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I don't normally do these prompt things, but “I don’t mean to sound paranoid but I’m pretty sure you’re a serial killer" sounds really interesting. No pressure!

Bucky watches from his window as the guy who lives in C107 climbs up the fire escape in about five steps. He pauses when he sees Bucky and gives him a little smile and a salute. Bucky forces a smile back.

Because, despite the guy from C107’s blond hair, charming smile, and generally pleasant demeanor, Bucky’s pretty sure that he’s a serial killer.

— —

C107 moved in three weeks ago during the middle of the night, because that’s what serial killers do. They come in the middle of the night, murder everyone on their floor, and leave before anyone can find their bodies. It doesn’t matter that C107 smiles shyly at him in the mailroom or helps the old lady in E202 with her groceries; Bucky knows what’s up. He knows that C107 sneaks out almost every night and doesn’t come back until morning, and never through the front door. Once or twice, Bucky’s seen him covered with blood.

So the guy’s a serial killer, and Bucky’s not sure what to do about that.

— —

There’s a knock on Bucky’s door.

Bucky texts Darcy: It’s the serial killer and I’m going to die.

Darcy texts back: have fun!

It’s not a helpful answer.

Bucky takes a deep breath and walks towards the door. It’s better that he just opens it up and accepts his fate. It’ll be hard enough for the landlord to rent out his apartment again after everyone finds out that a murder took place; he may as well not make any messy clean-up bills by having the serial killer knock down the door or something like that. Makes things simpler in the long run.

He opens it.

C107 is standing there, shirt covered in blood. “Hi,” he says with a bit of a sheepish smile.

“Oh,” Bucky says, then promptly passes out, because if there’s one thing that Bucky isn’t good with, it’s blood.

— —

He wakes up on his couch, underneath a blanket, and with the fluffiest pillow in his apartment beneath his bed. He does not wake up in Heaven (or Hell, if all of those fire and brimstone ‘homosexuals are killing America’ preachers are to be believed) because C107 killed him.

Bucky blinks a few times, then hears C107 on the phone. “No, that’s not… I don’t care if he knows who I am! That’s the point!”

Bucky closes his eyes again. It’s not worth it. He’s going to die.

“Well, what was I supposed to do, Tony? March into his apartment in my Cap uniform and commandeer his laundry machine?”

That’s… kinky.

“No, no, I’ll… I don’t want to wake him up! I’ll talk to you later, Tony.”

Bucky opens his eyes again, just to be a little sneaky, but of course C107 is already looking at him. “Hi there!” he says, far too perky for someone with a shirt covered in blood.

“Uh, hey,” Bucky says, pushing himself up.

“Easy now,” C107 says, rushing over to the couch. “Don’t force yourself,” he says.

“Why would you care?” Bucky asks, a bit hysterical as C107 reaches out to touch Bucky’s forehead with the back of his hand. “Since you’re here to murder me, and all.”

C107 drops his hand. “What?” he asks, incredulous.

“I’ve seen you! Crawling through the window at night! You’re going to kill me and honestly? I’m not prepared for it. I have… four things to live for. At least. Maybe five.”

C107 just stares.

“Six?” Bucky offers. “I’m not sure I can list more than six, to tell the truth.”

“I’m… I’m not going to kill you,” he says.

Bucky raises an eyebrow. “I have a hard time believing that.”

“No, no! I’m… I needed to borrow someone’s laundry machine and I saw you were up. That’s all.”

Bucky blinks. “You have your own in your unit.”

“It’s busted,” C107 says.

“Because you put bloody things in it all the time?” Bucky asks.

C107 snorts. “No, because the last resident and their partner had relations on it and busted it.”

“Go Kevin,” Bucky says.

C107 laughs. “Anyhow,” he says when he’s done, “I’m not here to kill you.”

“That’s a relief.”

“I mean, I have killed people before,” Bucky’s eyes go wide then C107 says in a rush, “but most of them were Nazis.”

“I’m not following here,” Bucky says, throat dry.

C107 sighs. “Okay, it’s. I’m. Captain America?” he says, wincing. “And I was just wondering if I could borrow your washing machine.”

Bucky nods. “Alright, okay, that’s…”

And it’s a good thing he’s already on the couch, because he passes out again.

One Year - Steve Rogers x Reader

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1. Post Break Up Kiss - The kiss that catches both of you off guard, but says I miss you, I’m sorry and please love me again all at once without any words being spoken.

Thought maybe I should write something else than only the Batfamily haha..So here some love for Cap’ ! Hope you’ll like it :

(My masterlist blog here :


It had been a year already.

A year since you last saw him.

A year since everything was over between you two.

A year since you sided with your brother, Tony Stark, in what people now called the “Avengers’ Civil War” instead of with him, and lost him forever…

Him. Steve Rogers. Captain America. Your boyfriend…Ex-boyfriend.

Recently things seemed to have settled down between your brother and him, they were tolerating each other again, talking on the phone regularly, and even going to the extent of working together on some missions.

