rogue being a rogue


Imagine little Bodhi getting his goggles for the first time as a child.

Just imagine how excited this sweet little boy would be.

bonus: space dads being good space dads

( by the way I’m going to be tagging all the doodles I make in this AU under space dads being space dads )

Jyn/Cassian Road Trip AU

She’s never stayed in one place very long, he knows that. And happy though she says she is having met him, spending time with him, he can see the signs of discomfort in her: the unspoken, deep-rooted desire to pack her bags and pull away.

He packs instead, so she doesn’t have to.

“I was thinking we could try a road trip,” he says, tentative, and nearly sags in relief when she smiles.

If she wants to run, he’s damn well going to run with her.

me @ disney and gareth edwards

*slides over $20*

so how about that original ending you guys? huh, some tiny bit of happiness…maybe? like whoa, seriously…bet-bet that was some great st-stuff…you guys…wonderful 


  • Presumably straight guy next to me: Jyn is awesome. And hot.
  • Presumably straight girl behind me: Cassian! God, I love him.
  • Me, a totally bisexual person: Yes to both, and I fucking love this movie, but Jyn is definitely more badass so I'm going with her. (I love you, Jyn!)

dear John Ronald Reuel Tolkien

dhank you for so deeply impacting my linguistic dhoughts that I mispronounce extant Eardhly place names because your consonant clusters and dheir pronunciations have made a more prominent impression dhan actual real-world phonemes, to dhe point where I get very angry when some extant place or new science fiction world ‘forgets’ dhat ‘dh’ does not sound like ‘d’.