rogers ave

someone: i viscerally hate and cannot support tony stark because he’s a straight white american cis male in a position of power and privilege whose (albeit well-meaning) arrogance and poor judgement have frequently resulted in massive damages and deaths and who has faced no concrete legal repercussions for his actions 

me: ok that’s fair and all entirely valid

someone: which is why I love and support steve rogers instead

me: …..,………………..,,…..,,,,,.I  h aV e,,,,,,so m E   b a D  N E  W   S

  • Steve: You mean whenever Tony and Bucky where, like, you know, working in workshop or going shopping or... Oh! All that time Bucky spent on the phone with this guy from his therapy group?
  • Natasha: Doing it; doing it; phone-doing it.
  • Steve: Oh! Oh, I can't believe it! I mean, I think it's great!
Can we just talk about how not okay Steve Rogers is

I know that he’s definitely better that a lot of the other Avengers in this movie, but I still need to talk about him because he’s Steve

So we know that after CATWS Steve is still adjusting to being thrown into another century and he’s still in contact with Peggy, but he seems to be doing alright at the beginning of AOU

And then Wanda comes along and fucks with everyone’s heads

She shows each of the Avengers what they fear, something that tears at them and the very thought horrifies them. Tony sees everyone else dead, all because of him. Thor sees himself in Asgard, but he doesn’t really matter to anyone, and he’s the reason the world is falling apart. Natasha sees herself back in Russia training to become an assassin, and remembers everything she was forced to go through. 

And then there’s Steve. Steve Rogers, still stuck in the 40s. Just at a party where everyone’s having fun because the war ended. He fears living in a world with no war. Why? Because then what use would he be? Who is Captain America if there’s no one to save? And the Peggy comes and breaks my heart even more, because she tries to get Steve to dance with her. Finally, after 70+ years, these two can have their dance, even if it’s not real. Nope. Not Gonna happen. What terrifies Steve is that he never got the chance to dance with Peggy, and now it’s too late. She got married, and had kids, and is now in a nursing home because she can’t take care of herself anymore. And Steve can’t do anything about it. It scares him that he has nothing to live for and no one to fight for except himself. His past is gone, and he makes it apparent that he’s having more trouble dealing with that than he shows on the outside. And that’s just not okay because Steve. 

Aviation Boatswain’s Mate (Handling) Airman Hunter Rogers signals an AV-8B Harrier on the flight deck of the amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge (LHD 3).