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Many apologies for the shitty drawing of T’Challa.  The king deserves better.

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As a follow-up on the previous fill: now I'd really like to know more about the Goat Incident!

Previously on: The Goat Incident!


“Eleanor, Bucky?” Bruce looked up hopefully.

Bucky nodded.  “I can’t say too much.  Highly classified wartime efforts.”

“-That was like eighty years ago!”  Tony protested.  

Bucky slid into the spot on the couch between Falsworth and Dugan, who seemed to smile even wider, seeing Barnes again.  Apparently, this was not their first reunion.  Tony made a mental note to get to the bottom of that another time.

“All I can disclose is-“

“—The goat headbutted a HYDRA operative in the stomach so hard he passed out.  It raised the alarm on the perimeter and when reinforcements were called in, they had a laugh at the guard’s expense and it kept attention away so we could slip in.” Falsworth smiled.

Dugan laughed.  “Sarge is right, though.  Dernier did try to lure the goat away when we left.” He sighed.  “She had gumption.” 

“That’s it?”  Tony felt a little depressed.  “That’s the Eleanor story?” 

“Well,” Falsworth grinned.  “Dernier didn’t just try, he succeeded.  He got the goat to follow us.”

Barnes, Dugan, and Steve were stifling laughter, now.  

“And the Colonel,” Falsworth continued, “He didn’t take too kindly to her.”

“That was mostly because of his hat, though.” Steve managed, strained.

“There was more than one Goat Incident?”  Bruce looked far too curious for Tony’s comfort, which was saying something.  

“Pal,” Bucky grinned, “every day was a Goat Incident until she was Honorably Discharged.”

“What?” Tony sputtered.  “You can Honorably Discharge a goat.”

“Turns out you can,” Dugan corrected, “Though the Colonel wasn’t happy about that, either.  It found one of Peggy’s shoes.  It was the only agreement we could come to.”  

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: In Avengers: Age of Ultron, when they're at Barton's farm, Laura tells Clint that the rest of the Avengers are going to have to double up, and we clearly see that Natasha and Bruce are bunking together, so that means that Tony and Steve shared a room/bed, and I don't know what to do with all the endless possibilities that could have happened with that situation.

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I'd love to see more Steve-as-Clint's biological father!

“So where’re we going?”  Steve followed Clint through the throng of people downtown. 

“I told you.  Father’s Day surprise.  You’ll love it.  Promise.”

At first, Steve had protested, insisting Clint be with his kids on Father’s Day, but Clint had let him know in no uncertain terms that the following weekend, they were both going to celebrate Father’s (and grandfather’s Day with Clint’s wife and kids).  

Steve grinned, and kept pace, following Clint all the way to the theatre.  “What—“

Leon Bridges the marquee read.  

“—You’ll love this guy.  You’re just about caught up to modern music and he’s one of the better acts out there right now.  Come on.” 

Steve had his reservations – there were some great acts nowadays, sure, but not as many as there’d been In His Day (to use Clint’s capitalization when he was poking fun).  He followed Clint into the venue nonetheless.  


Clint had been right. He’d been so right.  Steve’d bought a copy of all of Leon Bridges’ records (CDs), even though Clint said he could download the album online.  

He also bought them both a t-shirt and shut Clint up about buying music online with a “My first father’s day with my son, I want something to have to remember it.” 

Clint smiled fit to split his face and pulled out his phone. “Smile, then.”  And got a selfie of them outside the venue in their matching t-shirts that he sent immediately to Steve and to Laura with a “Father’s Day 1.0 complete, 2.0 t-minus six days and counting.”  

Steve could hardly wait.  He was going to teach Cooper and Lila to dance (now that he’d learned) and he was going to have Leon Bridges as their music.  

Random Civil War Thought

What if they need a place to stay and Steve asks Clint if the farm is okay and he says “yeah but first we have to go grocery shopping”

Now imagin Team Captain America at Costco or Walmart or wherever

They fill up two carts: one with food Clint’s family actually needs and one with anything else the other team members decide to grab

Wanda sitting in a shopping cart because hey she never got to do that as a child

Steve freaking out over the prices of various things (What do you mean milk costs this much? Has the world really gotten so bad since 1945?!)

Bucky thinks it’s hilarious and at the same time he’s silently very happy to be doing a normal person thing

Clint rolling his eyes when Sam comes back with lots of ice cream

Scott goofing off in the hardware section

Every other person in the store is just like “eh I’ve seen weirder”

how freaking great would all of this be

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What are your favorite "country boy" AUs?

try these ones

47.25435° N, 101.73998° W by tabaqui

Summer, North Dakota. The war is over for both Bucky and Steve, but coming home isn’t as easy as it seems.