The government finally came to its senses and pardoned the entire “Captain America team”, though they made Bucky go through a lot of…psychological check. Just to be safe. You convinced your brother to forgive the man. If you could do it, he could too…After all, Tony wasn’t the only one who lost his parents this day. Who lost his dear mother…

Yes, things were going for the better between the Iron Man and Cap’…But not between you and him.

You avoided every missions with him, and vice versa. You made sure to never cross his path whenever he hanged around the Avengers’ Tower. You even went quite a bit out of your way (and by that I mean literally taking one of your brother’s suit to escape through the sky) whenever there was even a slight chance he could be around.

You couldn’t see him. Face him. Because you betrayed his trust, you fought against him, and you just couldn’t…You couldn’t bear to meet his eyes, probably full of hatred, or at least disdain, distrust and animosity, towards you.

Because you were still in love with him. But what could you have done ? Fight against your brother instead ? Against the only family you had left ? Besides, he lied too. He knew Bucky was responsible (but not really because he was brainwashed into doing it) for your parent’s death, and withdrew this information from both you and Tony. You two had every right to be mad…and yet, you couldn’t help but feel guilty.

Because ultimately, you agreed with him more than with your brother. You were against signing that contract that bound you to the government’s will. But…It was your brother. Your only family. And even though you were head over heels for Steve, you just couldn’t fight against your own brother.

And so for him, for Tony, you ended the only serious relationship you ever had, you left the only man you ever loved.


Sitting on the floor in front of one of the gigantic window in the Avengers’ tower common room, you sighed as you thought once again (for the billion times in a year) about all this ordeal.

It has been a year, a year exactly today, since you told Steve you would stand by your brother, since you had to fight him and his friends. Your friends too…Could you say ex-friends ? You still talked to Natasha and Clint. To Wanda too. And Sam. Hell, the you even spoke to Bucky a few times in those last few weeks…The only one you never talked to was also the only one you really wanted to talk to.

You were looking at NYC skyline when you heard footsteps behind you…and completely ignored it. You were so not in the mood to talk right now.

-You still don’t use chairs or couches I see.

That voice. Did you just dream it ? It was a voice you longed for so much…You don’t turn around, and your heart beat faster at the sound of his steps getting closer and closer.

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Imagine being Sam & Dean’s Little Sister and dating Steve Rogers

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Steve: Who are they looking at Y/n?

Y/n: Umm, I’m sure they are looking at someone else. They love you! They just don’t know it yet.

*glares at brothers and tries to pull Steve into a different direction*

Thor’s Hot Sister (Thor X Sister!Reader X Loki)

Characters: Thor X Sister!Reader X Loki, Natasha X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Drinking

Request: Heyy! Could you do a one shot version of reader as Thor (and Loki’s) older Asgardian awesome sister? Bonus points if she is gay and likes Nat! Thanks! If not thats fine but I just love ur writing!

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It was both a gift and a burden being you- the older sister of Thor and Loki. You had watched them grown up- you knew the truth about Loki’s origin but after talking with Odin, he asked you to keep it secret till he was older, and eventually it slipped out your mind as you grew up. For you, he might as well had been biological because you treated him how you did Thor. With love.

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“Yeah... Sure” Drabble

Relationships: Pre-Serum!Steve x Reader; Bucky x Sister!Reader (Platonic)
Prompt: Imagine being Bucky’s Sister and dating Steve (from @alloftheimaginesblog)
Characters: Pre-Serum Steve Rogers, Bucky Barnes, Reader.
Word Counting: 339
Warnings: None, actually.
Imagine link

“You’re taking her back by ten.” Bucky pointed at Steve by your side.

“Midnight.” You corrected him.

Your older brother stared at you for a moment, his eyes almost making holes in your face.

“Eleven.” He said back.

“Eleven and a half.” You continued, not even a bit intimidated.  

Bucky shook his head as Steve just watched you two, blushing at the exchange of looks you two had.

Bucky was always over protective about you, and it didn’t change when you decided dating his childhood best friend. Of course he trusted Steve, but you were his little sister, for God sake. He needed to protect you.

You two were like twins. You looked like twins and everyone always guessed you were the same age when both reached the teens, but you were actually two years younger than Bucky. You had the same eyes and smile and, of course, stubbornness.

“Eleven and fifteen.” He decided.

You were ready to argue, but Steve interrupted you softly.

“Eleven and fifteen.”  The blonde haired man agreed and you looked at him, making him blush a bit.

Steve wasn’t so shy with you anymore. You were together for a couple of months now, and he wasn’t blushing so much every time you looked at him, held his hand or kissed his lips.

“Bye bye, brother.” You smirked, pulling Steve to leave the house, but your brother stopped you two before you could go.

“Remember, punk.” He looked at his best friend. “You hurt her, you lose your head.”

Steve gulped loudly, and you rolled your eyes, dragging him out with you.

You were already outside when you turned to your flushed date.

“You know he’s just kidding, right?”

Steve nodded, but his mind quickly ran to the memory of the boy who had taken a kiss from you without your consent when you were a teen, and how Bucky had almost destroyed his face.

