purpose was to prepare for an alien invasion or the day aliens visit earth with hostile intentions. The beginning of this season, she dismantled the organisation after introducing a bill for alien rights. The agency went rogue and serves Lillian Luthor’s personal agendas now. 
  • She learned everything about the DEO.
  • She ordered the DEO to not engage with the Daxamites, hinting that they might be on the same team.


The Dominators were introduced for a reason for the four way crossover storyline and their story hasn’t ended because there has to be a reason why Supergirl visited Slaver’s moon this season and messed with their operations. What do we know about the Dominators:

  • They have the means to stage an invasion from what they attempted on Barry’s alternate universe during the crossover (Remember that it never happened on Supergirl’s earth)
  • They do business on slaver’s moon & have access to the portal’s technology 
  • They have great relationships with Daxamites considering how the Dominator bowed to Mon-el and probably ratted him out to his parents who later showed up on Slaver’s moon looking for him.
  • They don’t like Supergirl very much after the damage she caused on Slaver’s Moon.


After Queen Rhea’s declarations of having plans for this world, the fact that her plans of rebuilding Daxam won’t work anymore after Mon-El’s rejection and the fact that she is an evil genius, I doubt that her plan is just to send the few people on her ship to attack National city.


Lillian has been going on and on about aliens becoming hostile someday and Cadmus being on the right side of history when an alien invasion comes. After saying that on repeat the entire season, if Cadmus doesn’t interfere in this invasion, their entire storyline makes no sense. What do we know about Cadmus?

  • Its a super shady rogue ex-secret government agency whose sole purpose is to fight aliens and alien invasion.
  • Lillian procured a box from Lex’s liar when she kidnapped Lena that has a weapon that made her happier than the time she found a genocidal bioweapon against aliens. So she obviously has a secret weapon against aliens that hasn’t been disclosed until now.
  • They have research on weaknesses of all alien species after decades of torturing and experimenting aliens (remember how Jonn was being transferred to Cadmus for being experimented on last season, after revealing himself)

Superman’s visit?

Considering all these open storylines, what if the finale is about the joint alien invasion where the Daxamites have the support of Durlans and Dominators? Maybe it starts out with just the Daxamites but they bring in their Dominator allies into the mix for an army and firepower. And maybe the Durlans use it as the perfect opportunity to hatch the invasion plans they’ve been brewing for earth and the president reaches out to Queen Rhea. (Maybe that’s why spoilers say that the situation is so dire that we might not have a CatCo by the end and maybe that’s why Cat Grant is in town because her city is at war with aliens)

And that’s why even Superman shows up to intervene and help Supergirl. Also it’s a perfect opportunity for Valor to rise and Guardian to finally become a part of the team. It’ll be a great visual with all four of them and Martian Manhunter. 

Cadmus is sandwiched in between because the organisation’s purpose is to fight alien invasions if there’s a need but Lillian personal agenda is against the Supers and with Superman in the mix, she could atleast temporarily jump ship and shift alliances to either prioritise her personal agendas over Cadmus’s purpose or killing two birds with one stone sort of a thing.  

 Lena having scenes with Rhea and ending up on the Daxamite ship could also add more conflict for both Lillian and Supergirl.

So the finale could have a major disaster coming our way, with all of these stories colliding, which individually might not be as scary as the Kryptonians last season but together with so many conflicts, coming from so many different sides could just end up being extremely action packed.

Thoughts? Tagging the speculation fam:

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The Riddler: Riddle me this: what belongs to you, but others use it more than you do?

Amanda Waller: Your name.

The Riddler: Huh…? You’ve heard that one.

Amanda Waller: No, I have Google–like the rest of the world.

-”Batman: Assault on Arkham”

Superhero AUs #3

Civilian Edition

- ‘I’m a superhero and you’re the really attractive, should-be-a-supermodel cop in charge of the Supers division and I desperately want you to like me’ AU
- ‘I’m a police officer, you’re the superhero that keeps leaving supervillains tied up on my desk as ‘presents’ and honestly I’d rather have doughnuts’ AU

- ‘I’m the best friend of a superhero, you’re the main supervillain’s wife, sometimes we cross paths on hostage exchanges and share eye rolls’ AU
- ‘So now we’re tied up in a rogue government facility while our respective supers try to rescue us, wanna go get drinks sometime and moan about all these goddam superpowered idiots thinking they’re so bloody special’ AU

- ‘I’m the barista at a local coffee shop and you just strolled in bleeding, battered and clad in your full supervillain costume, please don’t kill us… hey put that down you still have to pay y’know’ AU
- ‘I’m a supervillain who just beat the resident superhero into the floor and am internally panicking because I have no idea what to do this newfound power, you’re the barista who’s still insisting I have to pay for my espresso’ AU