Coming Home by charlesdk

OR – in which former army captain, current farmer Steve Rogers finds a bruised and battered and dirty stranger who remembers nothing and doesn’t speak in his barn. He takes him in, despite his friends’ advice not to, and helps him recover. It’s not easy. Especially not when, along the way, feelings get involved.

Til the Cows Come Home by itsmylifekay, WhatTheBodyGraspsNot

Steve loves his town. He loves the people, the narrow streets and faded houses. He loves the scraggly weeds that spring up in the sidewalk cracks and trundle into driveways. This place is his home and he loves every square inch of it.

That is, until a certain city-slicker rolls into the picture and throws Steve’s world upside down.


Everything Bucky knows, he’s learned from the streets of Brooklyn. So why…why he had to be dragged from those bustling streets and dropped here, in the middle of fucking nowhere, is a mystery to him. Because Pukesville (he refuses to call it anything else) is shitty. This house that they’re holed up in is shitty. Everything about this situation is goddamn shitty and nothing can convince him otherwise.

Until he meets Steve Fucking Rogers.


The one holiday everyone celebrates together are Thanksgivings on Clint’s farm.  Bruce helps Laura with cooking, Natasha and Thor keep the kids busy, while Steve and Tony help Clint out around the farm.  Fury always makes it just before dinner starts and everyone’s at the table.

Alright so....

I found out that Michelle Monaghan was RDJ’s love interest in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and then 9 years later she co-starred as Chris’s love interest in Playing It Cool. I was thinking about how lucky she was to star with Cap and Iron Man until suddenly….

An idea struck……

Oh my gosh…..

She frickin’ role played both genderbent!Steve and genderbent!Tony, foreshadowing that one cut scene from Clint’s farmhouse where Steve and Tony had to share a bed.


Britain’s Most Notorious Gang - Cecile Emeke

Dorothy Groce

The police shot Dorothy ‘Cherry’ Groce by police, while they sought her son Michael Groce; they believed Michael Groce was hiding in his mother’s home. It is reported that the police did not give the required warning. Michael Groce was not there at the time of the shooting, and Mrs. Groce was paralysed below the waist by the police bullet. The police officer who shot Mrs. Groce, Inspector Douglas Lovelock, was prosecuted but eventually acquitted of malicious wounding. In March 2014, almost 29 years after the events, and almost three years after the death of Mrs. Groce, the Metropolitan Police made a public apology for the shooting.


Cynthia Jarrett

Forty-nine-year-old Mrs Jarret immediately collapsed and died from a heart attack during a police raid in relation to her son. During the coroner’s inquest into Mrs Jarret’s death, her daughter, Patricia claimed to have seen D.C. Randle push her mother whilst conducting the search inside their house, causing her to fall. Randle denied this allegation. No police officers were charged or disciplined for her death.

Frank Ogboru

London tourist and Nigerian businessman Frank Ogburu cried out ‘I can’t breathe’, as four police officers piled on top of him, one standing with his foot on Ogburu’s neck. Speaking from her home in Lagos, Mr Ogboru’s widow, Christy, said: “I am crushed. I put my faith in the British system to give me justice but it has failed me. Frank was not a criminal. He did not deserve to die in the street like an animal.”

Wayne Douglas

Wayne Douglas, 25, died in Brixton police station after being detained in a stop and search operation. The first inquest into his death found he had been held face-down with his hands cuffed behind his back on four separate occasions. The jury at the inquest found, by an 8-1 verdict, that his death from heart-failure had been an accident, despite acknowledging that it was caused by police methods of restraint.

Roger Sylvester

Roger Sylvester was a mentally ill man who died after being detained outside his home in Tottenham, London, by eight Metropolitan police officers. He fell into a coma and eventually died while being restrained on the floor of a padded room by six officers while being assessed by medical staff. In 2003, an inquest heard that Sylvester had died of brain damage and cardiac arrest, caused by difficulty breathing because of the position he was held in. A jury returned a verdict of unlawful killing in October 2003. The verdict was overturned in November 2004.

Joy Gardner

Joy Gardner, aged fourty, died after being arrested by ‘specialist’ officers from the Extradition Unit of the Met. She was gagged to death with 13 feet of tape. The inquest was adjourned till trial of officers involved, and the officers were later acquitted.

Sean Rigg

Sean Rigg was a 40-year old man who has mental health issue. He died on 21 August 2008 while in police custody at the entrance to Brixton police station, South London, England.