“Yeah.” He took a deep breath. “Sure.“

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Little Trickster

Pairing: Thor x Sister!reader, Peter Parker x Reader if you squint lol
Fandom: Marvel
Requested! Hi! If ur not too overwhelmed could u do a Peter Parker x reader where she’s Thor and Loki’s teen sister (adopted and possibly an Anthousai [flower nymph]) and Thor brings her to see the Avengers and spends basically a whole night telling everyone dumb things the three of them had done? And add in #21 & #33. I just need fluff atm. Thanks babe :)

21. “I did NOT tell you to set it on fire!!”
33. “Let’s just say I mildly panicked…”

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You were enjoying your time on earth, but you had to say New York wasn’t your favorite place. It’s not that you wanted to see it crumble like your brother Loki, you just missed the greenery. New York’s concrete felt overwhelming and cold, unlike the forest that were both filled with life and big enough so you could wander and not see another soul.
The only thing that made your trip bearable was your brother and his friends the Avengers. You were sitting around a lavish living room with those you’d come to know as Tony, Natasha, Clint, Bruce, Steve and Peter.
Peter. You didn’t mind him so much. 
A devilish smirk slowly appeared on your face as you glanced at the nervous boy on the couch across from you.
“Oh no,” Clint said catching your expression, “I know that look.” 
Caught you dropped your gaze and smile. “What?” you said innocently.
“That’s the same face your brother made before he started swinging his glowing stick around.” Clint joked, pointing a drumstick at you and raising his eyebrows.
“I can’t help it, I’m a nymph.” You shrugged, playing it off. 

“That is true.” Thor bellowed, “she is more of a trickster than Loki ever was.”
You smacked his legs from your place on the floor near his feet, where you sat with your legs criss-crossed.
“That might be because she was a woman.” Tony muttered under his breath making the men in the room laugh.
“Lucky then that I don’t want to rule New York,” you mockingly challenged Tony.
“One time,” Thor started a story leaning forward, “she got mad at her tutor because he wouldn’t let her read outside so she set fire around the school, making impossible for them to have classes inside for a whole fortnight!” 
“You told me to show him I was a Daughter of Oiden!” you shot back defending your seemingly violent actions.
“I did NOT tell you to set it on fire!!” Thor argued making the rest of the gang laugh. 

“If that’s how you’re going to play it brother, do you all want to hear I made the Mighty God of Thunder screams like a girl?” you turned your back on your brother and looked mischievously at his friends. 
“Oh yes please!” Natasha exclaimed leaning forward with the rest of the Avengers, all wearing enthused expressions on their faces. 
“Y/N-” Thor warned but you ignored him.
“I was feeling left out because Thor and Loki kept having meetings without me. Even though I had a right as their sister and a member of the Royal Counsel. Anyways, I decided to get back at them with a little secret I had learned about my eldest brother here.”
You had stood up, gliding around the room as you told the story. The smell of lavender followed in your path, but the look on your face reeked of trouble. 
“Thor is scared of the dark.”
“I AM NOT!” Thor declared, standing in defense of himself. “I am the God of-”
“Night lights,” you finished for him. “that’s what thunder really is, a way to light up the big, scary-wary night sky.”
Your taunts made his friends crack up in laughter and forced him to sit back down, crossing his arms over his chest as he pouted. 
“Anyways, I put all the torches out that led from the corridor of the meeting chambers and their connecting rooms so that when Thor stepped out it was pitch black. He couldn’t even see his hand in front of his face. Then I might have fed the surrounding guards a hallucinating plant which made them believe they were snakes. That way they’d move across the floor and provide some ominous background noise.”
“As you do,” Tony commented with a laugh. 
“Thor came out of the room, clutching Loki, and whispering “Is anyone there?” Eventually one of the guards brushed by him and he let out a high pitched scream-” you stopped short trying to hold back laughter, “when the second guard slithered by he flung Loki in front of him and ran down the hall screeching like a maiden in distress. But because it was dark he couldn’t find his way out so he ended up just running into walls and the guards- screaming and flailing until Father heard the commotion and had to come bring a light down for him.”
At this point everyone but Thor was laughing so hard they were clutching their sides, you wiped a tear from your eyes remembering the sight of your massive brother, crying for help with his muscular arms waving helplessly in the air. 

“Let’s just say I mildly panicked.” Thor grumbled, his weak defense only making everyone laugh harder.
“Di-Did you trip on your cape? Or did you cling to it like a security blanket?” Clint teased gasping for breath. 
“No! He was too busy grasping onto Loki’s!” Steve retorted, “hiding behind his antler helmet!”
“What’s the return policy on adoptions?” Thor muttered glaring at you. 
“Don’t make me throw your hammer at your head.” you lovingly threatened. 
“You can lift the hammer?!” Steve exclaimed jumping up.
“I KNEW THERE WAS A TRICK TO IT!” Tony declared, rushing off to get a suit arm to once agin try lifting the hammer. 
“Only if I’m feeling worthy…which let’s be honest comes naturally to me.” you said sending a flirty wink to Peter.  

An Unexpected Reunion.