- ‘I work in a DIY shop and you are so the local supervillain, put that down or so help me I will call the cops, the heroes and probably the mayor’ AU
- ‘I’m the local supervillain and I buy supplies for my creations from the shop you work in, are you actually going to hit me with that spade or can I buy these screws?’ AU

- ‘I’m the journalist on the supers beat and all of you watch too many damn superhero TV shows, the whole lot of you need to stop goddamn kidnapping me because I don’t know anyone’s secret ID, okay? Also I’m going to rate this kidnapping a poor 4.5 out of 10, at least the heroes gave me popcorn, you tightwad’ AU
- ‘I’m the editor for your newspaper and I have to remove all of your mini rants from your articles, but I keep them in a file and laugh at them when I’m having a bad day but oh lord I think you just caught me; what do you mean you left them in for my entertainment?’ AU

- ‘You’re crouched behind a car with me looking utterly terrified, you’re not from around here, are you?’ AU
- ‘What the hell is wrong with your city? There’s a supervillain throwing cars around thirty foot away, and you’re completely calm. What do you mean, ‘it’s Tuesday’? This happens every week? Dear god, how are any of you still alive?’ AU

- ‘I have an essay due and I am sick to death of these goddamn supervillains holding up the goddamn traffic with their goddamn overdramatic monologues’ AU
- ‘I was sat in my car scared stiff of the supervillain two feet away, you climbed on top of my car to lecture them about their terrible oratory skills and overuse of rhetorical questions, please can I take you out on a date you’re the most amazing person I’ve ever seen’ AU

- ‘You’ve been brooding on my rooftop for the last week, I get that it’s a great spot for looking across the city skyline but you’re shivering, please accept this hot chocolate as a sort of thanks for protecting the city’ AU
- ‘You launched a mug of hot chocolate at me and gabbled something about saving the city, now I can’t stop grinning behind my mask and you can’t stop blushing’ AU

- ‘I’m the supervillain that always discreetly calls the fire brigade before I fight the pyrokinetic superhero, you’re the fireman that always arrives on the first truck and excuse the pun but you’re smoking hot’
- ‘The whole station knows that you always call us before a fight because I recognised your voice from a recording, so we staged a mini rebellion and ‘accidentally’ turned the firehose on the hero when they were arresting you. What are you waiting for, run!’ AU

- ‘I’m the bartender at a dive bar where the city’s most prolific hero and villain often come to drink away their sorrows, as of yet they’ve not shown up on the same night but they just had an all-out, city-wide fight and I’m dreading my shift this evening’ AU
- ‘I’m a regular patron, you’re the bartender, the only two other people in here are definitely the hero and villain who were on the news all day today and they’re glaring at each other across the bar, don’t worry hun I won’t abandon you, why don’t you come to my table and- okay now they’re fighting, we’re under the table and you’re super cute, seen any good movies lately?’ AU

Imposter Red Theory Major Update...

Just finished a major update on the “Imposter Red Theory” post if anyone is interested… FULL WARNING… This thing is even more massive than before and will only open on a tablet or computer.  IT WILL NOT WORK ON THE TUMBLR PHONE APP.  All new information is highlighted by the date of it’s addition on 4/26/17.  It now includes all episodes up through 4.16 ‘Requiem.’

A little taste of the new stuff in the update…

There was a ‘pipeline’ that existed four years before the one known to the public.  In ‘Ruslan Denisov,’ Red discovers through ex Prime Minister Leonid Zhabin that before the faulty pipeline that the citizens and FBI currently know about, there was an earlier one.

Red explains, “Your company’s current pipeline is not the worst thing on earth,” explaining to Lizzie that that honor goes to “The first pipeline.  The one Anneca built in 1988, four years before the current one.”  The camera is on Red during this statement.

The Anneca rep gets angry, stating that Zhabin is “delusional,” and that “There was only one pipeline.  We broke ground to built it in ‘92.  Read the contracts.”

Zhabin also says that the pipeline started before the wall fell.  He states that he was given permission to secretly open talks to contract an American pipeline. They got a contract and started building right away.  That they “couldn’t even wait to do it right!”

Red continues, saying, “The first line was an unmitigated disaster…”  Then the Soviet Union collapsed and “all hell broke loose.”  Anneca paid to cover up the pipeline.  “Bury the dead, destroy any record that the first pipeline ever existed.”  During this statement, much of Red’s face is partially blocked from our view.

Red continues, “It wasn’t the only disaster cloaked by those momentous events…”  At this moment Lizzie is staring at Red.

