rogue being a rogue


Imagine little Bodhi getting his goggles for the first time as a child.

Just imagine how excited this sweet little boy would be.

bonus: space dads being good space dads

( by the way I’m going to be tagging all the doodles I make in this AU under space dads being space dads )

harvey choosing a side in the war of jokes and riddles

eddie: so, harvey, come to a decision yet? 

joker: come now, edward, don’t rush the man. i’m sure he’s in two minds about it. 

harvey: how about i let the coin decide? 

harvey: *flips coin*

joker: weeeeeeell? 

eddie: who’s side are you on, dent?

harvey: the coin says you’re both bitches goodbye

Jyn/Cassian Road Trip AU

She’s never stayed in one place very long, he knows that. And happy though she says she is having met him, spending time with him, he can see the signs of discomfort in her: the unspoken, deep-rooted desire to pack her bags and pull away.

He packs instead, so she doesn’t have to.

“I was thinking we could try a road trip,” he says, tentative, and nearly sags in relief when she smiles.

If she wants to run, he’s damn well going to run with her.


this isn’t even the half of the au’s we’ve come up with, guys. most of this is what we’ve done within the last few WEEKS. 

Imperial Jyn / Spy Cassian Arranged Marriage

Imperial Princess Jyn / Bodyguard Cassian

Witch Jyn / Familiar Cassian

The So You Think You Can Dance AU

College AU

Army AU (part of the college AU)

Actor Cassian / Makeup Artist Jyn

yeah. i haven’t even BEGUN to make moodboards for the vast majority of our ideas. but yay for summer break!!!