Request from @purplekitten30​: I’d like to request a Bucky x sister fic if it’s not too much trouble. Him and the team raid a hydra base and they find a teenage girl in a cryo tank in a hidden basement room. Bucky remembers her and gets emotional cause they were so close growing up. Once she wakes up they share a moment and he shows her around and he’s so happy to have his baby sister back.

Note: Hope you enjoy this! <3

Bucky Barnes x Sister!Reader

Words: 2,373

Warnings: Violence and swearing.

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine. All credit goes to their creators <3

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Yet another HYDRA base had been located and the team had been called upon to incapacitate it and gain all knowledge from the systems that lay inside of it. The mood in the meeting room was a sombre one; although they all wanted to eradicate HYDRA from existence but it was proving rather difficult to do so. Each one of them had been affected by the organisation; more so Bucky and Steve and they didn’t want anyone else to suffer.

“The goddamn bastards just keep spawning! Where are they coming from?!”

Bucky’s temper was the first to flare up as he slammed a metal fist down onto the table. A dark look enveloped his eyes as he did.

“There are reports that all those people who have gone missing over the past couple of years have had their minds infiltrated – filled with the HYDRA vision. They essentially have their pick of any innocent civilian wandering the streets.” Agent Hill’s voice mirrored the feelings of the team sat around her but despite the anger she also felt she kept it reeled in so that she was able to relay the information she needed to. “This base is known to be running underneath the guise of a homeless shelter. People have been seen entering the building but never leaving.”

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Steve’s little Sister - Part 9

You are Steve Roger’s little sister. You grew up with him and Bucky in Brooklyn but after both their deaths in the war you were left alone. Skip forward seventy years and with the help of SHIELD you survived and are now reunited with your brother and best friend. The Avengers, however, don’t know you exist until one day Steve introduces you and things in the tower become very interesting. (eventual BuckyxReader) (post CACW)


Word Count: 1531

WARNINGS: violence (they are on a mission after all), less of an asshole Steve, overprotective Bucky and Steve, awesome Tony… I think that’s all

Title: Steve’s little Sister (part 9)

Note: Thank you all so much for your patience in waiting for me to finish this series, I am so sorry it has taken so long. If any of you are interested my explanation as to why can be found here. Thank you all so much for reading, it’s you guys that get me through the day. Enjoy, I hope this part is worth the wait.

Steve’s Little Sister Masterlist

Part 8 | Part 10 - Coming Soon!

“Alright team, this is the plan” began Steve gaining the attention of everyone in the jet. Tensions were high, not just because of the mission but because of what had happened at the compound. Because of you. Everyone felt horrible about leaving you behind and weren’t at all impressed with needing to take orders from the Captain but this was a serious mission and they had to put their personal grievances aside for the sake of the team. For the sake of the world. And so Steve continued well aware of the glares he was being sent and the situation he had put himself in.

It was a simple enough plan but tensions still ran high. HYDRA was emerging for a final stand off and they had recruited AIM to help them. Having nearly been crushed HYDRA was desperate and so were doing everything in their power to take the Avengers down with them. The team had to be careful, HYDRA was out for blood.

Sitting in one of the support beams out of sight of the team you listened closely as Steve continued to talk, listing jobs and assignments, trying to figure out where the gaps were and where you would be needed. Shifting slightly you bit back a groan at your cramped and uncomfortable seating position already losing feeling in your legs. You didn’t regret your decision to come along on this mission but you wished you’d picked a better spot to hide.

Steve finished his pre mission talk with a nod and moved to sit in his assigned seat. Whilst everyone moved around and talked in hush tones Steve sat alone and in silence. Leaning forward to get a better view you spotted Bucky not so subtly staring at Steve. You almost felt sorry for them both, almost. Leaning forward again you were so lost in thought that you were almost caught out by Stark as he turned back around after speaking with Clint in the pilot’s seat. Retreating into the shadows you scolded yourself for your foolishness, settling in for the long ride. Thankfully you were able to find some distraction to your discomfort by watching stark go over the area map on his handheld tablet. Thank goodness for small mercies.

You sat in your spot for a good 3 hours, shifting your position every now and then so your legs didn’t go to sleep, before Clint gave the 10 minute warning and all the lights in the quinjet were turned off. It was beautiful, the way the team moved together in silence, all deadly focussed on their tasks. They ducked and weaved around each other never making a sound. Each person collected an earpiece from Steve before moving to their assigned sections to collect any final weapons and partner up. The Quinjet landed silently, the landing door opened and everyone filed out into the cold dark night. Everyone save for Stark.

Pausing for a moment he gave your dark corner a pointed look before placing an earpiece and they key to Bucky’s weapon locker. With a small smile and slight nod Tony stepped into his suit and flew off into the night.

Dropping down from your corner you took a second to stretch your legs before inserting the earpiece and moving off to borrow some of Bucky’s weapons. Despite the situation you and the team were in you couldn’t help but smile at Tony’s actions. So maybe his fiddling with the map in your line of sight wasn’t for his sake at all but rather yours. You reminded yourself to thank him properly after this was all done. Once you’d happily emptied the remnants of Bucky’s weapons locker and added them to your person, not that 12 knives, 3 sets of throwing knives, 2 handguns and 1 sniper rifle were a megre selection, you turned on the earpiece and moved to follow those who had become your family into battle.

