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possible spoilers.

  • ‘ whatever i do, i do it to protect you. ‘
  • ‘ you’re confusing peace with terror. ‘
  • ‘ have to start somewhere. ‘
  • ‘ you will never win. ‘
  • ‘ come. we have a long ride ahead of us. ‘
  • ‘ is that ___ ? he/she/they look a little different than i imagined.’
  • ‘ what part of ‘urgent message’ do you guys not understand
  • ‘ you want to get out of here
  • ‘ congratulations. you are being rescued. ‘
  • ‘ i like to think he/she’s/they’re dead. it makes things easier. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve never had the luxury of political opinions. ‘
  • ‘ what we need is someone who can get us through the door without being killed. ‘
  • ‘ that is a bad idea. i think so, and so does ___. ‘
  • ‘ you find him/her/them, you kill him/her/them. then and there. ‘
  • ‘ why does he/she/they get a ___ and i don’t ? ‘
  • ‘ i find that answer vague and unconvincing. ‘
  • ‘ trust goes both ways. ‘
  • ‘ i will not fail. ‘
  • ‘ yes, i’m speaking to you. ‘
  • ‘ for that answer, you must pay. ‘
  • ‘ we’re not here to make friends. ‘
  • ‘ tell me you have a back-up plan. ‘
  • ‘ there are a lot of explosions for two people blending in. ‘
  • ‘ quiet
  • ‘ and there’s a fresh one if you mouth off again. ‘
  • ‘ let them pass in peace. ‘
  • ‘ is your foot alright
  • ‘ you almost shot me
  • ‘ there is more than one sort of prison, ___. i sense you carry yours wherever you go. ‘
  • ‘ not a day goes by where i don’t think of you. ‘
  • ‘ did they send you – ? did you come here to kill me ? ‘
  • ‘ all it’s ever brought me is pain. ‘
  • ‘ i will run no longer, but you must save yourself. ‘
  • ‘ it’s beautiful. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not very optimistic about our odds. ‘
  • ‘ i believe i owe you an apology, ___. your work exceeds all expectations. ‘
  • ‘ we stand here amidst my achievement, not yours
  • ‘ does he/she/they look like a killer ? ‘
  • ‘i don’t need luck, i have you. ‘
  • ‘ i have so much to tell you. ‘
  • ‘ you lied to me. ‘
  • ‘ you’re in shock. ‘
  • ‘ you’re in shock, and looking for someplace to put it. i’ve seen it before.’
  • ‘ i had every chance to pull the trigger. but did i ? ‘
  • ‘ i had orders. orders that i disobeyed. but you wouldn’t understand that. ‘
  • ‘ we don’t all have the luxury of deciding when we want to care about something. ‘
  • ‘ you’re not the only one who lost everything. some of us just decided to do something about it. ‘
  • ‘ be careful not to choke on your aspirations, ___. ‘
  • ‘ what chance do we have ? the question is, what choice ? ‘
  • ‘ the time to fight is now. ‘
  • ‘ every time i walked away from something i wanted to forget, i told myself it was for a cause i believed in. ‘
  • ‘ i couldn’t face myself if i gave up now. ‘
  • ‘ ___, i’ll be there for you. ‘
  • ‘ ___ said i had to. ‘
  • ‘ not used to people sticking around when things go bad. ‘
  • ‘ welcome home. ‘
  • ‘ one fighter with a sharp stick and nothing left to lose can take the day. ‘
  • ‘ make ten men feel like a hundred. ‘
  • ‘ good luck, little sister/brother. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve got a bad feeling about this – ‘
  • ‘ light it up. ‘
  • ‘ why does nobody ever tell me anything, ___ ? ‘
  • ‘ here. you wanted one, right ? ‘
  • ‘ your behavior, ___, is continually unexpected. ‘
  • ‘ ___ ! come back ! please ! ‘
  • ‘ ___, don’t go. don’t go. i’m here. i’m here. ‘
  • ‘ it’s okay. it’s okay. ‘
  • ‘ this is for you, ___. ‘
  • ‘ do you think anybody’s listening
  • ‘ you may fire when ready. ‘
  • ‘ ___ would have been proud of you. ‘

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Can we all take a moment and appreciate this scene. 


RebelCaptain  -  One scene - “Welcome Home”.

“I’m not sure four of us is quite enough,” she said. Baze grunted dismissively and looked to Bodhi. “How many do we need?” “What are you talking about?” Jyn asked. Baze jutted a finger, pointing behind Jyn.