“…hidden from view in the fog of a new world order.”  Again, Red’s face remains obstructed during these statements.

The rep states that it is all fiction that can’t be proven.  Red states that it actually can, as Zhabin kept all of the original records, “in the hope that one day, he might find the courage to set things right.”

He jokes that “Your engineers did better the second time around. At least this one took twenty years to start leaking.”

Is it possible that this entire story is a clue that four years before the Red we know about, there was another, “original” Raymond Reddington that was a complete disaster?  Was he put on a mission before the end of the Cold War (before the Berlin Wall fell) and that he completely went rogue?  Did the US government then cover it up, and the man WE know as Red take the dead Raymond Reddington’s place?  Like Red stated above, they seemingly did better the second time around.  And the Red we know also only started ‘leaking’ information in the last few years to the FBI.

Also, was Red talking about his own family, and their possible deaths, when he said that there were other casualties than just the original “pipeline?”  Is Red, like Zhabin, waiting for the right time to try to set things right with Lizzie regarding their shared past? 

  • The villains of Buffy the Vampire Slayer: a vampire cult, an insane prophetess, a giant snake monster, a rogue Slayer, the US government, a Goddess, the most powerful witch in the world, the literal personification of all evil.
  • The villains of Angel: lawyers.
Connection Chap Twenty One

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Connection.  Read Chap One here. Two. Three Four.  Five. Six. Seven. Eight.  Nine.  Ten.  Eleven.  Twelve.  Thirteen.  Fourteen.  Fifteen. Sixteen. Seventeen.  Eighteen.  Nineteen.  Twenty.

Sherlock x reader

Summary: an American forensic psychologist hired by Mycroft Holmes. You thought it would be more interesting and fulfilling than your previous job with a law firm in London but you had no idea how much it would change your life. Or really, how much one person would change everything.

Word Count: 3106

Your name: submit What is this?

Will sat in front of the small television watching a cartoon while eating cereal and you were on the couch, once again, staring at the case wall. You had started covering it with a bookshelf during the day but this morning you slid it to the side after shuffling into the living room.

Something had been nagging at you the last few days, something that Sherlock had told you about his last conversation with Moriarty before everything unraveled but you couldn’t remember exactly what it was. Something about rogue governments and something else but that was the only part that stuck with you. Was he working with them or was it just because of the key he supposedly had?  You closed your eyes trying to grab the information that seemed to be just beyond your reach.

Sherlock was lying beside you in bed at Baker Street, his gaze fixed on the ceiling as his hand squeezed yours. He had woken from another nightmare and told you about his last moments with Moriarty on the rooftop. “That was the last thing he told me before he put the gun in his mouth. That I was him and the way he smiled like it was perfect logic…”

“He was insane. You admitting you would do anything for your friends probably infuriated him more than you can imagine because he couldn’t understand it. He hated it.”

“It was like he was seeing something in…”

“Sherlock, he didn’t see a damn thing in you but he was getting inside your head. There’s only one reason he wanted to shake your hand in that moment, to leave a deeper scar, to imprint his final moment in your head so he could live on.”  

You watched him for a moment but his gaze was still fixed to the ceiling. “He did things like that with his subjects, anything that would make a bigger impact on the person. Some people feel they live on in the things they accomplish, Moriarty believed in that wholeheartedly except his accomplishments weren’t… healthy. You have no idea how many people he almost destroyed before we… and a few that he did. That was his addiction, seeing the power he could wield over another human, the things he could talk them into doing, and sometimes I think he got off on the look of devastation in their eyes while knowing they would never be able to get rid of him. He knew what he was doing to you and that’s what made it worth it for him.”

Sherlock rolled onto his side and those intense eyes found yours. “How did you see through him?”

You laid your hand on his cheek. “Because I wasn’t focusing on him, I was looking at what he was focusing on. For some reason, he focused on you, whether it was John’s stories or the rumors that he heard about you, but he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to play a game with you. Maybe he was looking for someone like him or maybe he just wanted to see if he could beat someone that he thought could match his wits.”

His gaze trailed down to your hand in his in between you. “Well, he certainly had enough people under him to continue on.”

“Do you really think you got them all?”

His gaze flicked back up and you could read the conflict, “I want to say yes but if I’m honest, No. I don’t think I found them all. Truthfully, it would be impossible but I got the various heads, the leaders on different strings of the web.”