To say the battle was hectic was an understatement. The night sky was lit up with explosions, bullet fire and lightning. The team was being attacked from all sides and the com line in your ear was never silent, back up was constantly being called for but no one could spare a moment to help out their other teammates. Through the coms Barton called out that he was compromised a few moments before the tree he was perched in was blown to shreds. Diving almost effortlessly from the branch Clint landed alongside Nat, continuing the battle on the ground. You had to hold back a very harsh I told you so aimed at your brother when you threw yourself behind an upturned van, drawing the rifle off your shoulder. Clint was no longer the eye in the sky but at least you could take up his mantle of sniper.

And so it went. You don’t know how long you spent crouched behind the burnt out shell of an armoured van, firing a perfectly accurate shot after shot every time someone was outnumbered and called for aid, paying close attention to your brother and the man you loved. Eventually the team was able to push through the outside ranks and advance inside. Slinging the rifle over your shoulder you drew two knives and followed the team inside. Here it was even more hectic, with narrow hallways and no clear line of sight each other the team was stretched to its limits.

I need someone in the south-west corridor stat!” called Stark over the coms, “Multiple heat signatures heading that way. Cap needs back up. NOW!

Everyone called in that they were to busy with their own work and that Steve just had to hold on that bit longer but you didn’t hear them. That call by Stark was meant for you. You knew it. And so you didn’t care that you blew your cover when you rushed past Nat and Clint slicing through men as you went. Their shocked calls out to you fell on deaf ears as you ran. Sliding around the final corner you took out another man with ease as you spotted the tell tale red, white and blue that was your brother. Steve had nearly taken down the man he was currently fighting with, a man almost twice the size of him clearly biologically engineered to take down Captain America, but was unaware of the gun being aimed at his head from the other end of the corridor. With your heart in your mouth you sprinted down the hall flinging several throwing knives at the approaching agents before slamming your brother too the floor in a rugby tackle. It wasn’t a moment too soon either as the bullet meant for your brother skimmed your arm and embedded itself in the wall.

Not wasting a second you picked up your brother’s shield and ran down the few men that weren’t hit by one of your knives. Holding the round shield so that it protected your chest and head you slashed at the legs of the assailants, rolling and ducking to avoid their shots. Only when they were all lifeless on the floor did you slowly rise from your crouched position, shield still on your arm. Only then did you dare a look at your brother.


Your voice barely came out in a whisper.


Your brother’s voice was no louder than yours.

“I can’t lose you,” you repeated, the fight between you two once again present in your mind.

A look of understanding and almost gratitude graced your brother’s worn face.

“Nor I you.” he replied simply with a faint smile. And just like that, the tension between you broke.

Not to break up this happy reunion which I am sure we are all very glad for but there is a battle still going on here in case you two hadn’t noticed” interrupted Stark through the coms.

Slightly embarrassed you smiled guiltily at your brother before throwing him back his shield. Fitting it back on his arm Steve nodded at you and you nodded back before turning yet another corner and running back into the fray.

“y/n?” came Steve’s voice over the coms, “be safe.”

“I’m a Rogers,” you replied with a laugh, “I really don’t think acting safely is in our nature.”

“I agree with y/n on that one Steve,” came Bucky’s voice as he rounded the corner and came face to face with you, smiling brightly.

You could almost hear Steve’s eyes roll.

“Come on doll,” requested Bucky softly as he held his hand out towards you, “we’ve got a battle to win.”

Once you had taken his offered, hand Bucky kissed the back of yours lightly his eyes full of mirth, before pulling you along with him re-entering the fray. Shortly afterwards Steve joined the two of you and together you pushed through the HYDRA and AIM ranks, working together effortlessly.

No one commented on your sudden appearance on the battlefield and you started to think that maybe more than just Stark knew you were on the Quinjet. Either way it didn’t matter to you, you were between your two boys, right where you needed to be.

One more part until the end! Thanks again guys, enjoy

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Plot Twist Pt. 2

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers
Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Steve Rodgers x sister!reader
Prompts: 21. “I did NOT tell you to set it on fire!!”
6. "That’s french for ‘go away’.“
Summary: After getting caught flying in a stolen Iron Man suit the reader is held for questioning in some dark corner of the Avengers Compound. Concerned Steve and Tony try to find out how and why you’ve gone to such lengths to get their attention.
Part 1
Warning: There’s some suggestive stuff between Tony and the reader. I want to make it clear, I’m NOT approving of a relationship between a grown man and a 16 yr old!! I’m just using these interactions to so the extent of the reader’s emotional detachment, and the twisted way they are used to communicating in precarious situations. The interactions between them will in no way develop into a romantic plot line