Christopher Adler

Christopher Alder was a former British Army paratrooper who died while in police custody, in April 1998. On arrival at the police station he was “partially dragged and partially carried,” handcuffed and unconscious, from a police van and then placed on the floor of the custody suite while officers chatted between themselves and speculated that he was faking illness. A coroner’s jury in 2000 returned a verdict that Alder was unlawfully killed and in 2002 five police officers went on trial accused of manslaughter and misconduct in public office, but were cleared on the orders of the judge. In November 2011 the government formally apologised to Alder’s family in the European Court of Human Rights, admitting that it had breached its obligations in regard to preserving life and ensuring no one is subjected to inhuman or degrading treatment. They also admitted that they had failed to carry out an effective and independent inquiry into the case.

Derek Bennett

Derek Bennett was shot dead in the street by Brixton police who alleged they were called by a member of the public; Derek was carrying a novelty lighter shaped like a gun. Inquest verdict: ‘Lawful killing’.

Mark Duggan 

The father of four was shot dead by the Trident unit of the Metropolitan Police. It was concluded a lawful killing despite it being proved he was unarmed and had no gun. The media went on to demonise Duggan by using a “hard-faced” images of him, which was later found to be a cropped pictures of the Father at his daughter’s graveside.

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Imagine Steve living on a farm with lots of animals

Batter thick mud splashed, covering the dusty car in a wet spray. The sports car pulled to a stop, unrecognizable. Only minutes before, it zoomed down the highway, bright red paint gleaming in the afternoon sun.

Less than fifty miles from the heart of Manhattan, the landscape transformed. Endless farms divided by moss covered, stacked stone fences. Long meadows lie between rough mountains and dense forests.

Ticking as it cooled in the afternoon sun, the red car sat outside a neat white farmhouse with a long porch and green shutters. Nearby, there was a flurry of feathers as a chicken the color of rust lifted off. It hovered only feet off the ground, to thump onto the hood before hopping off, disappearing behind the car.

Two dark horses came over to investigate, standing by a tall wooden fence. Their big shaggy black heads, eyed the car, ears forward, listening. A larger pale horse continued to chomp grass, pulling up great clumps, and shaking it’s mane, gray tail flicking onto a dappled rear.

Beyond the house, a sky blue 1964 Ford pickup sat backed  to a faded barn’s open doors. Something moved inside the shadowy barn. Tony peered out of his dusty windshield, then popped the car door open. Stepping a leather shoe onto the dirt, he jumped back as two hound dogs came barreling from the barn. Jumping and shoving, they were a flurry of fur and slobber.

“Otis! Andy! Heel!” Steve barked, and the dogs ran back, still dancing. Steve stood outside the barn. His flannel and denim was a new look. The tight t-shirt underneath, still the same old Steve. “Hope they didn’t scratch anything.”

“Not them, but your chicken needs a manicure.” Tony joked.

Eyebrow raised, Steve walked towards the car near a tan speckled chicken pecking at a tuft of grass.

“Not that one. A big fat red one. But, it’s cool. Should buff right out. How much damage can a chicken do anyways?” The fluffy red chicken reappeared at Tony’s feet, tried to take his shoelaces. Jerking his foot away, Tony stepped back. The dogs barked at Tony’s retreat.

“Why are you here Tony?” Steve put a hand on one of the dogs to shush him. “I have work to do.” Whinnying, the gray horse joined the other two. He stomped and pawed at the ground, shaking his head.

“I just wanted to see the farm. I hadn’t thought you would be out here this long. I always took you for a city kid at heart.”

“I am a city kid. I just needed some down time.”

“Down time is going skiing in the Catskills. Going for a hike through the Adirondacks. This is starting a life.” Tony held out his arms to the farm around them. Two tiny goats came hopping from the barn, followed by an annoyed tabby.

“I’ll have you know, Barnes won the pool. Said you would be out here at least a few seasons. I put money that you would give up after three months, maybe four…”

“How is Bucky?” Steve cut in.

“Fine, fine. He loves the new shield. You can’t pry that thing out of his hands. He redesigned the uniform again. More black, and guns, but he left the white star. I keep trying to get him to ditch the red gloves, but whatever.”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Yeah, I know… He’s fine. The ugly space giant just hurt his pride more than anything. He’s coming to visit once he’s off crutches. The way you two heal, that should be…” He checked his watch. “Ten minutes from now, maybe twenty.”

Turning, the gray horse trotted towards the paved road. Steve walked over to look up the drive. Off in the distance, a motorcycle gunned it’s engine.