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  • Junkrat:  In a room of locked doors, the man with the key is king. And buddy, you should see me with a crown!
  • Soldier-76: You know what’s underneath the Australian Omnium- a secret you’re putting up for sale.
  • Junkrat: Too right! And I’ve got a BIG list of potential buyers! Rogue governments, intelligence communities, terror cells, they all want what I’ve got. Suddenly I’m Mister Sex!
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List of Rogue US Government Social Media Accounts

Alternative Accounts:

Arctic Research Commission

Badlands National Park: here and here

Department of Education

Environmental Protection Agency

Fish and Wildlife Service: here and here

Health and Human Services


National Park Service

National Weather Service

Official Accounts Ignoring Gag Order/Climate Change Denial:

NASA: here and here

Death Valley National Park

I will try to keep this list updated as the pushback from government employees grows, but please let me know if there are any rogue/alternative agency accounts that you know of that aren’t listed. 


“The biggest troll in film history”


              Transformers: The Last Knight is the fifth entry in the decade-old Transformers franchise. Mark Wahlberg returns as Cade Yeager as he becomes a criminal after protecting rogue Transformers from the government. After Yeager is asked to meet up with a mysterious figure in England, played by Anthony Hopkins, about the incoming threat to Earth, it is up to Marky Mark and the funky robotic bunch to save the world. Did you notice how I forgot to mention Optimus Prime turning evil against Bumblebee or the 14-year-old girl playing an important part in the story? Well, Michael Bay forgot about that and a lot more too in his worst movie yet.

              Understand that I am not a snotty critic who looked for the art in everything he sees. Yes, I get a bit critical with my reviews, but I tend to aim my opinion to the everyday moviegoers who don’t see critical flaws in movies. All that the Transformers movies aim to do is have big explosions and mindless action. I was prepared to enjoy a big, dumb action movie with a bunch of Transformers fighting. When the movie got going, I was starting to get impressed with what I was watching. Besides a couple cringeworthy moments during the prolog, it appeared that Michael Bay was finally going to make a good Transformers movie. Mark Wahlberg is a great lead to interact with the other Transformer characters. There’s a scene in a junkyard where Hound, Drift, and Bumblebee are interacting with each other that made me connect with any of the Transformers in any of the movies so far. The movie was also playing off the expectations that people would walk in with; like playing off Bumblebee never having a voice or introducing extremely annoying characters to quickly put them in place. In the first hour, I was expecting to give this a solid 7 if it kept going with delivering on some quality. Unfortunately, it’s all downhill from here.

              Michael Bay is trolling everything with the advertisements and finally trying to have some class in these movies for a short while. Don’t get fooled by the commercials with the little 14-year-old, played by Isabela Moner, showing off how brave and strong or Optimus Prime being the center of the entire plot. That “strong female character” is extremely forgettable and both her and Optimus are barely in the movie. Once that girl meets up with Mark Wahlberg and gets to the junkyard, she is completely taken out of the movie up until the climax an hour and a half later. As for Optimus, he’s in the movie even less than her. Everything that you’ve seen with Optimus in the trailers is all that he shows up for the first two hours. Once he does finally come back, the movie picks up with the action that was missing in the entire middle of the film. Instead of following the Transformers that you connected with, in the beginning, they are all thrown aside besides Bumblebee in favor of the R2D2 Transformer, Laura Haddock as the random hot chick, and Anthony Hopkins in his worst performance yet.

              I absolutely hated the second act of the movie. The first act was setting up a much simpler storyline of Transformers trying to rebuild Cybertron, Megaton being the main villain, and the Autobots trying to survive in the hostile world. The moment Mark Wahlberg leaves that junkyard, the old fashion Michael Bay awful comedy and downright atrocious storytelling returns. Haddock and Hopkins have it worst in the movie even though it is neither of their faults. Haddock give a better performance than any of the other “generic hot chick characters”, but her character is absolutely pointless in the movie. Besides having to be the love interest to Wahlberg as they share zero chemistry, she could have been written out the movie completely. As for Anthony Hopkins, he sunk to new levels for this garbage. One of the greatest actors of our times has to deliver some of the most embarrassing lines ever put on paper. Hopkins is having an absolute blast delivering every single one of them, but it hurts to see such an embarrassing and irritating character performed by the Oscar-winning actor.

              You want to know the most irritating part about this movie? In this two-and-a-half-hour mess, there is a good hour and a half of a proper Transformers movie. Sprinkled in with the absolute trash, there is a fairly exciting, well-shot action movie. This movie has some of the best action in all of the movies so far. Add in about half hour or so of the same quality building on Optimus’ story and this would be a pretty fun two-hour Transformers movie. That’s not the movie Michael Bay gave us though. Instead, we got so much garbage comedy, annoying human characters, and a complex story that completely destroys all fun I had with this movie. Even more than the other movies, I can’t stand Transformers: The Last Knight because it is clear that Michael Bay can make a good Transformers movie but chooses not to.