Originally posted by imaginesofeveryfandom

After your revelation there was a small commotion. Tony sent Peter on a fact finding mission, gave Steve a moment to breathe, and you agreed not to kill anyone if they untied you. 
”Didn’t know being a Rogers had it’s perks,” you muttered at Tony’s back while he led you out of the interrogation room and into a spacious office. 
Tony watched as you walked past him and into the room, heading straight for the windows. 
”Enjoying the view or looking for a way out?” he asked after a moment of silence.
”I got a partial story from Cap, but, as you can imagine, he was a bit preoccupied with having a panic attack.” Tony said, watching you scan the landscape around the compound. “So Y/N Rogers, do you want to fill me in?”
”Daddy dearest unfroze and needed to unwind. Met my mom- in the biblical sense- then a year later my mom met a drunk driver. I survived, she didn’t.” You voice didn’t give away any sense of resentment or pain. Actually Tony noticed a complete lack of emotion. It was as if you were explaining to him how addition and subtraction worked.
”Never pictured Rogers as the one night stand type,” Tony said to himself. 
”We can be,” you said throwing a look over your shoulder at him and giving a smile. 
Tony looked confused not understanding how you could dryly talk about growing up parent-less and then flip a switch and be a confident smart-ass.
Your conversation was interrupted by a knock on the door. “Mr. Stark?” Peter said stepping into the room. “I found the files you asked for. I mean- FRIDAY found them.” He carried a hefty stack of papers over to Tony and lowered his voice, “Y/N’s used a lot of aliases but facial recognition identified her in all of these cases.”
You winked at Peter causing him to shove the files into Tony’s hands and leave in a flustered mess. 
“Play nice,” Tony warned noticing the effect you were having on his innocent intern.
“Oh I will,” you muttered under your breath purely for your own entertainment. 

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“I must say, you’ve done a lot to get our attention. Theft, arson, assault, organizing a small group of thugs and smugglers.”
”Don’t flatter yourself,” you said, “I was just doing my thing. Like I said before, you didn’t catch me until I needed you to. Hence why you didn’t even know I existed.”
”There’s no way you would have kept under the radar for that long. You ran with a rough crowd.”
”I ran the rough crowd. And yeah, it’s easy to fly under the radar when it’s full of aliens and A.I.s. Great job on that by the way,” you said giving him a sarcastic thumbs up. 
Tony bristled at the mention of Ultron. “So you what? Saw some petty crime during your orphaned childhood and thought- damn, that looks like a good time?”
His witty response entertained you, momentarily knocking down your guard and letting an honest answer slip by. ”No. I was taught. By people who knew what I was before I even did.” Once the words came out you clenched your jaw, the tensed muscle were the only sign that you had given away too much. Tony picked up on it. 
”Taught huh? Like in between your French and Chemistry classes?” He threw a bit of sarcasm back, flaunting that he had caught your slip. You didn’t move or respond, eyes trained on the wall behind Tony. ”Who taught you?” he pressed.
“Fuck off” you said out of the side of your mouth, re-straightening your posture and looking at him with an uninterested expression. “That’s french for ‘go away’.”
”Random 10 year old girls don’t just go around beating grown men senseless,” he said holding up photos from one of the files. 
Ah, Jonny. He thought he was such a hardass, you reflected fondly as you recognized the battered face.
”You know how that tune goes- girls just wanna strike fear into the hearts of their enemies.”
”I’m not familiar with that version.” Tony scoffed. 
He took a deep breath and ran a hand across his face. Teenagers are the worst, he thought to himself. 
“Why now?” Steve’s voice cut through the room, making both you and Tony turn towards the door in surprise, “What’s your plan?”
”Why do I have to have the plan?” you said innocently, “aren’t you the ones who have to decide what to do with me?”
Tony and Steve looked at each other, both knowing there wasn’t a plan for this.
”You can’t let me go because you know there’s more to this,” you said to Tony. “And you,” you turned to Steve,“you are just too good to let your crazy kid loose. Though I’m not sure you like me enough to be doing that for my sake. Probably worried I’ll burn down Brooklyn.”
”Well we can’t ignore all this,” Tony said coming to Steve’s defense. The poor guy was still trying to process everything, his face constantly being taken over by a new emotion. “These files- your past-would all have to magically go away for us to be able to trust you to stay here.” Tony said leaning against his glass desk top and crossing his arms. He was making a point, showing you two things. 1) that he put the ball in your court and 2) that he knew you were just as stuck as they were. You would’ve been happy still tied to that chair, but they had created this limbo when they set you free and gave you a chance. You knew you needed to straighten it out, do something drastic to define the lines so you know which to cross and when. You needed to make a play…you need to stay on objective.
You took a beat but didn’t respond verbally. Instead you started walking towards Tony slowly. There was something predatory in the way you walked, your eyes locked in but deadened. You stopped right in front of him and leaned forward reaching around him. Your chests were inches apart and Tony stiffened, giving Steve a side eye that said ‘THIS IS YOUR KID.’

