A Tribute

Before June 2005:

Luke Hart was a little lad who had never touched a musical instrument, never properly been given the external encouragement and had never acted properly in a play. He had never experienced proper friends and his family were all so upset and stressed it seemed like bad times.


After June 2005:

Since I have moved to Wales, I have had the most amazing life. I have met some fantastic and funny people, shared memories with friends/brothers and had loving, caring moments with beautiful people. I have felt part of something bigger - in the form of Caldicot School, Caldicot Rugby Club, Caldicot Town Bs (so long ago!), Côr Casnewydd, Monmouthshire Music Group and the countless bands that I joined and started in years 7/8. I have learnt how to pick up and play the guitar up to a Grade 8 Standard, and I’ve made my Mum shed tears at the sound of ‘Bring Him Home.’ I’ve hugged teachers who I’ve worked and strived for fantastic results with as I closed these long-term commitments. I’ve been bold enough to try and play the piano, the drums and all assortments of different musical instruments single handed. These people, this school and this community has given me the confidence to pursue this. Confidence that would allow me to jump on a stage with a hidden hairclip and a tweed suit to perform the role of Henry Higgins in last year’s My Fair Lady. Confidence that would lead me into songwriting and the very recent yet, so well-known (by the locals at least!) Hometown. For 'this will always be hometown’ - really. 

Caldicot/Rogiet/Magor is now my home because it has allowed me to be me, allowed me to open up as a person and as a performer; and it has shown me so many different opportunities in sport, in academics, in music, in drama.

A good 6 years on, I have to say thank you to anyone on here from this area as you’re obviously a part of that. Everyone else fed in some amazing pieces of my life; however you have really created the bulk of this messed up, songwriting, Family-Guy-quoting, melodramatic, insensible, nerdy jigsaw. I love you for that. Thank you :)