              There is so much more that I can go into with this movie to emphasize how this movie sucks, but I made my point already. To quote Michael Bay himself when the fourth movie came out: “[Fanboys] love to hate, and I don’t care; let them hate. They’re still going to see the movie!” I know how much people enjoy seeing these movies. No matter what any critic says, this movie is going to make a lot of money. I really want to recommend people to see this just off the part that is really cool. If you go see this movie, I don’t blame you as I spent money on it too. However, I will beg to you to vote with your wallet and encourage you to not spend your money to support Michael Bay’s terrible filmmaking anymore. We deserve better. That being said, I felt the same way about the third and fourth Transformer movies.

The Last Knight is no different from Dark of the Moon or Age of Extinction. Honestly, I enjoyed watching this movie more than those movies. What makes me so furious about this one is how little has changed in the span of ten years. If you enjoyed the last few movies, then you will enjoy this one too. My score for this will be much lower than the overall quality of the film because of how frustrated I am about how much the majority of the movie completely crushed the many scenes that I did enjoy. There is plenty of enjoyment to have with Transformers: The Last Knight. If you are a fan of these movies, then go out and have a good time seeing it. However, if you have gotten tired of the messy storytelling and the uneven quality of the previous movies like I am, then keep away from this one.



what if the woody collective is actually a rogue government AI created by Obama’s administration to destroy neo-nazis, and it’s doing so the only way it knows how: by taking their social media over and making it a meme

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The first time the supposedly ‘rogue’ government agent knocked on the Fenton’s door, nobody believed him. Mr. Fenton took the flashdrive he offered with a patient smile, but set it on a desk in the basement and promptly forgot it existed.

The second time the agent came back, Mrs. Fenton had a long talk with him about the fact that they knew nothing, and that the government had no proof of anything because the Fentons ran a strictly above-board facility. So would he kindly leave them alone?

The third time the rogue agent showed up at their door, Phantom snagged the man by the armpits and dangled him several hundred feet over a very cold lake. The ghost delivered one very simple message: leave the Fentons alone. Or else.

The fourth time, the agent didn’t knock. He just sat on the curb across the street, staring at the Fenton’s house. It was the girl that came out this time, sat down next to him, and didn’t say a word. Just listened. She eventually nodded, got up, and walked away. The agent watched her go.

The last time the Fentons read the name of the government man, it was in the obituaries.

British 90s gothic

You’re uncertain Tizer really exists. Supermarkets sell dozens of brands of drinks, but Tizer can only be found in obscure corner shops. Everyone has tried it, but no-one can remember how it tastes.

People speak in hushed tones of a 5th TV channel, hidden amid the static between other channels. They tell stories of Prisoner Cell Block H and late-night German movies of ill-repute.

Virgin Megastore has a section called “Manga”, but it only seems to carry VHS copies of anime, severely edited and dubbed into English.

A crazed man approaches, clutching a paper Wimpy’s takeaway bag, asking for directions to the nearest C&A. He seems frazzled. You open your mouth to respond, but words fail you. You can only whisper one word, quietly: “…Clockhouse…”

You’re trapped in a house with 9 other people, watched by some unseen audience. Every week, one of your housemates vanishes, never to be seen again, to the sound of applause. You wonder if you will be last.

Front Page news - Another celebrity has been attacked by a spotted creature late at night. As time goes on, more fall prey, but no-one worries - they only laugh.

A rogue government ministry releases music collections that move to a hypnotic beat, carrying names such as “Trance” and “House”. They carry a UK government seal, yet no-one in Whitehall seems to know who they are.

The wall of the local youth club bears grafitti saying “Marathon Opal Fruits Spira 9T4”. The person who wrote it must have wanted to say something, but people are baffled by this collection of words, numbers and letters.

There’s this thing called the “world wide web”. Everyone knows about it, everyone talks about it, no-one uses it and no-one knows what it’s for.

A Coca-Cola can dances to any music playing nearby. People speak of witchcraft.

Six people from the new York are shown to the public 8 times every day. Their jokes are formulaic and their relationships stale, but people watch them in their millions, as if compelled to do so.

Great blue-and-yellow monoliths appear, as if driven by a great force, across the country. Everyone knows their closest one. The worshippers of this flat-packed facade smile as people wander aimlessly, lost amid lamps, sinks and couches.

A chicken restaurant opens near the local cinema. The food seems Brazilian, perhaps Portuguese, but the staff furiously claim the business is from South Africa. Families attend with their children, calling it a “cheeky bite to eat”.