“AHHHH!” Tony screamed and jumped away as the stack of files behind him ignited into a ball of flames.
Steve ran across the room to help Tony put out the growing fire. It spread across the glass igniting some memos and blueprints. oops.
Finally they were able to put it out, smoke beginning to slowly curl off the ash and blackened pages. Both of the men, now covered in charcoal marks on their arms and faces, turned to you in disbelief.
You had settled into a nearby chair, throwing you legs over the arm rest and letting them dangle. “You told me that if I was going to stay all of that would have to go away.”
“I did NOT tell you to set it on fire!!” Tony shouted.
“Sorry. I have a flair for the dramatics,” you punctuated your statement by tossing your hair over your shoulder.
“How did you even-” Steve began to ask, but you cut him off tossing a small metal lighter into his hands. Steve turned it over seeing an engraved C.B.
“Knicked it,” you said. “Rule #2: if you can’t find an escape, find a way to cause a distraction.” you quoted robotically. Tony and Steve looked at you, completely at a loss. What were they going to do with you? You were the pinnacle of a teenager- angsty, unreasonable, but (unlike your peers) dangerous.
“Technically I did a good deed,” you offered, pulling out the knife you keep tucked in your boot and using it to clean under your nails. “I added 5 years and clean lungs to Barton’s life.” 
“Who are you?” Steve wondered out loud. He didn’t know whether he was concerned, afraid or disappointed and it showed in his deflated shoulders. 
“What’s rule #1?” Tony asked. It was irrelevant, but after the last few hours protocol seemed irrelevant.
“Only trust one thing:” you responded automatically, “you are always on your own.”

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Another tale about Steve's honorary mob membership, please? That was so good.

I have two asks like this so this one is going to be a flashback and the other will address what was asked specifically.  I’m so glad everyone liked that fill so much!


Steve really liked puzzles: crosswords and riddles and math.  He was good at them.  He was good at cyphers, too.  One of the doormen at the dancehall would hand him a slip of paper each week when he and Bucky went dancing; their orders for the week.   

Mostly, it was arranging pick ups and drop offs, a speakeasy placing an order and Steve communicating with the supplier to arrange delivery through Bucky, or taking empties back to the supplier for reuse.  They got a whole ten percent of anything they moved.  

Last month, they’d managed to pay rent and for all of Steve’s medicine with what they earned.  

Mostly, it was pick ups and drop offs.  Sometimes, it was collections.  This time, the note was for three collections: two speakeasies and one private purchaser.  

Steve groaned.  It was likely the private purchaser would cost them what they’d managed to save in the past couple of months on hospital bills for Bucky.  Private parties were never reasonable.   Speakeasies usually just forgot and were happy to pay for the trouble of providing some of the only liquor around.  Private parties were just entitled and angry.  


“What’ve we got?”  Bucky swaggered slow and loose beside Steve on their walk home from the dancehall.   

“Three house calls.  Two clean, one messy.”

Bucky tsked.  “Didn’t realize it was that late in the month.”  He smoothed a hand over his jaw; the last private collection had cracked one of his teeth and they’d only just gotten it fixed.  “We really gotta renegotiate our take on house calls, pal.” 

Steve nodded.  “Next month. We’ll have pulled the biggest numbers for six months straight by then and we’ll have something to bargain with.”

Bucky hummed.  “Just don’t make the deal without me there, ok? I’m your heavy, not theirs.”

Steve grinned, and tucked the week’s work into his pocket.  “Yeah, Buck.”

Protected: Part Two

Summary: Reader is the younger sister of Tony Stark. After a bad breakup with her abusive ex she moves into the Stark Tower and asks Tony to help her train so she can look after herself and feel safe. Having previously worked at S.H.I.E.L.D as a translator, she fits in with the team immediately and proves herself to be no damsel in distress but that isn’t to say she doesn’t welcome the protective aura of a certain super-soldier.

Pairings: Bucky x Reader, Tony x Steve, Wanda x Vision, Tony x sister!reader

Word count: 2,216

Warnings: None

A/N: when speech is in italics, it means they are speaking another language.

 (Part One) (Part Three) (Part Four) (Part Five) (Part Six) COMPLETED


You woke a few hours later, feeling fully rested for the first time in a long time. You liked waking naturally, of your body’s own accord rather than due to an alarm, or Jake. Most nights you had gone to bed tense, barely sleeping because you were so damn terrified of the man sleeping next to you. Today however, you had slept like a baby; you didn’t know if it was because you were so exhausted, or because you knew you were safe here – probably both.

After stretching (which you regretted immediately as it set off the pain in your ribs again) and shuffling out of bed sleepily, you realised with a groan that you didn’t have anything else to wear. Tony had taken all your other clothes, including your jumper, to be washed, so now your feet were bare and freezing and you had no jumper to wear. Maybe you could sneak into Tony’s room and steal a hoody and some fluffy socks.