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♗: One falling asleep with their head in the other's lap for rebelcaptain pls!


The suns hang red and swollen in the sky, the heat of them immeasurable. There’s a reason Luke warned them to travel by night, and as much as Jyn had insisted they they would be fine—she lived on Jedha, surely this could be no worse—she regrets it, now, forging across the open desert in daylight. They’ve had to stop in the shade of a particularly large crest of sand to wait out the heat, and she’s pretty sure they’re going to wind up losing more than if they’d just waited.

Her companions at least seem unperturbed, for which she is grateful. Chirrut leans back against the sand with an eerily contented smile for someone who surely must be sweating buckets through his robes, and Baze stretches out on his back, his head in Chirrut’s lap. He starts snoring almost instantly.

Jyn sits, her muscles aching from the ride, and Cassian takes a seat at her side. His face is flushed, his eyelids heavy, but he gives her a tired smile, a silent reassurance.

Jyn frowns. Cassian has every right to an I told you so, and he won’t even use it. Guilt prickles at her skin.

Before processing the full implications of the action, Jyn pats at her lap. For a few seconds Cassian just stares at her, blank, but then she cocks her head towards Chirrut and Baze and Cassian’s eyes grow suddenly, almost comically wide.

“Oh,” he manages, sounding a little strangled; probably just the heat. “I, err—”

“You need to sleep,” Jyn shrugs. “Or you’ll fall off your horse.”

Cassian bristles. “I’m not going to—”

“Who was on guard last night, me or you?” Jyn asks. He frowns, cornered.

“Fine.” He glances down at her lap, quick, back up. “But seriously, I don’t have to—”

And yes, there’s a part of Jyn just now realizing that offering to do something because their married friends are doing it has certain implications. But the more he protests, the more uncomfortable it becomes, the more it makes it seem as though Jyn actually thought through this offer. (She really wishes she had thought through this offer.)

“Just shut up and sleep,” she growls, slapping her thigh. If she insists that it’s not a big deal, then it’s not a big deal. That’s how these things work.

Cassian swallows, the look in his eye guarded and unreadable. Then, to Jyn’s relief, he nods, twisting to his back and laying his head down gently along her leg.

Jyn freezes. She was unprepared for the heat that’s suddenly blossomed in her chest, the hyper-awareness of where his body touches hers. He closes his eyes, settles against her, and the frown lines along his mouth smooth out as he relaxes. Some hair falls across his eyes, and Jyn almost reaches out to brush it away.

She curls her hand into a fist instead and lets out a long, shaky breath.

Forcing herself to look away from him, she notices that Chirrut is smiling beside her. Which is ridiculous, because he shouldn’t be able to see that anything is happening in the first place. She glares at him.

Chirrut smiles wider. Then, in what feels like a suspiciously challenging gesture, he reaches down and runs his fingers through Baze’s hair. Baze lets out a small, contented noise—softer than Jyn’s ever heard from him—and shifts against Chirrut in his sleep.

Chirrut swivels his head towards Jyn, raising his eyebrows.

I hate you, Jyn mouths.

Chirrut just laughs.


{Hear you the spring}
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It’s okay, it’s okay. 
Look for the Force, and you will always find me.


{History Dream}
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a study in communication [jyn/cassian, rogue one]

part 5 of the semantics series

When the convenient reason for living together disappears, it becomes painfully obvious that they haven’t really talked this through.

“She was there all morning, K,” says Cassian, mild, his hand still warm against her leg. “Is something up?”

K2 tilts his head. “I did not mean your room, Cassian. I was speaking about Jyn’s room.”

They all stare at him. Given that she and Cassian have been bunking together for nearly a month—which, despite their never addressing it in public, seems to be common knowledge on base—this is all making very little sense.

“You’re positive you’re not short-circuiting?” Jyn asks, now feeling somewhat concerned.

“I’m not short-circuiting,” K2 snaps. “Are you?”

“K—” Cassian warns.

“Power has been restored to the south quadrant,” K2 explains, as though appalled the rest of them are only just finding out about such important news. “Everyone is returning to their original quarters. Your room is yours again.”

Jyn is skilled at masking her reactions by now; she’s had years of practice. Her stomach clenches involuntarily, and her heart stutters pointlessly against her chest, but she keeps her face even. She doesn’t so much as blink.

Beneath the table, Cassian’s hand stiffens against her thigh.

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