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Plot Twist Pt. 3

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers
Pairing: Avengers x Reader, Steve Rodgers x sister!reader
Summary: After getting caught flying in a stolen Iron Man suit the reader is held for questioning in some dark corner of the Avengers Compound. Concerned Steve and Tony try to find out how and why you’ve gone to such lengths to get their attention.
Part 1, Part 2
Warning: Mentions of violence, terror and suicide. To clarify without spoiling- the mentions of suicide in this piece are in no way intended to be romanticized or glorified. They are only in the context of the how it causes tragic loss and destruction in the lives of those effected.
There will be one final Part after this one, and the biggest plot twist is yet to come! ;)

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It had been three months since you got caught taking a joy ride in an Iron Man suit.
Three months of physical tests, all of which proved that your father’s enhanced abilities had been passed onto you.
Three months of interrogations masked as ‘hang outs’ and Lego building with Peter Parker.
And three months of awkward silences at the family dinners Steve insisted on having.
Even though your secrecy and attitude never faltered, the Avengers sensed a change in you. It wasn’t much, like making a chip on the Great Wall of China, but it was something. Steve clung to it. Whenever he saw you hide a smirk, or lift an eyebrow in interest he felt like he had won. But then you’d smart off, or get caught playing with Clint’s arrows, or punch Sam in the face just because you could; and Steve’s shoulders would deflate and he’d have to leave the room so you didn’t see how hurt and frustrated you had made him. He didn’t want to give you that satisfaction- or let himself lash out in a way he’d regret. 
“Sometimes,” he mumbled to Tony while seeking refuge in his lab, “I think it’s more likely she’s your kid.”
Tony snorted without looking up, “Asshole is a learned trait, but cockiness is inherited.”
“I’m not cocky.”
Tony stopped what he was doing and crossed his arms over his chest, “you are when you’re convinced you’re doing the right thing. You set your mind to it and no one is going to prove you wrong or stop you. Sound familiar?”
Steve thought back to the scrawny Brooklyn kid who broke the law to apply time and time again for the army. Then he thought about you, who hadn’t said a word about who you’d been working for because you were so confident in your (albeit probably evil) goals.
“Maybe we need to give her some rope,” Tony suggested, “I’ve seen how she’s become more comfortable around here. She was genuinely laughing with Parker the other day. Plus she hasn’t set anything on fire in a while.” 
“She could steal something. There’s tons of things here for her to hurt someone with.” Steve said, immediately shooting down the idea. 
“Woah, where did Captain Hopeful go?” Tony said genuinely surprised.“The one who defended an assassin who couldn’t even remember his favorite cereal? At least she knows who you are and the difference between right and wrong.”
“That’s the problem- she always and gladly chooses what’s wrong.”
“Are you worried about her, or for her?”
Steve’s face fell. Of course his real concern was for you. Yeah you were a massive pain in the ass but you were his, and being the man he was he couldn’t help but want to be your dad. He was just waiting for you to give him a chance. “She’s not easy but she’s still just a kid. Plus she could just up and leave. I just found her, I don’t want to lose her”
“If she wanted to leave she would have already. If she wanted to steal something Lord knows it’d be gone and she’d be stomping it up 42nd street.” Tony stared at his friend. “Let’s give her a chance and see what happens.”

That’s how you ended up in the Avengers compound alone. The team had a mission in D.C. and Tony and Steve left you behind with strict instructions not to touch anything, which you only listened to because you suspected you weren’t completely alone. You were pretty confident Tony had left his baby monitor protocol on, and would be able to keep an eye on you anytime he wanted. Maybe I should give ‘em a show, walk around naked. You chuckled to yourself at the thought of Steve, red-faced and flustered, shouting at Tony who would most likely freak out and stutter his favorite exclamation: ‘she’s your daughter Rogers!’

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“I never wanted the throne, I only ever wanted to be your equal!”

- Thor (2011)

“You were the one who wanted to win. And I just wanted a sister!”

-Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 (2017)

Imagine Nick Fury hiring you as an intern and you get close with the Avengers. You are like Little Sister in the group

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Tony: So why did Fury hire you again?

Y/n: I don’t know, honestly. I was just sitting in the school office doing nothing and he offered me a job. The secretary warned him. I literally have no idea what  I’m supposed to be doing.

Imagine being Tony's sister and dating Bucky

Bucky was scared. Scared out of his mind. Now Tony, that was a different story. He was just flat out pissed off and angry. How could someone take his little sister? 

 "It’s all your fault!“ Tony screamed at Bucky. 

 Steve interrupted, putting a hand on Bucky’s shoulder. "It’s no ones fault.” He had said. 

 "No Steve. Tony is right. This is my fault.“ Bucky recoiled. "Hydra only wants her because of me.”

 "We are going to get her back.“ Bruce piped in. 

"Like hell we are.” Tony raged. So that’s how you got to where you are now. Running faster than you ever have before, Bucky beside you.

 "Get back to the jet!“ You hear through the com Bucky gave you. 

“I’m going as fast as I can Rogers.” You say with a goofy grin on your face as the jet was in your line of sight. Both of you tumble in, a mess of limbs. 

“Barnes! Get off my sister.“ You look up to see your brother staring at the both of you. He grabs you and pulls you into a bone crushing hug. 

 "I never gave up on you. I never will.” He says quietly. You unravel from Tony and look at Bucky. 

 "I love you (Y/n).“ And that’s all it takes for you to know that you’ll be alright.

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